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  • Greene, NY

    You receive long-lasting service when you select our company as your forklift provider. We make the sideloaders that are unprecedented. Our company has strategically placed our facilities across the nation so we guarantee to provide you with the best products when you need it! With our extensive network we are confident we can assist you! Turn to us for the best sideloaders. We are eager to forge a business relationship with you!

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  • Columbus, IN

    Here at Toyota Material Handling, we have a goal to make your business more productive. We strive to promote the growth of your business by supplying you with the market's best forklift products. Your growth is vital to our growth. We wish to be your worry-free provider. If you need a reach truck then you have come to the right place.

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  • Marengo, IL

    We create sideloaders that are ideal for a variety of conditions. Our teams will assist you with creating warehouse solutions including shelving, bulk storage, rivet racking, wire shelving, selective pallet racking, high density storage, automatic storage and retrieval, cantilever racks and plastic storage containers. We are your #1 source for quality lifts. Our engineers are ambitiously creating the newest innovations in our industry.

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  • Greenville, NC

    Our services are very convenient and we aim to provide our customers with the best sideloaders. These proven products come with very short lead times and you can count on us to work with you every step of the way. These items are second to none and designed to out perform the competition.

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  • Lexington, KY

    For excellent sideloaders that won’t let you down, please contact the experienced professionals at Clark Material Handling Company today. The employees and management of Clark are dedicated to providing their customers with the best solutions as possible and would like to add YOU to their long list of satisfied customers. Please contact Clark with any questions you may have.

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  • Norcross, GA

    Our solutions are guaranteed to help you save in operation costs. Our systems can easily be integrated with your facility and we strive to match your exact needs. Our engineers manufacture very powerful narrow aisle forklifts. It is our hope to create a long lasting business relationship with you. We engineer and fabricate a wide selection of heavy duty forklift trucks which are available new, pre-owned or as rental equipment.

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  • Houston, TX

    We provide a full line of forklift trucks (electric, internal combustion, narrow aisle, pallet movers, etc.) with complete sales and product support from more than 200 dealer locations throughout the United States, Canada and Latin America. Reliability is built into every Mitsubishi forklift truck that rolls off the assembly line.

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Sideloaders and the Wind Turbine Industry: States with Higher Winds and Demand

Used often in the glass, aluminum, lumber, steel, construction, and aviation fields, sideloaders are utilized for their capability to transport awkward and/or oversized parts and products both safely and efficiently. These vehicles are able to travel at faster speeds than common forklifts and similar reachstackers; sideloaders are also a safer option as there is much more visibility for operators compared to the visibility in their aforementioned counter parts. The aviation and aerospace industries have long relied on sideloaders for the movement of large and uniquely shaped parts, and there is... Read More

RFID Technology and Personnel Protection Systems in Jungheinrich's EKX 513-515 Turret Trucks Mean Much Greater Efficiency and Safety

Press Release - December 2, 2008 by Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp RICHMOND, VA The energy-efficient EKX 513-515, a line of man-up turret trucks from Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp., has been a spectacular success since their North American debut a year and half ago. What's more, during this relatively short usage period, Jungheinrich has experienced an amazingly strong demand for the 3-wheel turrets that are equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder readers as standard, as well as a state-of-the-art personnel protection system (PSS) as an important option. When utilized, both... Read More

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A sideloader is a type of industrial truck with a lifting platform that extends from the side instead of the front or back as in other types of forklift trucks. Capable of extending the lifting platforms to pick up or deposit long, bulky and/or heavy loads, sideloaders are utilized in industries such as automobile, glass, industrial manufacturing, steel, textile, timber, paper and construction. They are typically manufactured from high strength materials and are ideal for heavy duty applications. Sideloaders are vehicles that are equipped with a power-operated forked platform attached perpendicular to the drive direction of the forklift that must be inserted under loads to lift and move them. Designed for material handling applications, sideloaders are capable of handling a wide range of materials including bar stock, timber, glass and plywood sheets, building materials and tubing laminates. Sideloaders offer ease of movement in small spaces such as narrow aisles, thus enhancing productivity and safety, as well as high stacking capabilities. Load capacity and reach height are variations to be considered in different types of industrial trucks. The lifting mechanism of the sideloader can be powered by hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems or mechanically-operated systems depending on the requirements of the operation.

As with most types of forklift trucks, sideloaders can be designed with either man-up configurations, with the operator close to the load and standing on the machine, or man-down configurations, with the operator close to the base of the vehicle in an enclosed cab. Sideloaders are typically capable of extending the forks in a scissor-like motion in order to unload into the desired space. They can lift to a maximum height of 30 feet and are capable of carrying loads up to 10,000 pounds. Generally diesel, gas or electrically powered, sideloaders can be equipped with either internal combustion engines or electric motors. This variation will often be based on the intended load capacity of the sideloader with heavy duty trucks typically being engine-powered. A few other common sideloader features include tilting and rotating frames and wheels to increase the vehicles' overall maneuverability and efficiency. Some wheels also may be fitted with stabilizing outriggers, such as with all-terrain sideloaders. The sideloaders themselves may have safety rails installed around the lifting fork to minimize the risk of a load sliding or falling off. Safety features, such as flashing lights or audible sirens, are common features which help keep co-workers aware of the vehicles' movement and presence in order to avoid injury and product loss.

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