Rubber Compression Molders and Molding

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  • Santa Fe Springs, CA

    RD Rubber Technology Corp is an ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100:2016 certified and ITAR registered company. We offer compression, transfer, injection and Liquid Injection molding, rubber to metal bonding, engineering support, tooling design, machining and more. Our customers rely on us to give them the best possible production solutions for rubber molding. From aerospace to medical, food processing to military applications we build trust by being responsive to your needs.

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  • Stuart, FL

    If you have a need custom rubber molding for products with a fast turnaround, Britech Industries is the company you need to call. We do molded, extruded and die cut rubber – of various products and in the colors and compounds you need. We can manufacture domestically or off shore. If you do not see what you need for your application, let us know, so we can find a solution for you!

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  • Trenton, NJ

    With more than a century of manufacturing experience, Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co. is your source for custom molded rubber products. We offer a variety of custom rubber molding services, including rubber mixing and formulating, rapid prototyping, molded rubber product design and research, and more. At Pierce-Roberts, customers get a product that matches specifications and service that exceeds expectations. That is our guarantee.

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  • Chicago, IL

    Accurate Products will satisfy your exact specifications for custom die cut parts of various materials, including sheet rubber, open & closed cell sponge, silicone, polyurethane foam, cork, felt, fibre, electrical grade paper, FDA & MIL spec materials. For superior die cut seals, gaskets, bumper pads, barriers, packing, diaphragms & more, trust our short lead time, great-priced service!

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  • Carson City, NV

    REDCO Rubber Engineering & Development is your complete source for rubber molding products, including rubber rollers, die-cut gaskets, and custom rubber products to suit your application. We are experts in compression molding and transfer molding. We also offer just-in-time delivery and boast strict adherence to meeting deadlines. We are a US-based manufacturing company with over 70 years of experience.

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  • Trevose, PA

    Mason Rubber is a full-service organization assisting in the designing or reverse engineering of custom product to fulfill your production requirements. Injection, transfer and compression molding processes are used to manufacture product using a full range of elastomers. We specialize in bonding rubber to metal.

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  • Grand Rapids, MI

    Kent Rubber Supply excels at finding solutions for difficult applications or meeting tough deadlines. We specializing in small to large production runs of molded rubber parts. In turn, we offer our customers ultimate flexibility when it comes to a wide choice in shapes, sizes, and wall thicknesses in materials such as PVC and urethane. Our rubber molding services are available both domestic and offshore.

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  • Minneapolis, MN

    Minnesota Rubber and Plastics (MRP) is a leader in material compound development and the manufacturing of custom elastomeric and thermoplastic components. With facilities across North America, Europe, and Asia, MRP collaborates with original equipment manufacturers to solve difficult sealing and component challenges across multiple markets. Capabilities include materials science and formulation, fully functional product prototyping, and operational excellence and supply chain consolidation.

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  • Southborough, MA

    Spring-Fast Grommets with fusion bonded nylon & a polymer cushion prevent wire chafe & give you best in class performance, 49% install savings & a 9.5x efficiency improvement. The nylon clad metal substrate snaps on with finger pressure & self locks - eliminating adhesives & the old slow & costly gluing process. It is used widely used in across the OEM & contract manufacture sectors. ISO 9001:2015 & AS 9100-D. Collaborative product customization available. Request free samples on site.

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  • Tracy, CA

    At Dynatect Ro-Lab, Inc., we pride ourselves on our expertise in rubber molding, offering a comprehensive range of solutions to meet diverse industrial needs. With a rich legacy in the field, we have honed our capabilities to excel in both large and small parts in either low- or high-volume.

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  • Rootstown, OH

    Jet Rubber Company, employee-owned, offers custom molded rubber and rubber to metal components. They offer rubber molding in a wide array of standard rubber products as well as custom options for those more complex and difficult jobs. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, competitive prices and on time delivery. We routinely work with a wide variety of materials.

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Rubber Compression Molding Industry Information

Rubber Compression Molding

Compression molding is much like waffle making. The uncured rubber material is put in the molding press just like batter is poured into a waffle press. In both cases, the pressure and heat process the raw material into the finished product.

Silicone Rubber

Compression molding is the most original method to manufacture rubber parts. It can produce a great range of products. The end products can be as small as 0.024 inches and as large as 30 inches in diameter.

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Rubber Compression Molding Process

In compression molding, a hardened and stiff raw rubber is cured with heat and high pressure into a useful rubber part. It is a relatively simple process. The products manufactured by curing rubber are used in multiple industries and machinery. The process in detail is as follows:

  • It starts with a piece of vulcanized rubber of desired shape and size. The shape and size are set according to the final product. The rubber part at this point of the process is called a preform.
  • The preform is then put into the cavity of a mold. The mold is then closed.
Compression Molding
  • High heat and pressure in the mold press cause the preform to melt and flow into the mold cavity and acquire the shape.
  • The cycle time can be adjusted for different materials used and end products.
  • As the rubber part is cured, it is removed from the mold cavity for the next product cycle.

Rubber Compression Molding Equipment

Compression molding is a cost-effective process to mold rubbers because of the equipment and materials used. It is readily available and inexpensive.

Hydraulic Systems for Pressing

Tools Required for Compression Molding:

Checking Gauge
Used to check the standard of the product.
Molds and Mold Cavity
Used to form the rubber into a desired shape and size.

Some may use fixtures to keep the workpiece in a particular position or orientation.

Used to keep the tools in place.
Molding Press
Used to apply pressure and generate enough heat for the process.

Other tools may be needed to accomplish the job; for example, dies, punches, a hydraulic press etc.

Advantages of Rubber Compression Molding

The following are some of the advantages of using compression molding instead of other molding processes:

  • It is a straightforward process to execute.
  • The tooling and equipment required are very inexpensive.
  • It is ideal to mold large parts and especially the parts which are thick in diameter.
  • This method is a very economical choice for multi-color molds and insert molding.
  • It has little tooling and set-up costs; hence it is very cost-effective for small to medium scale production runs.

Things to Consider When Choosing Compression Molding

When deciding on the type of molding technique, there are several aspects to consider. For that, you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is the size, shape, and orientation of your part?
  2. Which materials will you be using?
  3. How much does your piece weigh?
  4. How much volume do you need to produce, and in how much time?

Application of Molded Rubber Products

Molded rubber products offer utility in diverse fields. For example, medical facilities, the automobile industry, manufacturers using heavy machinery, precision mechanics, etc.

These are essential because they significantly reduce stress on equipment, minimizing the wear and tear in machines. This prolongs the life of expensive machines. Here are some examples of the molded rubber products:

  • Self-Adhesive Bumpers
  • Grommets
  • Anti-Vibration Pads
  • O-Rings
  • Suction Cups
  • Vacuum Lifters
  • Compressor Mounts
  • Extrusions
  • Tubings