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  • W. Des Moines, IA 515-224-2301

    Check-All has become an internationally recognized company for quality, innovation, and cost efficiency. Check-All recognizes that the customer is #1 and will continue to build its foundation for success on SERVICE TO EACH CUSTOMER. Along with its many standard / space saving designs, Check-All can design and manufacture its pvc check valves for almost any application.

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  • Monroe, CT 800-533-3285

    We are a check valve manufacturer producing ball check valves, miniature check valves and stainless check valves. O'Keefe Controls will create a product for your special requirements and provide you with extensive engineering support. We offer a variety of precision orifices.

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  • Ft. Wayne, IN 260-482-4366

    If you would like top of the line PVC check valves then please give one of our experts a call today! We are a world leader of high quality check valves and you will not be upset with the products you receive. These items are extensively tested and it our mission to provide you with only the best. Please give us a call today!

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  • Somers, CT 860-749-0761

    Conval handles each product we make with care. Whether it is a lift check valve or a pvc check valve, you can can be assured you'll receive only the highest quality from us. From more information on our lift check valves or any of our products visit our website of give us a call.

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  • Philadelphia, PA 888-386-8830

    Known worldwide for our O-Seal System of high pressure check valves, we are a manufacturer of precision engineered valves since 1915. Our leak proof reliability of our fluid-line relief valves is easily installed. We offer shutoff, needle, check and stop-check valves rated to 6,000 psi.

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  • Clemmons, NC 888-429-4635

    In plastics for over 40 years, Hayward is a leading manufacturer of PVC, CPVC and PPL check valves including ball checks, swing checks, wafer checks and Y-pattern checks. Numerous options are available. Industries served include water and wastewater treatment and chemical processing.

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  • Memphis, TN 866-300-0110

    Valves are an important part of many flow systems and pneumatic systems. That’s why at Davis Valve, we make only the highest quality ball valves and other components for our customers. We stock many other parts including gates, swing checks, plug valves, and more. We work our hardest to provide excellent customer service. Find out more when you contact us today! [keyword] in [city], [state], [country].

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  • Skokie, IL 800-532-5539

    It is our goal at the Keckley Company to meet all of our customers’ needs by offering superior check valves, a wide range of accessories, and sticking to old-fashioned customer service values. Keckley has experience serving industries such as bottling companies, airports, and steel mills. We believe that no matter what type of check valve that you purchase, you should get the highest quality. Find out more by contacting us today or visiting our website online!

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PVC Check Valve

PVC check valves are one type of many types of plastic check valves, which exist to control and ensure the proper flow of fluids through a system. Specifically, they make sure liquid, gas or slurry flows only in one direction and does not backflow. Sometimes, PVC check valves are also referred to as PVC clack valves, PVC non-return valves or PVC non-return valves. Either way, PVC check valves are made of the diverse thermoplastic polymer resin of the same name, PVC, less commonly referred to by its full name, polyvinyl chloride. PVC can be formulated in a number of different ways in order to make it better able handle to the various abrasive, acidic or corrosive materials that may flow through a check valve. PVC check valves serve flow applications of a variety of commercial, industrial and domestic processes.

Typically, PVC is produced through the suspension polymerization of vinyl chloride monomers and water. Often, other substances, such as plasticizers, stabilizers and lubricants, are added in to impart specific additional properties to the PVC. Additives can, for example, render the polymer transparent or opaque, conductive or insulating and/or flexible or rigid. After the PVC itself is synthesized, in order to transform it into check valves, manufacturers may choose from a variety of available processes. These include stamping, injection molding, extrusion and, occasionally, die molding. Most PVC check valves are constructed in basically the same way: They have an inlet port, an outlet port and a stopper mechanism. When fluid flows in through the inlet port, it puts forward-direction pressure on the valve. A properly functioning valve will then allow the stopper mechanism, most likely a disc, ball or piston, to displace slightly. It will only open in one direction and the pressure from a flow from the other side, rather than opening it, will create an airtight seal by pushing the stopper back into its hole. The valve will only open again when the forward pressure is greater than the back pressure. Because the workings of PVC check valves are entirely self-contained, requiring no external actuation or activation, incorporating them into an already existing cistern or pipe is very easy.

PVC is chosen as check valve material for a number of reasons. Some of these include the fact that it is smooth, flexible and nontoxic. Additionally, when used as the seal of plastic and metal valves alike, PVC compresses and creates a very tight and effective seal. What’s more, PVC can be fabricated into precise shapes with relative ease. PVC check valves exhibit many of the same characteristics as metal check valves, but with much lower overhead costs. Likewise, the production of PVC requires much less petroleum than most other plastics, making it more environmentally-friendly and, once again, more cost effective. Those considering PVC check valves should consider the PVC composite they choose carefully. Each one will display certain key behaviors and properties, such as pressure ratings, thermal capabilities and dimensions, differently.

Subtypes of PVC check valves include: PVC ball check valves, diaphragm check valves and swing check valves or tilting disc check valves, among others. Ball check valves are check valves that have a spherical ball for their closing member, or movable part that blocks the fluid flow. Some ball check valves are equipped with a spring loading mechanism, which helps hold the ball in place. For those ball check valves without this mechanism, the valve is kept shut by a reverse flow that keeps the ball at the seat and sealing it. Next, diaphragm check valves are normally closed valves that stay closed using a flexible rubber diaphragm. To work, it is essential that pressure on the upstream end be greater than pressure on the downstream end by an adequate pressure differential, or certain amount. When the pressure is high, the valve opens, and when it is low, it closes. Swing check valves are check valves that have a disc that swings on a trunnion or hinge. The disc, or movable part that blocks flow, either swings off the seat to permit forward flow or swings onto the seat to obstruct reserve flow. A prominent example of this type of PVC check valve is the flapper valve found connected to toilet flush lever.

For the best results, customers should consult and work closely with an experienced valve manufacturer who will be able to lead them in the right direction. Find out more by reaching out to one of the many skilled PVC check valve manufacturers listed on our website today.

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