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Premier Products of Racine, Inc Specializes in Custom Roll-Forming, Custom Metal Stamping, and Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication, welding, riveting, and assembly services. Since 1999 we have been servicing the office furniture, barbecue, appliance, solar technology, telecommunications, appliance, and tanker industries. We offer TIG, MIG, and wire welding. Premier Products we offer complete custom roll-forming services, that include measurements 0.010" to 3/16" thick, and up to 12 inches wide. Premier Products has an approximately 0.003" precision cross-sectional tolerance, and an angular dimensional tolerances of ± 0.25°. We have eight roll forming mills that allow us to manufacture parts that meet these specifications. We have the capability to fabricating with aluminum, copper, titanium, and all types of steel. cleaning, cut-off, and embossing are some of the in-process capabilities that our roll-forming fabrication offers. Premier Products of Racine has a 100-400 ton presses that run from 50-140 strokes a minute. Our presses can fabricate parts that are 0.010" to 3/16" thick, with a tolerance of ±.002". Our presses have the capability of various stamping methods; coin, continuous, progressive, perforated metal, and compound die. Premier Products offers the finishes of chrome plated, plating, E-coating, black oxide coating, and anodized. We have the capability of stamping copper, galvanized steel, titanium, and galvalume. Here at Premier Products we offer many Custom Metal Fabrication services, that include bending, forming, punching, welding, assembly, edge conditioning, and shearing. Some of the finishing options that are offered are plating, powder coating, cosmetic brushed finishes, pre-painted, painting, and anodizing. We fabricate parts that meet the ANSI, ASTM, DOT, and Mil-Spec standards. Premier Products of Racine works with carbon steel, copper, aluminum, cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, and titanium.

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Premier Products of Racine: Leading in Roll Forming and Metal Fabrication Innovation

At Premier Products of Racine, we are your go-to provider for all things roll forming...

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