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  • Detroit, MI

    We manufacture stair treads that are highly sought after. We promise to respect you no matter how big or small your order. Our teams go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied and we will work closely with you to make deluxe stair treads. These superb products are inexpensive and we strive to forge a long-lasting relationship with your business. Give us a call today to learn more!

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  • Tampa, FL

    McNichols Company is committed to customer satisfaction which includes service, quality and performance. Some of our products include floor gratings, bar gratings, aluminum gratings, safety gratings and more.

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  • Birmingham, AL

    All of our stair treads are designed with you in mind. These items come in standard bar grating, molded fiberglass grating, pultruded fiberglass grating, and plank style grating. Our products allow for more surface area and skid resistance. Just let us know what type of metal you would like your stair treads to be manufactured in and we can handle the rest! Give us a call today! Call now!

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  • Niles, OH

    Since 1959, Niles, an ISO 9001:2000 company, has been a stair treads distributor that offers standard & flattened expanded metals & gratings, including walkways & stair treads. Select from materials such as carbon, stainless, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium, plastic, zinc, precious metals & almost any ductile material. Choose from a variety of grating patterns & projection mesh specs.

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  • Martinsville, IN

    With over 35,000 square feet of manufacturing area, Indiana is a financially strong family owned company that has been providing high quality stair treads and more since 1976. Over the years Indiana has expanded its product line and its facility and manufactures and provides a wide range of quality solutions to numerous customers throughout the United States. Please call Indiana today!

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  • Henderson, NV

    American grating has experience designing grating products for a variety of applications, such as public access walkways, ladders, handrails, and stairs. We have 100% control over the products we make, and offer them in a multitude of materials and levels of chemical resistance. For a complete list, visit our website.

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Stick to the Steps

Stair Treads In past blogs I've talked a lot about safety issues with floor grates and ways to prevent accidents and grate failures. I've talked about the importance of inspection, maintenance, and grate replacement. And today I'd like to discuss proper procedure when removing grates during these activities. Specific procedure steps may differ across companies, and though most of these steps may seem obvious, it is important to adhere to your company's policy when dealing with the removal of industrial floor grates. Obtaining a floor grating removal permit is usually... Read More

Stair Tread: Safer Stairs

Every once and a while, stairs can be slippery. Whether it carpet steps when wearing the wrong socks or wooden steps after it rains, I at least have had a few close calls. While these rare situations might be a little scary, one place you never want to experience it is in factories or workplaces. One way to avoid possible slipping is to use stair treads. These products are permanent slip resistant surfaces. In addition to factories and warehouses they are often also found in outdoor areas. In situations like... Read More

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Stair Treads

Stair treads are permanent slip resistant surfaces that are attached to stairways in factories, workplaces, outdoor areas and other areas in which a slip-proof stair is required. Typically fabricated from metals such as aluminum or steel, although fiberglass grating or plastic grating can also be used, stair treads are available in a wide range of sizes, nosing options and construction methods.

Stair treads can be made from bar grating or plate grating with diamond, slotted, large or small round hole perforations, serrated teeth and textured surfaces to create traction and prevent slipping of persons or equipment. Grated or perforated stair treads also permit dirt, mud, snow, rain and other liquids to pass through the stairs, rather than collecting on the surface and creating a hazard. However, the openings of the treads are typically small enough to allow the catch of tools, scraps or other objects that may be dropped accidentally. Food processing plants, maintenance areas, worker platforms on marine and oil rigs are just a few of the areas that commonly employ the use of stair treads to increase safety. The treads provide a gripping surface for movement up and down the stairs, preventing incidents of falling that commonly occur in the existence of liquids and surfaces and are used with stairs made from wood, concrete, diamond plate and fiberglass.

Considerations when determining the most suitable material to use in the fabrication of stair treads include desired safety features, weight-bearing capacity and required resistance to wear and corrosion. Bar grating treads are some of the most common designs of stair treads as they offer high-strength and cost-effectiveness. They are simple to manufacture and durable under constant traffic. For those treads made from bar grating or aluminum grating, they can be welded directly to the stairs to ensure immobility. Other methods of securing treads include bolting through pre-drilled holes, or attachment to existing treads or framework such as masonry anchors. Plank type treads are typically lighter-weight than bar gratings but are not as durable. They are ideal however for extremely high slip resistance requirements and are able to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to the stairway. Openings through perforation or expansion can be in a pattern or design to complement an area. Nosing is another feature that can further improve both the function and appearance of stair treads as is allows for the covering of the edging of the tread, preventing unnecessary snagging, and providing a clean finish. Stair treads are an important safety feature of many work environments and as such should be considered carefully.

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