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  • Another Method for More Materials

    Plastic extrusion is a great process for forming a certain plastic material into various pieces through a die. But what happens when it is necessary to mold two or more dissimilar materials through a single die? The process becomes slightly more complicated and therefore must be modified into a process referred to as coextrusion. This process, which is able to combine two materials that will have different characteristics, can provide unique attributes to the industry. The final product is able to be distinct from the two materials on their own....

  • A Brief History of Plastic Extrusions

    Although plastic extrusions have only been around since 1935, when the first one was created by Paul Troester in Germany, they can be found in countless industries throughout the world. Plastic extrusions are created through a process in where plastic is melted and then shaped into a profile where it can be cut to a specified length. These plastic shapes are formed through forcing small pieces of plastic, called pellets, through a channel with a rotating shearing screw. This screw is able to provide the friction that causes the pellets...

  • GSH Industries: Versatile Supplier, Affordable Solutions

    Extruded Plastics GSH Industries has been manufacturing plastic products since 1986 and we are continuously developing the best solutions in our industry. We are committed to developing high quality custom plastics. GSH Industries has several different divisions including: plastic extrusions, aluminum extrusions, injection molding, rotomolding and rubber extrusions. Our company is recognized for our ability to adhere to customer requests and GSH Industries works hard to separate ourselves as a distinguished supplier of extruded plastics. Read More......

  • All Types of Profiles

    When I hear the word profile I typically associate it with and outline. For example it could be a profile on the life of a person, a city or even a country. Or perhaps the side views of a person. Basically, I think of it as a partial glimpse of something. However in the world of extrusions, it means something completely different. Plastic profiles are extruded stock shapes of plastics. They can be created through hot extrusion, cold extrusion or warm extrusion through a die in direct or indirect processes....

  • Amazing Plastic Extrusions

    by Michael Shade, IQS Editor For people who haven't thought hard about it, plastic extrusion might not seem like anything special. In fact, it's likely that few people outside of industry have a firm grasp of the concept of extrusion. In the interest of enriching general public understanding of industry, please consider the following. Plastic extrusions image courtesy of Preferred Plastics. The extrusion process is used to create all kinds of continuous plastic shapes. Among these shapes are tubes and other hollow, closed channels of varying geometric profiles. Take tubes,...

  • IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Fairchild Industries, Inc.

    by Amy Harris, IQS Editor Extruded Plastics Family-owned Fairchild Industries combines global manufacturing, technological advancement, value added services and a genuine desire to provide the solutions customers are looking for. Founded in 1961 with an initial focus on the automotive industry, Fairchild now supplies precision molded and extruded plastic and rubber products to a range of markets across the world. We are a growth oriented and driven company, serving agricultural, construction, rail and aircraft industries as well as many others. Read More......

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Extruded Plastics

Plastic profiles, plastic channels, plastic rods, plastic tubing, plastic trim and plastic sheets are all extruded plastics that play a vital role in virtually every industry, from consumer products manufacturing to automotive parts fabrication. Because plastic extrusion is a continuous process, plastic channels and profiles are not limited in terms of their possible lengths.

Extruded plastics can be made into window profiles, building siding and trim, gutters and channels, sealing sections, hoses, curtain rods, tubes, pipes, drinking straws and many other common products. Extruded plastic sheets are used in packaging and are often thermoformed into consumer products and packaging. The extrusion process is highly customizable and is capable of high volume production as well as short runs, making plastic extrusion one of the most versatile and economical methods of plastic fabrication. Plastic rods and thick gauge sheets are machined by automotive, aerospace and construction industries into parts for close tolerance applications. Since the extrusion process uses a continuous output of smooth, thoroughly heated and mixed material, extruded plastics seldom have bubbles or inconsistencies, and they are therefore valued for their structural integrity and consistent profiles.

HDPE, LDPE, PETG, PVC, butyrate, vinyl, polypropylene and polystyrene are all plastics that are commonly extruded. The extrusion process begins with raw plastic pellets or flakes being fed into a hopper placed atop a closed extruding channel. Gravity feeds the raw plastic material down into the extruding channel. Running through the length of the channel is a screw conveyor that moves the raw plastic toward the opposite end, shearing and heating the plastic through friction. The plastic pellets plasticize, or melt, as they move through the conveyor, and on the end of the conveyor channel a die is secured that forms the molten plastic into a specific profile as it is pushed through. The newly formed plastic profile is cooled and pulled through by a series of conveyors and cut to appropriate lengths. In this way plastic profiles, channels and tubing are manufactured quickly and in high volumes. Plastic sheeting is extruded in a similar way, except the molten plastic is pushed through flat or semicircular dies and then stretched into flat sheets, cooled through a series of rolling calendars and wound around spools.

Extruded Plastics
Extruded Plastics
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Extruded Plastics - GSH Industries, Inc.

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