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  • The New Water Pressure Regulator

    Water pressure regulator systems have used much of the same technology for several decades. However, recent developments have altered the type of technology used with pressure regulators in a variety of industries. For many years, the air purge or bubble water pressure regulator system was the main regulator of choice. A bubble pressure regulator uses a small tube placed inside the liquid. When the air supply to the tube is blocked, the water level in the tube is the same as in the tank. Increasing the air pressure of the...

  • Pressure Transmitters Help Prevent Industrial Disasters

    Many machines and vehicles rely on pressure transmitters to operate and maintain acceptable levels of safety. For instance, cars need oil to operate. A vehicle requires a certain level of oil pressure to properly run and pressure transmitters help measure that pressure. In a factory setting it is important to monitor pressure levels to maintain a safe environment. Pressure can be a dangerous thing if left unchecked. When I was a kid we used to utilize pressure to launch projectiles at each other. We'd take an empty water bottle, make...

  • The Wide Range of the Pressure Transmitter

    A pressure transmitter has quite a wide field of applications, from giant to miniscule instruments that come in a variety of shapes and styles. Regardless of variances though, all pressure transmitters are used to measure the pressure of air or fluid in a specified space. Each pressure transmitter has a couple common characteristics though. One is the utilization of a pressure transducer within the pressure transmitter structure, which converts energy from one form to another and is partly what enables the device to measure and display a pressure degree. One...

  • Industrial-Strength Pressure Sensing

    Ashcroft® A2, A2X and A4 pressure transmitters answer the call for an accurate, rugged and reliable heavy duty sensor. Available in accuracies up to +/-0.25%F.S., the A2 is offered with a wide variety of electrical connections, analog output signals and pressure ports to meet the requirements of most any industrial application. The A2X (explosion/flame proof) and A4 (intrinsically safe) configurations are specially designed for hazardous environments. For more information, please call the Ashcroft ActionLine® at 800-328-8258 or visit the Ashcroft website....

  • Gems Sensors & Controls Introduces CSA Approved Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitters

    Plainville CT, February 2013- Gems Sensors and Controls is proud to announce that the new 31CS and 32CS Series intrinsically safe pressure transmitters have been approved by the CSA, meeting both USA and Canadian standard requirements for use in hazardous areas. The only difference between the two series is the thicker pressure restrictor and diaphragm on the 32CS series, which improves reliability during extreme pressure spikes and stability in pulsating applications as well as improved endurance in cavitation. The transmitters are durable and compact, ideal for use in harsh outdoor...

  • Ashcroft Lowers the Cost of Pressure Transmitters

    Easily lower the cost of operation and installation with Ashcroft. Ashcroft’s new DXLdp low differential pressure transmitter provides reliability for critical room pressure, air handler and air flow applications. The Ashcroft SpoolCal option allows the transmitter to be calibrated, zeroed, and validated while still online.Test jacks and Diagnostic indicator lights make testing easier. The DIN rail mounting eliminates hassle from installation. The easy installation, validation, and low maintenance make the cost of operation reduced over other products. Visit the Ashcroft Profile to learn more about the DXLdp or call the...

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Pressure Transmitter

A pressure transmitter is an instrument used to measure and report the pressure of a fluid. Pressure transmitters can be used to measure fluid pressure in areas as small as fuel lines and as large as the Earth’s atmosphere. Air pressure sensors, for example, can be used to precisely measure barometric pressure in an area. Pressure transmitters are also known as pressure sensors; they differ in name only.

Pressure transmitters, also known as pressure sensors have become very important tools in all kinds of industrial contexts; they are essential in helping to ensure the safe and effective operation of industrial equipment. Engines require pressure transmitters to ensure adequate oil pressure levels. Waterjet cutting professionals require water jet pressure monitoring equipment to maintain the highest level of effectiveness of their equipment. Pressure transmitters are also very important parts of many kinds of heavy equipment. Hydraulic systems, if over or under-pressurized, can become ineffective or even dangerous. Pressure transmitters indicate when such equipment is operating at peak performance as well as when it requires maintenance. Pressure transmitters are used in weather instruments, aircraft, automobiles and in other kinds of vehicles. They also often monitor engines in many different kinds of machinery.

Pressure transmitters distinguish themselves from each other in several ways. The most immediately apparent way in which a pressure transmitter distinguishes itself is in terms of its physical appearance. An automobile oil pressure transmitter, for example, will be visible to casual observers only as an indicator on a dashboard. Pressure transmitters can be configured as dials, gauges, screens and in many other ways. The most complicated pressure transmitter displays are part of computer display systems; such systems are usually coupled with control equipment. For example, if an advanced pressure transmitter were to transmit an irregular reading to its display computer, in addition to displaying that information, it may be connected to a system that automatically addresses the problem. Such systems are important to the safe functioning of many waste water treatment facilities, power plants and some kinds of machinery. The other main way in which pressure transmitters distinguish themselves from each other is in terms of their measurements relative to atmospheric pressure. Pressure transmitters that measure pressure relative to atmospheric pressure are called gauge sensors, while models that measure pressure relative to an atmospheric pressure of 0 PSI are referred to as absolute sensors. Each variety is chosen based on the unique conditions of its application.

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