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  • Avoid Disaster: Pre-Plan, Inspect, and Replace

    Steel Grates Floor gratings can often go unnoticed, but should never be forgotten. It is important to inspect these regularly to make sure they are fitting properly and have not corroded in any way. Inspection should be done for grates in all environments, whether in sidewalks or in industrial settings, to ensure they can withstand the weight of pedestrians and various vehicles. Neglecting to do this can lead to disaster. One example of a grate failure would be what happened several years ago in an East Side subway tunnel in...

  • The Advantages of Stainless Steel

    Steel Grates We are constantly hearing how beneficial using stainless steel can be in industries. It is strong, durable, corrosion, stain and rust resistant. It offers countless benefits to the applications in which it is employed. So what exactly is this magical metal? Stainless steel is also known as inox steel. The main ingredients are iron and varying amounts of carbon. But, the most important factor is that it is a steel alloy composed of at least 10.5 to 11 percent chromium content by mass. But from here, there are...

  • The Many Places for Steel Grates

    There are countless situations in which grates can be of service, whether they are needed for gathering excess runoff from roads, to be used for support or perhaps for restaurants. The last one may seem like a slightly odd use when you picture large drain grates, but small versions are often found in kitchens of restaurants. Because the kitchen in restaurants is usually tiled and food and beverages are constantly falling onto them, the easiest solution is to sweep and mop them up afterwards. Especially where the dishes are done,...

  • Heavy Duty Riveted Bridge Deck AASHTO H20 Loading and Fatigue Testing: Long Service Life Explored

    Originally Presented at the Heavy Movable Structures, Inc. 13th Biennial Symposium October 25-28, 2010 Kenneth P. Apperson, PE - Ohio Gratings Inc. Dr. Craig C. Menzemer, PhD, University of Akron Introduction Heavy Duty Riveted Bridge Deck Grating has been field proven to provide long service life for heavily loaded bridges. Examples presented include riveted steel decks that are in almost new condition after over 15 years in service and others that are still in good condition after nearly 60 years of service with no evidence of significant damage or deterioration....

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Steel Grates

Metal grates are available in a wide variety of shapes, mesh types, bar dimensions and capabilities in terms of load bearing and strength. Mezzanines, walkways, sidewalks and drain grates are typically heavy duty applications for steel grates and so grates used for these purposes will be high strength and durable. Light duty applications include grills, grids, filters and stair treads, although these products too require impact resistance and durability. Steel grates can also be used to cover storm drains and sewers or serve as a protective wall around machines and heaters. Metal grates are also used in roadway applications to provide structural support for resurfacing and paving because of their bi-directional strength. Outdoor applications such as ramps, walkways and stairs also use steel grates because of their high strength and impact resistance. In factory floors, where the floor must be kept free of debris and liquids and a non-slip surface is necessary, steel grates offer an ideal solution.

Steel grates are lattices or frames constructed of parallel and crossed bars or of perforated metal sheets which provide semi-open surface or a slip-resistant covering for floors and stairs. Steel grates are common fixtures in industrial and commercial settings for applications in sectors such as food and beverage processing, marine and oil rigs, factories and manufacturing plants.

Metal grates provide a surface which, in addition to being high-strength, allows the passage of light, air, liquid and small debris through it. This weight-to-strength ratio is important for many uses of metal grating and varies depending on the material used for the grates. Steel is a strong metal which is ideal for use in the construction of metal grates. They can be constructed according to specific requirements and design constrictions and can vary in terms of dimensions, types, style and capacity. Steel grating may be made of expanded metal or bar grating. These are the two methods used in the construction of grates from any metal and both methods provide strong and durable grating options. Expanded metal is created by perforating a steel sheet and stretching it to form diamond-shaped openings. Bar grating, on the other hand, is made from steel bars that have been welded, swaged, pressure-locked, or riveted together. Stainless steel is commonly used due to its high corrosion resistance; however steel can be coated and/or galvanized to increase its anti-corrosion properties and allow it to be used in applications coming into contact with moisture and corrosive substances.

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