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  • Allenton, WI 262-251-1632

    Maysteel provides complex sheet metal fabrication with a focus on design for manufacturing. Founded in 1936, we combine our extensive engineering experience and market knowledge with an expanding supply chain footprint, allowing us to fabricate products that others can’t. We design, engineer and manufacture custom OEM sheet metal enclosures, kiosks, cabinets and racks. We have locations in the U.S. and Mexico, as well as partnerships in Europe. For more information, visit

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  • Cincinnati, OH 513-845-2509

    At Metalworking Group, we are a team of skilled metal fabricators who are passionate about creating exceptional products for our clients. We specialize in a wide range of metal fabrication services, utilizing our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative techniques to deliver outstanding results.

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  • Highland, IL 618-300-6016

    The range of services Schantz Machine & Fabrication offers provides a creative, precise, and efficient process to design and build custom fabricated parts to the strictest of tolerances. Schantz Machine & Fabrication is an engineering and design-focused company with the ability to problem-solve your custom parts using Autodesk Inventor and Fusion 360. With so many proficiencies and in-house capabilities, Schantz can provide a budget-friendly custom part or assembly with the promise of on-time delivery.

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  • Kalamazoo, MI 269-342-1918

    Kalamazoo Fabricating is the one stop choice for your next manufacturing project. Our broad capabilities allow us to take your project from concept to finished product, including final assembly, skidding and delivery. Call us today for quality metal fabrication.

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  • Geneva, NY 315-789-5626

    At Vance Metal Fabricators Inc., we are passionate about metal fabrication. As a team of skilled craftsmen, we take pride in transforming raw metal materials into exceptional custom products. With our extensive knowledge, cutting-edge equipment, and unwavering commitment to quality, we have established ourselves as a leading force in the metal fabrication industry.

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Stainless Steel Fabricators Industry Information

Stainless Steel Fabricators

Stainless steel fabricators manufacture products made from stainless steel. Steel is a carbon-iron alloy that has been used by metalworkers for millennia (though trace amounts of other elements are often present as additives or imperfections). Stainless steel is defined as any steel with a minimum chromium content of 10.5%.

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Applications of Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless steel fabrication operations include stamping, cutting, bending, laser cutting, and welding. In some cases, steel can be extruded and even molded, but such processes are rare, as steel is a strong material and requires extreme heat to become pliable enough to be forced through a die or into a mold cavity. More commonly, shaped steel products are roll formed, often into channels or angles for use in construction contexts.

Stainless steel can be formed into enclosures, frames, brackets, panels, grills, and cabinets. It can also be milled into coils and wire, bars, plates, tubes, and sheets, as well as used in applications ranging from household cookware fabrication to handgun manufacturing.

Benefits of Using Stainless Steel

Also known as corrosion-resistant steel, the defining feature of stainless steel is its resistance to oxidation (also known as rusting). This distinct advantage over low-chromium steel and cast iron, which rusts easily when exposed to the atmosphere, has made stainless steel an invaluable asset to metallurgists, metal fabricators, and even sculptors. For example, the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri is plated with stainless steel. It can also be recycled without degradation of strength, durability, or corrosion resistance.

Types of Stainless Steel Fabrication

Stainless steel’s versatility and other attractive properties make it a popular fabrication material for an expansive range of industries. For this reason, many fabrication processes have been developed to accommodate the fabrication of steel products.

Stainless steel fabrication typically falls into two categories. The first category is heavy fabrication, which can include the manufacturing of steel parts for large projects like ships and bridges. Light fabrication includes the production of parts for smaller operations like automotive manufacturing and for use in utilities like water tanks.

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McKey Perforating Co., Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of two new representatives to its sales team. T.J. Janezic, of Midwest Sales Associates, Inc., and Tom Peterson, of Peterson Companies. TJ. is covering the state of Illinois. Tom is covering the states of Minnesota, and North and South Dakota. Should you have any perforating needs in these regions, please contact T.J. and Tom below:   T.J. Janezic p: 847-387-4112 Midwest Sales Associates, Inc. 23825 North Hill Farm Ct. Lake Barrington, IL 60010 Tom Peterson p: 612-805-8733 Peterson... Read More About This