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  • Insourcing: A Response to Outsourcing

    Metal Wall Panels A few years ago, industrial companies all over the world started to outsource their processes and production to other countries. These countries, like China and India, were able to produce the same products for less money. Workers in other countries are less expensive, and it is often possible to find materials for less through other countries. However, as more and more companies outsourced to other countries, the cost of wages and production fees steadily increased. In addition to these rising costs, many U.S.laws were created that penalized...

  • The History of Decorative Metal

    Metal Wall Panels Metal is a natural material found in the earth. Before people had the ability to change the base properties of metal and mix them together to create stronger, more durable metals, people simply had to work with the kinds of metal they had nearby. Early civilizations used plain iron, silver, gold, and bronze to create most of the tools and metal objects used during the Bronze Age. If it wasn't for the many discoveries and findings about metal during the Bronze Age, who knows if metal would...

  • 5 Roll Formed Products

    Roll forming is the process of rolling a sheet of metal into a desired shape, often an angled shape or frame used in a variety of industries all over the world. Roll forming companies can roll several different types and thicknesses of metal, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and tin. You will find roll-formed products in a variety of industries, including automobiles, fences, metal buildings, and even houses. Look for rolled metal in the following places: Frames: Frames are of the easiest places to spot roll formed metal. Look for...

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Metal Wall Panels

Metal wall panels are sheets of metal used to cover walls for decorative or functional purposes. They can be intended for indoor or outdoor use, and can be placed on structural surfaces like walls and dividers. Metal wall panels are also placed on cabinetry, desks and other surfaces that are not integrated into a building’s construction.

In offices, metal wall panels are attached to walls to improve an area’s appearance. In industrial settings, they can be used to protect walls from flying sparks or debris, which could threaten the integrity of a building. In laboratories, metal wall panels are widely used as back splash plates; they cover walls near sinks or other areas prone to spills with easily-cleanable surfaces. In some cases, contaminant or corrosion-resistant metals can be used, decreasing the risk to laboratory workers and improving conditions for conducting experiments. Metal wall panels can be made of aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, copper, zinc and many other metals, but steel is the most common material. Metal wall panels can be flat, corrugated, textured or smooth and are generally inexpensive to purchase and install. The possibilities for panel design are limited only to a given customer’s budget and creativity.

Wall panels can be designed and processed in many different ways; because the desired surface texture of one metal wall panel can differ from one design to another, a diversity of panel production methods is required to allow for the range of products customers desire. Roll forming is among the simplest methods for creating wall paneling. Some roll formers can even shape metals that have already been cured, finished or otherwise treated without damaging or changing the qualities of the surface. The process begins with a stock of metal that is fed into a set of rollers. The rollers are positioned in a way that allows them to tightly grip the contours of the metal. The next set of rollers in the sequence, which are positioned no farther than a few inches away from the first rollers, are configured in a slightly different way, one step closer to the final shape the metal will take. Each subsequent roller is positioned in a slightly different way than the last. By the time the metal reaches the last rollers, it has taken its final shape and is ready to be cut and prepared for shipment.

Metal Wall Panels
Metal Wall Panels
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