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  • Stopping the Force

    Walking through the floor of a big manufacturing plant can be a very loud and rambunctious experience. With a ton of large industrial sized machines all operating at one time in the same room, it can provide for an overwhelming and uncomfortable time. Many people that work in these plants are required to wear ear protection when walking onto the production floor because of the piercing sounds that could potentially lead to hearing damage. Eye protection can also be a requirement for industries dealing with toxic or other harmful fluids....

  • Taming the Twisting Movements of Car Engines

    To prevent a car's engine from trashing around under the hood of the car like a Tasmanian devil, engine mounts are implanted to keep the engine in place. Depending on the size of the engine, two to four mounts are required to successful keep the engine secure to the frame while driving. Without the engine mount an engine can damage itself along with other components under the hood of the car. Excessive movement may cause the radiator fan to rub up against the radiator, shredding hoses and twisting parts lose....

  • Absorb Energy with Sorbothane

    In industrial manufacturing, many large pieces of equipment produce a high level of vibrations from rotating parts, energy output, and the simple operation of industrial-sized machines. Excessive vibrations can actually damage equipment and the surrounding products and environment by literally shaking the equipment apart. For this reason, energy absorption for industrial machines is extremely important, and nearly every machine requires some kind of energy absorption to prevent vibration problems with equipment, products, and the equipment housing. An energy absorption manufacturer creates products designed to absorb the excess energy and vibrations...

  • ITT Control Technologies Business Offers Broad Array of Tools

    As one of the leading manufacturers in precision motion control products and energy absorption, ITT Corporation’s Control Technologies business has made a recent addition to the online tools that are offered for its Enidine and Turn-Act brands. The addition includes an online configurator for the Compact Automation brand by streamlining the ordering process which reduces the turnaround time for a customer to receive the product. This tool further enhances the customer experience by allowing customers to specify any design features for their customized product. With that, customers receive a specification...

Industry Information

Energy Absorption

Energy absorption is a crucial element of vibration control as it is the process that reduces the strength and magnitude of vibratory motions. These repetitive vibrations, if left unabsorbed and allowed to reach stationary mechanical components, can cause significant damage, slowed production and even complete mechanical failure.

Automotive, manufacturing, transportation, heating, cooling, metallurgical, transportation, machine building and even recording industries utilize energy absorption properties to protect vital machines and electronic components. Many of these devices are subject to both internal and external vibrations, either of which can have a significant impact on their final results. Therefore the absorbing material is often located between the inner mechanisms and the exterior support frame. Shock mounts, shock absorbers and brushings are common elements that use variable techniques to absorb the kinetic energy produced by motion. Apparatuses such as these work by diffusing energy as heat before it reaches adjacent surfaces. Where additional energy absorption is needed, rubber pads are placed under oscillating machinery. Even a slight amount of vibration control has a significant impact on enhanced performance, fuel economy and engine lifespan. Noise reduction is another notable benefit of energy absorption leading to decreased vibration, especially in enclosed spaces or industrial settings where noise can infringe upon worker safety.

As aforementioned, energy absorption involves taking in kinetic energy and diffusing it as heat energy. While several techniques may achieve this, the use of hydraulic springs and specialized materials are most commonly used for this purpose in industrial settings. Hydraulic energy absorption utilizes various fluids and an enclosed spring or piston system. Motion is transferred to the spring or piston which compresses the fluids thereby transferring the kinetic energy. The fluids, often oil or water, then convert the received energy into heat which dissipates through the outer cylinder. While hydraulic systems are common in engine mounts, other absorbers such as rubber mounts and bumpers are a popular alternative as they can adhere directly to the oscillatory mechanism. Extruded rubber elements form a barrier between metallic components. When either side encounters a jolt or shock, the energy must pass through the rubber before it will affect the adjacent metal piece. Rubbers such as neoprene, silicone and EPDM possess the variable heat resistant, chemical resistant and hysteretic properties necessary to absorb kinetic energy and diffuse it as heat energy in order to reduce unwanted movement. In some instances several layers of rubber are used to optimize the effect. Additionally, some machines use both hydraulic and rubber energy absorption techniques. While these devices and materials do not always eliminate all vibration, they significantly slow down and reduce the intensity of movements through energy absorption.

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