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  • Lewis Center, OH

    Our creative teams can easily manufacture your seamless rolled rings. We are a forward-thinking supplier and we offer the shortest lead times. Just let us know your applications and we can handle the rest. We provided value-added services and we are committed to your needs from the initial conversation and long after the sale. Please visit our website or give us a call today!

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  • Fairfield, NJ

    All Metals & Forge Group is your certified forging facility. All Metals provides a wide range of materials, products and services, including discs, shafts, sleeves, cylinders, plates, blocks and many other shapes, both stock and custom, satisfying all of their customers’ requirements. Give All Metals & Forge Group a chance to satisfy your needs— you’ll be glad you did! It is our goal to create a long lasting business relationship with your company.

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  • Chicago, IL

    Since 1902, Anderson Shumaker has been a vital component in the growth of hundreds of industries across the globe, offering a wide range of services, including quality forgings, in addition to many custom manufactured products. Anderson Shumaker can promise you superior products delivered to you on time & at an affordable price. When you place an order with Anderson Shumaker you get quality.

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  • Cleveland, OH

    Ferralloy has the ability to machine forgings complete to customers' requirements, supplying a variety of services from ounces to almost 100 pounds. The experts at Ferralloy are determined to manufacture solutions to meet your specific requirements. The benefits of Ferralloy include highly engineered rolling, state-of-the-art equipment & inventory stocking programs.

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  • Jefferson, OH

    We know that you are looking for something that is convenient, versatile, and high-quality which is why we bring you all of those benefits. With our stainless steel forgings process that has went under extensive testing, we guarantee quality! Our customer service is second to none with over 40 years of experience in the industry. Our products are guaranteed to withstand any element. For more information on our stainless steel forgings products, call us today!

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Finding a Match: What Alloy Should You Choose?

                                                                                            Technology is constantly changing and the processes to support these advances are always fluctuating. But one thing that has remained constant is the crucial part alloys play in the forging world. Alloys are the basic raw ingredient to your custom piece. They set the... Read More

Weldaloy Products Company Announces the Appointment of a New President/CEO and Vice President/COO

Detroit, Michigan, May 29, 2013 -- Weldaloy Products Company has promoted James (Jim) Smietana to President & Chief Executive Officer and Michelle McCullough to Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. Smietana will fill the roll previously held by company owner Richard (Rick) Warren, who remains active with the company and is now Chairman. In his new role Smietana will drive the efforts to evaluate new business strategies and position the company for growth. McCullough, who has assumed Smietana’s previous position, will be responsible for day-to-day and operational leadership. Jim Smietana... Read More

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Stainless Steel Forgings

Find stainless steel forgings manufacturers and stainless steel forgings suppliers from IQS Directory. Refine your search below by location, company type and certification to find stainless steel forgings manufacturers and suppliers. Use the time-saving Request for Quote tool to submit your inquiry to all the stainless steel forgings companies you select.

Stainless steel forging is a method of metal forming by which the metal is heated to a temperature that allows it to be malleable (for stainless steel the forging temperature is 2003ºF if magnetic and 2102 ºF if nonmagnetic) and then molded or shaped by applying force in the form of hammer blows or a press. Stainless steels work well in terms of forgeability, but because they remain strong at forging temperatures, they often require more hammer force and/or hammer blows than other alloys. The forging of stainless steels is used to make a number of manufactured parts for a variety of industries because of its exceptional resistance to corrosion. Due to its wide availability in most markets as well as its high level of strength and ductility, stainless steel is considered a great option for cost effective metal fabrication.

There are three main types of forged stainless steel available on the market today. The first is referred to as drawn out stainless steel and is defined by a lengthening while the width is decreased. Upset stainless steel can be seen as the opposite of drawn out steel where the width is increased and the length decreased. Squeezed in stainless steel is created by a closed die process that allows for multi-directional flow and results in a solid, compact shape. Stainless steel forging offers benefits including increased ductility, high levels of formability, increased grain uniformity and strength, prevention of strain hardening and a decrease in chemical incongruities. In order to get the most out of the process, it is also important to note the possibility of variations or warping that could occur during the cooling process as well as the possibility of atmospheric reactions with the metal, and to take measures to prevent these.

Forged stainless steel is used in a wide range of applications such as consumer, industrial, automotive, aerospace, medical, ship-building, hardware, locomotive, oil and gas, hand tools, and especially for the manufacturing of products that must have substantial durability as well as a high resistance to corrosion. It is a protective oxide layer that aids in corrosion resistance and its durability is attributed to its ability to resist pitting, stress cracking, deformation, crevice corrosion, and other structural failures that often shorten the working life of a forged part. The open die forging process allows the stainless steel to maintain its internal grain, which results in parts that are often much stronger than parts created though the machining or casting processes.

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