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  • Alliance, OH 330-935-2445

    Our company, Marlboro Manufacturing is an industry leader in the manufacturing of quality spring hinges and other similar products. Our superior spring hinges and more are currently being used by both domestic and international original equipment manufacturers. We can do custom designs according to a customer’s unique specifications or they can chose from our plentiful stock products.

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  • Fort Lauderdale, FL 800-684-4643

    Jefco Mfg. has been a leader in the industry for over 40 years. With our experienced engineering and production team coupled with cutting edge technology, Jefco produces quality products for the Industrial, Marine, Aerospace, Defense, and Medical industries. We work closely with customers to meet/exceed their needs and design specs. Jefco has the ability to produce practically any design in any Mat. gauge, pin size, width, or length, in a variety of materials including Carbon fiber and Titanium.

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  • Bartlett, IL 800-989-6365

    Our spring hinges are manufactured in a variety of metals, lengths and finishes. Our accomplished staff will be able to find you a product that will fit your needs perfectly. In order to serve you better we have made it priority to provide customer service that is of only the highest quality. We aim to keep our products at the leading edge of innovative technology. Contact our staff by phone or email today to get started filling your needs. We look forward to working with you!

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  • St. Louis, MO 314-436-0432

    Hardware Mfg. supplies stock inventory parts in addition to creating custom components for OEM and resellers. We work with a number of different industries such as agriculture, drug tablet, livestock, truck equipment, conveyors, and more. We have top of the line hardware and hinges. We utilize a full range of materials for our customers to choose from and we can assist you with finding the very best product for your application. Contact us today for more information.

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  • Long Beach, CA 800-433-5554

    We offer spring hinges that just won't quit. We are a fully ISO 9000 certified company, and we bring a level of quality to our products that you won't find with other companies. We strive to make customers happy in everything, and we are not satisfied until your every needs and desires are met. Learn more about what we can do for you by contacting us today!

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Spring Hinges Industry Information

Spring Hinges

Spring hinges are tools used to suspend doors and allow for their opening and closing. They are distinct from other hinge varieties in that they are equipped with springs designed to assist or impede door movement. Outside of the context of door hardware, spring hinges have many uses as consumer product components.

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Applications of Spring Hinges

Many products involve the use of spring hinges. Makeup compacts and other personal skin and beauty care products are packaged in containers fitted with spring hinges. Many other varieties of small plastic containers are also fitted with spring hinges to make their use more convenient for consumers. Various other consumer products also make use of spring hinges. These products range from compasses, hand-held video game systems, and pencil boxes to sunglasses and glasses cases.

In the context of door hardware, spring hinges are often installed as cabinet hinges to help keep cabinet doors closed tightly when not in use. Some gate hinges can also be fitted with springs to keep them closed tightly or make their use easier. Full-sized doors in homes, offices, and in other contexts are usually not fitted with springs to the extent that they used to be. Springs have widely been replaced by hydraulic door positioning equipment, though old storm doors in residences may still be equipped with springs.

How Spring Hinges Work

The principle of operation for all spring hinges is the same, though spring hinge configurations can vary. A spring is a mechanical energy storage medium. When a spring is compressed, that energy is stored until the compressive force exerted on the spring dissipates, at which point the spring expels the stored energy and returns to its pre-compression form.

Spring hinges take advantage of this in a number of ways. The simplest way is through the coiling of a rigid metal around the pin of a butt hinge. Once tightly coiled, the energy stored in the coil tries to release itself. In other words, the coil tries to uncoil itself. As it does this, the metal forces itself against the metal plates of the hinge, pushing it open. This is what happens in small container lids when they are open.

The hinge can be pushed closed if the compressive force is greater than the force exerted by the coil. In order to remain closed, the compressive force must not relent, or the hinge will reopen. Other spring hinge varieties can be more complicated, but the simple principle of stored energy applies to all configurations.

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