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  • Foot Soldiers in the War Against Unwanted Vibrations

    Whenever I hear the word rubber bumpers the first thing that comes to mind is my excursions on the bumper car grid. Most amusement parks and fairs have bumper cars so guests can fuel their impulse to crash their car into another. Secured around the mini carts are large rubber bumpers that take on the full effect of a 4 mph crash. The bumpers absorb the shock of the impact, reducing the vibrations that hit the driver. Although a good hit can always give your victim a good jolt. These...

  • Does Bumper Color Matter?

    Rubber bumpers provide a variety of different uses for factory machines and processes in the manufacturing world. In general, bumpers are used to protect the equipment from the products or the products from the equipment. Bumpers are used to cushion the fall of products, certain machine processes, reduce vibrations, and protect products as they travel through the production process. Some bumpers even protect human employees from machine parts. Most rubber bumper manufacturers create a variety of bumpers in different colors. There is little difference between the rubber products except for...

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Rubber Bumpers

Rubber bumpers come in all shapes and sizes and are used in almost every area of manufacturing with specific product types including: recessed bumpers, mushroom bumpers, stem bumpers, grommet bumpers and tack bumpers. They are used to reduce vibration and movement in industrial manufacturing equipment as well as to protect rigid parts from damage caused by contact as a result of vibration or operating procedure.

A range of industries such as electronics, medical, communications, consumer and more use different rubber bumpers to control vibrations. Common applications for rubber bumpers include: protecting furniture, work surfaces and structures, in circuit boards and computers, POP displays, packaging and automotive. Bumpers are commonly made from a mix of polymers, usually of rubber and a plastic. Rubber has many elastic qualities which make it an ideal energy absorption material for shocks, jolts or vibrations and for preventing the further spread of kinetic energy through a device or piece of equipment. It is also durable and long lasting, and it resistant to cracking or sudden deterioration, making it a low-maintenance option for vibration control. The damage that can be caused to machinery and devices from exposure to vibration, and the noise that can result from a piece of equipment and the potential for procedure breakdown are all reasons why rubber bumpers are a worthwhile investment.

Rubber provides excellent traction and therefore rubber bumpers can be further used as a non-slip material for many applications. They are relatively cheap and yet are able to prevent expensive machinery repairs and replacements, as well as ensuring a system is running at optimum performance. However, as with most materials, the quality of rubber bumpers will diminish over time and they may have to be replaced periodically to guarantee the best results. Bumpers typically come in either black or dark grey, but some manufacturers will custom color the bumpers to match specific items or machinery. Custom specifications can also be met in terms of size, shape and pad configuration. For heavy-duty industrial purposes, rubber bumpers may have the addition of a metal washer or component in the base to ensure maintained application. However, for most general purposes, the stock rubber bumper items are adequate to meet almost all shock absorber needs. Many rubber bumpers are self-adhesive and are provided with a backing sheet. Depending on the intended application, the strength of the adhesive applied can vary from industrial strength adhesive, to a less permanent glue.

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