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  • Skokie, IL 847-965-6700

    With decades of experience in roll forming, Samson is your number one provider of hat channels and many other roll formed shapes. Located in Chicago IL, we also provide stamping, bending, parting, and assembly as value added options for our customers. We even do custom shapes if a stock option is not right for you. Call or visit our website for more information!

  • Berkeley, IL 708-449-7050

    Johnson Bros. is a leading manufacturer when it comes to roll forming metals, pre-finished and plain. Such as profiles, U-Channels, C-Channels, J-Channels, Hat Channels, Box Channels, Zee Channels, Strut Channels, moldings, angles, rings (bent inline), frames, lock seam & open seam tubing. For runs large or small, our fully capable process goes from concept to completion.

  • Elkhart, IN 800-998-5940

    With over 50 years of experience, United Roll Forming specializes in roll forming for a variety of industries. Our products are the result of state-of-the-art machines that provide both quality and efficiency. We are extremely proud of our ability to take any type of metal and transform it when other suppliers gave up. No matter the size or shape, turn to us for your fabrication needs.

  • Louisville, KY 502-653-1744

    With roll forming services from Roller Die, your company can take advantage of an economical and efficient way of getting the metal components it needs. Our roll forming process has been perfected over many decades in the custom metal business, allowing us to quickly produce strong hat channels that are made to exact specifications. We can create both standard shapes and custom jobs, both of which are produced at the highest quality levels possible.

  • Ixonia, WI 920-261-9650

    ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer specializing in custom roll forming. We manufacture all shapes of channels, and our hat channels are roll formed in gauges from .005 to .165 and widths up to 48". We have 35 roll formers working to serve almost any industrial need. For more information or to discuss your custom needs, contact us online or via telephone.

  • Racine, WI 262-633-2200

    If you are an individual or a business in need of a custom roll formed product, look no further thatn Premier Products of Racine. We have experience providing roll formed components for applications and industries such as office furniture, tanker trucks, and outdoor appliances. Our 40,000-square-foot facility allows for additional capabilities such as welding, riveting, and custom assembly. Contact us today and ask us about our services!

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Hat Channels

A hat channel is similar to a C channel, except it has edges that form the “brim” of the hat. These channels are often used in construction applications to create space between two materials or create a piece that new materials can be fixed to. The space created by hat channels can help to reduce dampness and make room for insulation. One example of this use would be the installation of siding on a new concrete building. Workers would attach hat channels vertically at regular intervals along the wall, like studs, and then attach the new siding directly to these hat channels.

Hat channels are almost always made out of metal, and aluminum is a popular choice because it is light and strong, so it can be easily installed during building projects without compromising quality. Hat channels are manufactured in metal fabrication shops by professionals who design, engineer and then manufacture them based on standardized or custom specifications. Cold roll forming is used in some plants to slowly press the metal into the hat shape without heating it up, while other fabricators use a traditional mold at high temperatures to form the metal into the correct shape.

Some manufacturers, particularly larger industrial ones who create hat channels for major clients, will offer a team of in-house engineers who can design custom hat channels to meet a particular set of building specifications. The engineering team will then work with the production managers to establish an efficient process for building these custom hat channels with their equipment. Process optimization is very important for speed and cost control. After manufacturing, hat channels are quickly distributed to suppliers and tradespeople to be used in building projects of all sizes. Because they are light, hat channels can be shipped via truck or train in very high volumes, making purchases convenient for large construction firms.

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