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  • Extensive Polymer Extrusion

    When you think of World War II you typically do not picture many plastic items in that time era. You can image most components constructed out of wood, metal, cloth or leather but not plastic. Interestingly, the process of thermoplastic extrusion was in 1935 just a few years before the start of WWII. One could image that the world events may have stagnated plastic production because resources were needed elsewhere for the war effort. However, plastic was a known substance but it had not been mass produced like we know...

  • High School Science and Polymers

    When I hear polymer my mind travels to something that I vaguely remember hearing about in high school biology or chemistry Upon google-ing it for a brief refresher I am able to recall that they are in fact molecules consisting of chains of smaller monomers. These products are also known as the building blocks of many organic compounds. In fact, polymers can refer to an extensive variety of items that include many of the essential components of living things. In addition however, it can be used in reference to plastics...

  • Finding More Ways to Go Green

    Recycle. Go Green. Protect the Planet. Save the Environment. These words, and variations of the phrases are seen nearly everywhere these days. There are websites devoted to the cause, newspapers and magazines have sections especially devoted to the issues and it can be found frequently on various television channels from Disney to National Geographic. As the climate continues to change in a negative way even many manufacturing industries are standing up to the cause. One way is by making the transition from plastics to bioplastics. Where many of the traditional...

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Polymer Extrusion

Polymer extrusion is the process of shaping unprocessed polymers into usable products. “Polymer” is the technical term for some of the building blocks of many organic compounds; a few examples of biopolymers are proteins and nucleic acids. Although the extensive variety of polymers in existence includes many of the essential components of living things, the word polymer is often used in reference to plastic or elastomeric materials (rubber is an example of an elastomer).

When the words “polymer” and “extrusion” are paired together, the word “polymer” always refers to a plastic or elastomeric material. The polymers that can be extruded have become essential to industry and commerce as well as to the consumer products markets. Weatherstripping, plastic and rubber trim, plastic and rubber tubes and a very wide variety of other plastic and elastomeric shapes are formed using the extrusion process. Construction companies install them in plumbing systems. Automobile manufacturers affix use them to insulate vehicles. Extrusions can be found in homes, restaurants, offices, schools and in many other settings. Their presence has become ubiquitous across industry and commerce.

The extrusion process is highly standardized and is almost the same for plastic and rubber materials. Differences relating to operating temperature and other similar considerations may apply, but the same basic principles apply to all extrusion processes. At the beginning of the extrusion process, a stock of raw plastic or elastomeric material is collected in a suspended hopper. The hopper is positioned above a conveyance channel, and the hopper releases its contents into the channel. A long shearing screw in the conveyance channel forces the raw material down the channel as it turns. The friction caused by the turning screw causes the material to become heated to its melting point. In some cases, additional electric heating elements are added to the channel to aid in the heating process. A die, which is a tool used to shape raw materials, is positioned at the end of the conveyance channel. In the case of polymer extrusion, a die is a specially-designed hole in a metal plate. When the molten raw materials are forced through the die, they take its shape, emerging on the other side as newly extruded products. They can then be cut and prepared for shipment or sent for additional processing.

Polymer Extrusion
Polymer Extrusion
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