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  • The Highway Crash Cushion

    I've done my share of highway driving. From road trips to visiting my parents, I am experienced in the ways of the fast lane. Whenever I drive, I normally see a number of plastic barrels at the choke points on exit ramps. Not all exit ramps have a barricade of plastic barrels but the ones that would cause a significant damage to a vehicle and its driver do. I've seen more than a handful of movies where a car smashes into these barrels spewing water in its wake. To what...

  • The Stripes of Construction

    The ever-changing climate at place of residence creates a lot of stress on the cement roads. As roads constantly expand and retract they eventually crack under the weight of numerous cars and trucks. This is the reason behind the constant summer construction and many headaches. I can't drive more than twenty miles without seeing those orange and white striped construction barrels. Most of the time it appears as if the barrels are put up months in advance of any construction. The construction barrels iconic of road construction are primarily used...

  • Plastic Barrels: Garden Food

    Recently, I feel that a sustainable movement is on the forefront of our society. Many people seem concerned about the environment and how they can help prevent from further damaging the earth. There is an extensive list of sustainable practices that we could all consider, but what about a 55-gallon plastic barrel? Typically when I think of plastic barrel, I think of a large liquid container (holding soft drink syrup or something similar), a way to store hazardous chemicals, trash cans or even traffic barrels on the freeway. More often...

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Sustainable Practices for Plastic Barrels

In an effort to be more environmentally conscious many industries and companies are finding new ways to save money while being more sustainable. Much of this sustainability is not necessarily a drop in production, but recycling and reusing previously made products. One industry that has produced an effort in this commitment is plastic barrel manufacturers. Some plastic barrel companies are producing new barrels from recycling or selling used food grade or other plastic barrels for sustainable practices and other uses.

Over the last 40 years, plastic barrels have dropped in average weight and are still able to maintain the same amount of product with less material. These improved designs also continue to drive down the cost of making plastic barrels while still increasing their structural integrity. Moreover, with oil prices on the rise using less material to create plastic drums means less oil consumption in their creation.

Furthermore, if companies cannot utilize their used plastic barrels it is not uncommon for a business to sell the plastic barrels for alternative uses. When plastic barrels are previously used many substitute uses are able to be capitalized on. These uses can range from dock floats, to gardening and even things as simple as trash cans. The alternative uses may not be their intended manufactured uses, but by selling those barrels for other beneficial practices the barrels are kept out of a landfill where they have absolutely no benefit.

By continually recycling and reusing plastics barrels there will be continual cost savings for both the company and consumer. While cost economy is a great benefit, helping to be more environmentally friendly and sustainable is an equally important asset that does not go unnoticed. The plastic drum industry is committing itself to make the environment a cleaner more sustainable place one drum at a time.

Plastic Barrels

Plastic barrels are a type of closed-top drum that are ideal for the mixing, storage, dispensing, filtration and transportation of many materials both liquid and solid. While steel barrels and fiber drums are also commonly used, plastic barrels are often preferred due to the durability of the material and because plastic is not susceptible to corrosion and is therefore able to be used for long term storage without concerns of product contamination.

Typically plastics like nylon and polyvinyl chloride are used to fabricate plastic drums or barrels. These plastics are able to endure a fair amount of internal pressure as well as some of the inevitable wear and tear that results from transportation processes. Especially for shipping purposes, industrial drums are required to meet certain standards, and plastic drums are no exception. Testing may include drop tests, leak proof tests and weight capacity tests. Barrels are usually constructed according to standards sizes for ease of processing using generic drum handling equipment including tumblers and stackers. However, as with most plastic products, there is room for customization and drums are able to be designed and constructed according to specific requirements in terms of diameters, heights and weight capacities. While plastic drums are used in industries such as food processing, chemical, beverage and consumer goods, steel drums are typically used for transporting radioactive, flammable or otherwise hazardous waste materials.

Plastic barrels are used to transport all sorts of liquids and are often preferred to steel because they do not rust. Plastics such as nylon, polystyrene, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are specifically used to transport caustic and acidic materials. However, in transporting radioactive, flammable, or otherwise hazardous waste, steel drums are required instead. Plastic is more susceptible to damage from hazardous waste materials and therefore a more durable material is required for the transportation of those. Plastic barrels are very sturdy, and if needs be can be further reinforced with steel rims to ensure the structure does not collapse under pressure. Tamper proof or security seals can be placed around the opening of drums to ensure the integrity of the contained products. While not as light as paperboard, plastic is still lighter than steel and therefore also helps to save costs on the price of shipping, especially over long distances. Extra features which can be adjusted include a closure lock of sorts, and a choice of lid material. Non-industrial uses for plastic barrels include water barrels for collecting rainwater, floating components for water docks and as garden composters.

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