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  • Plainwell, MI 269-783-4068

    If you are in search of a variety of plastic shapes or perhaps a single plastic solution then we can assist you. We have nearly 40 years experience and we are eager to supply our customers with the highest quality plastic shapes. As a premier custom extrusion manufacturer we value on-time delivery and guarantee your satisfaction. You can rely on us for your plastic needs! Give us a call or visit our website for more information!

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  • Cadott, WI 800-369-9410

    Here at SFR Industries we strive for optimum efficiency and durable plastic shapes. These shapes come in a variety of dimensional tolerances and different wall thickness. You will not be upset when choosing us as your plastic shapes supplier. We have a highly qualified customer support staff to help you with your needs. These units can be specifically customized for preferred qualifications. If you would like to learn more then visit our website or give us a call!

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  • Milwaukee, WI 414-332-8133

    Here at Absolute Custom Extrusion Inc we believe in quality performance and superior design. We have been developing plastic shapes for over 30 years and our customers are always our number 1 priority. We are committed to quick turnaround and customized extrusions. Let us be your plastic shape supplier! Please visit our website or give us a call for more information!

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  • Cleveland, OH 440-238-3009

    We supply a variety of industries with the best plastic shapes. These products are designed from state of the art EDM programming software and CAD programs. Our engineers can modify an existing design or help you create an original design. These teams use a wide range of materials when manufacturing our products, ensuring you can get exactly what you request. If you wish to learn more then please visit our website!

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  • St. Charles, IL 630-584-8282

    We ensure you we are a frontrunner of the plastic extrusion and plastic shapes industry. Our engineers can create solutions in a variety of colors and models. We can meet your needs, no matter how large or small. Our diverse product offerings are ideal for your work zone environments, recreational facilities and more. Feel free to contact us today to learn more!

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  • Stuart, FL 772-286-9278

    We have a variety of standard plastic shapes. If you have precise specifications then you can call or e-mail us your requirements and our engineers develop exactly what you are looking for. We can get you all of your extrusion needs through our partner companies. Let us help you through this process. We ambitiously work hard to please our customers. Please visit our website for more information!

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  • Middlesex, NJ 800-229-3338

    Petro specializes in plastic shapes, offering our customers many capabilities, such as customized shapes & extruded tubing, along with tape application, coiling & angle cutting. We have a full staff of engineers who can assist you & ship out stock products within 24 hours of your order. At Petro, we take extreme pride in our service & quality. We will deliver a product on time – every time.

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Repeatable Memory Polymers

There has been an amazing discovery in the plastic industry. Researchers have discovered a polymer that is able to change shape automatically and repetitively. The shape shifting is prompted by the temperature and when the material reaches a pre-determined temperature then the plastic will shift into the new position. Once the plastic cools it reverts back to the original form. This new innovation, known as a “polymer actuator”, has the potential to be utilized in a wide range of industries. One of the main advantages of this new polymer design is the fact that it requires no outside electricity to create a linear motion.

Another interesting innovation in the plastic industry is hand moldable plastic. This plastic has a very low melting point and can easily be formed into any desired shape. This product is ideal in situations where a handcrafted plastic solution is necessary perhaps for an attachment or component replacement. The process to utilize this innovation is simple; heat the plastic between 136°F - 140°F and then it is ready to be molded. A big advantage with this type of plastic is it can be reformed an infinite number of times. This moldable plastic is ideal for prototyping, quick fixes and unique design.

These two advances in the plastic industry are only examples of the innovation potential from the industry. The repeatability and usability of these products are key factors to their success. Certain applications that require linear motion could greatly benefit from the self sustaining feature of the polymer actuator. Further manipulation of these materials on the molecular level will expose a plethora of discoveries that can be beneficial for consumers as well as manufacturers.

Plastic Shapes

Plastic shapes are specially-formed plastic objects that have been processed by a plastic shaping process. There are many plastic shaping processes, and they include molding, extrusion, casting and other methods. Each method is intended to create a different kind of plastic shape. Molding, for example, is the process best suited for the creation of complex, discrete products. Examples of discrete products include fasteners, pallets and cases for small electronics. Extrusion, on the other hand, allows for the creation of complex, continuous products. Examples of continuous products are trim, hoses and tubes.

Industry and commerce require broad access to discrete plastic shapes as well as plastic shapes produced by continuous manufacturing processes like extrusion. Extruded plastic products like PVC pipes, plastic hoses, plastic tubes, trim, channels and coextrusions are used extensively in all kinds of applications. Plumbing, gardening, chemical processing, building construction and furnishing depend heavily on extruded plastics. A wide variety of plastic materials can be extruded including high and low density polyethylene, butyrate, vinyl, polypropylene, polystyrene and acrylic materials. The extrusion process involves heating and pressurizing these raw materials and then shaping them with a die into usable products.

The plastic extrusion process takes place in a few steps. First, the raw thermoplastic material, in flake or pellet form, is poured into a hopper. From there it is fed down into a conveyance channel where it is heated by the turning of a large shearing screw. The friction caused by the turning of the screw combined with heat from electric heating elements causes the plastic to become molten by the time it reaches the end of the channel. At the end of the channel is a die, which is a tool used to shape raw materials into useful products. In the case of plastic extrusion, the die is a specially-cut shape in a metal plate through which the molten plastic passes. Once the plastic has become molten, it is forced through the die and emerges on the other side as a newly extruded plastic shape. Once extruded, the shape is allowed to cool and harden. It can then be cut to the appropriate length and either sent for shipment or prepared for additional processing like painting or labeling.
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