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  • Allenton, WI 262-251-1632

    Maysteel provides complex sheet metal fabrication with a focus on design for manufacturing. Founded in 1936, we combine our extensive engineering experience and market knowledge with an expanding supply chain footprint, allowing us to fabricate products that others can’t. We design, engineer and manufacture custom OEM sheet metal enclosures, kiosks, cabinets and racks. We have locations in the U.S. and Mexico, as well as partnerships in Europe. For more information, visit

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  • Springfield, MA 413-732-9297

    Our team of highly trained professionals is dedicated to delivering top-quality metal fabrication solutions for our clients. From custom prototypes to large-scale production runs, we have the expertise and capabilities to meet your specific requirements.

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  • Albertville, AL 888-421-9661

    Southern Metal Fabricators offers custom metal fabrication services with alloy, aluminum and steel fabricating experience in the fields of bulk storage, material handling and industrial air systems. We have worked on projects of all sizes and are now experts at completing even the most complex fabrication projects. We provide complete systems including custom design, manufacturing and assembly.

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  • Jersey Shore, PA 800-833-0277

    Jersey Shore Steel Company turns the world’s strongest rail steel into the industry’s toughest steel angles. Our Fabrication Division continues to evolve as we explore new opportunities that will allow us to be the supplier of choice for many industries such as, but not limted to, the bedding, motion furniture, highway safety indutries, as well as fruit orchards and vineyards.

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  • Adelanto, CA 760-246-8766

    Andersen Industries, Inc. offers a wide range of jet spray industrial part washer products with capacities ranging from 20-inch diameter x 18-inch height. Our products have front or top-loading abilities and our single and multi-stage products enable us to fill all your parts washer needs.

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Heavy Fabrication Industry Information

Heavy Fabrication

Heavy fabrication is any metalworking or metal forming process by which large or complicated metal products are fabricated. Metal fabrication processes involve cutting, bending, joining, and assembly of metal products. Indoor heavy fabrication facilities can be several stories tall with thousands of square feet of floor space. Some heavy fabrication operations produce large enough products that they are conducted outdoors.

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Applications of Heavy Fabrication

The processes by which structural building materials, airframes, ship hulls, and other large materials are produced are considered to be heavy fabrication processes. Other fabricated metal products, such as furniture, cabinetry, gratings, hand tools, firearms, electronics, and other smaller products, are considered to be light fabrications. Heavy fabrications form the backbones of many structures and infrastructure utilities like bridges and tunnels. Steel reinforcement of buildings has become common in all kinds of construction projects. The components required in such applications are often very large, and heavy fabrication facilities must be large and open enough to accommodate them.

The industries that most often use heavy fabrication services include:

  • Engineering
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Petrochemical Extraction and Refinement
  • Manufacturing
  • Defense Contracting
  • Aerospace Manufacturing

Many heavy fabrication companies supplement their manufacturing services with design consultation and post-processing inspection.

Benefits of Using Heavy Fabrication

Heavy fabrication companies must offer their customers a range of fabrication services. Fabrication companies compete with each other to offer customers the highest level of efficiency for the lowest price. Innovation is an expression of competitive competition, and innovations in heavy fabrication have streamlined many manufacturing processes. Robotic welding, for example, has allowed for increased output and more uniform production for many large scale automotive manufacturing operations. Reducing labor intensity and product development saves fabrication companies time and money, and customers often realize the benefits of those savings as well. Metal joining methods like welding and fastening must both be present on a heavy fabrication company’s list of capabilities. Many of the products of heavy fabrication processes end up contributing to the safety of large groups of people. Load bearing elements in bridges, buildings, and other structures must meet strict standards of durability, corrosion resistance, and other safeguards. Heavy fabrication companies have a unique responsibility for ensuring the quality of their products for this reason.

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