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  • The Benefits of Low Lying Palletizers

    With a low-level palletizer, the pallet remains at floor level or close to floor level throughout the loading process. Low level palletizers can provide a variety of benefits to factories as well as increases in efficiency for loading pallets and transferring them from one place to another. The basic low-level palletizer design includes a system where packages and boxes are loaded onto pallets one row at a time. Usually, an elevator is used to transport the packages to the floor level of the palletizer one row at a time. Once...

  • What to Look for in a Palletizing System

    Palletizers are a highly beneficial machine process that most factories use to help package products faster and more efficiently. A high level palletizer is a type of palletizer that many factories choose because it is more efficient and better at loading standard pallets than the old-fashioned row-forming palletizing machine. However, a high level palletizer is not ideal for every packaging job, such as the packaging of delicate materials or oddly-shaped products and packages. No matter what kind of palletizer you choose for your factory, there are several aspects to the...

  • Enhanced Safety and Performance

    Columbia Machine, Inc. realizes how important it is to ensure a safe working environment, while providing optimal performance from your palletizing equipment. These enhanced standard safety features offer the highest level of protection for your employees, protection they deserve. Category 3 Electrical Circuits include A-B SensaGuard dual circuit safety interlocked door switches and Sick type 4 light curtains in the discharge area. Upper Level Guarding on all High Level Palletizers includes both a perimeter hand railing along with guarding to protect personnel from moving parts. Case Entry Guarding is included...

  • Congratulations to Blue Diamond Growers

    April 23, 2014 Blue Diamond selected Columbia Machine to provide and integrate a multi-line palletizing system with the goal of not only meeting their current packaging needs, but also with the capacity and flexibility to handle future production growth. The palletizing system Columbia delivered receives products from three production lines feeding into a single HL6000 high-level palletizer. Each line included a spiral elevator and case accumulation conveyors; at the discharge of the palletizer, a full load pallet conveyor system tracked, accumulated and conveyed full loads of each...

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Palletizing Systems

Palletizing systems are mechanized equipment that are used to load products onto palletizers. Because manual pallet loading can be time consuming and labor intensive, automatic palletizing as performed by palletizing systems is a money and time-saving process.

Many facilities are turning to automated and semi-automatic palletizing systems since individual packaged units can be heavy, awkward, and physically strenuous to handle manually, thus reducing potential worker injuries. Products that palletizing systems are typically used to handle include bundles, trays, drums, cases, pails, barrels, totes, bags and sheets. Often, palletizing systems are designed to handle a single type of product. Such systems include bag palletizers, case palletizers, drum palletizers and bottle palletizers. They can also be designed to handle several different types of packages. The material handling applications that palletizing systems are most often used for include shipping, warehousing, packaging and distributing in both manufacturing production lines and order fulfillment operations. Generally appealing to users with mid to high-range needs, palletizing systems benefit industries including pharmaceutical, food processing, warehousing, agricultural, commercial, electronics and medical.

Able to be pneumatically, hydraulically or electro-mechanically powered, palletizing systems can be either fully automatic or semi-automatic. Automated palletizing systems consist of two main types: robotic palletizing systems and conveyorized palletizing systems. Robotic palletizing systems typically consist of a robotic palletizer stationed between a conveyor line of incoming product units and a pallet dispenser. A hydraulic robotic arm lifts cases, bottles, bags or drums using flat pincer arms or suction cup arms in organized rows onto a pallet, stacking units with near-perfect precision. Robotic palletizing systems may be altered to work with different types of product units and are excellent for handling fragile or heavy product units, although they may be slower, as they can only place one unit or row at a time. Conveyorized palletizing systems can be either automatic, requiring no manual involvement, or semi-automatic, requiring loads to be manually connected and disconnected from the palletizer lifting arm. In conveyorized palletizing systems the packaged units are received by roller conveyors and are continuously transferred and sorted to the pallets. There are two main types: low level and high level palletizing systems, both of which have a feed area that receives the goods that are to be palletized. In low level palletizing systems, or floor-entry palletizing systems, products are loaded from the ground level, while high level palletizers are loaded from above or from the story above.

Palletizing Systems
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