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  • The Membrane Keyboard- An Overview

    A membrane keyboard is a keyboard that has one solid membrane sheet over the keys. These keyboard are used in a variety of situations, but are particularly useful for use in medical centers and other places where the cleanliness of the keyboard is top priority. The membrane sheet protects the keys from contamination and dirt, and makes cleaning and sanitizing the keys easy. A typical membrane keyboard is made from a single membrane layer placed over pressure pads. There are a few drawbacks with this kind of keyboard system, such...

  • Backlit Membrane Switches are Easier to See at Night

    For those of us fortunate enough to have garages, we know the benefits of those praise-worthy shelters. Not being one of those people, I know those benefits even more keenly. When I stumble out the door in the winter morning only to find my car covered in a stubborn layer of pristine, shining ice (the shining is actually the ice mocking me), I can't help but think back to the glory days, the days when I lived with my parents, when they had to drive me everywhere. I don't miss...

  • Fixing Keyboards The Hard Way

    When I was in college, I rented a house a few miles away from campus with a few other students. Each of us shared a few traits in common. We were all extremely messy, extremely nerdy and extremely cheap. In more than one situation, these three traits found themselves working in tandem to achieve a purpose that enriched our experience of living together. One such experience was the makeshift solution to the hole in our roof that our landlord never fixed, another was the attempted solution to our mouse problem...

  • What is a Rubber Keypad?

    Many rubber keypad varieties are actually quite similar to membrane switches. While membrane switches are composed of electronic switches and layers of membranes and graphical overlays, rubber keypads are composed of electrical switches and a rubber overlay. Let's go over what these differences mean for electronic switches. First of all, the main differences between a rubber keypad overlay and a keypad switch membrane are thickness and texture. Otherwise, both overlays accomplish basically the same purpose. In the case of switch membranes, the thinness of the membrane allows for users to...

  • Membrane Keyboards vs. Non-Membrane Keyboards

    Unlike the overwhelming majority of computers today, many of the earliest personal computers available to consumers were equipped with membrane keyboards. What's the difference between early PC keyboards and most keyboards today? There's a very good chance that you're looking at this text on a computer, so if you are, take a look at your keyboard. You're likely to be looking at a long, rectangular plastic board embedded with around 100 keys, each of which has been printed with at least one letter, number or symbol. An important observation is...

  • The Virtues of Membrane Keypads

    When I was in eighth grade, my family moved to a new house just a few blocks from where I had grown up. In many ways, the house was quite similar to the house where I spent all of my years until that point. The differences were minor, and they were all pretty similar to each other. Everything about the new house was just a little bit nicer than the old one. The bedrooms were just a little bigger, the dining room was just big enough to accommodate a few...

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Membrane Keypads

Membrane keypads are user-equipment interface utilities that allow for the delivery of commands to electronic devices. Throughout the world, especially in more developed economies, electronic devices become more important to businesses and individuals on a daily basis. Even in developing countries, where access to sources of electricity is irregular, electronic devices like mobile phones can be found everywhere. In order to interact with these devices, control systems like keypads, switches, panels and screens are necessary.

Membrane keypads are among the many user interface construction possibilities. They are used as button covers and displays on cell phones, automobile control panels, computer controls and even light switches. Industry, commerce and the consumer products market all rely on technology that integrates membrane keypads and other interface systems. The personal computing industry, which serves almost every person in developed economies and a rising number of people in the developing world, depend heavily on keyboard production. Most personal computing keyboards involve moving parts like plastic keys; membrane keypads involve a sheet, usually of plastic, layered on top of a circuit board and printed with symbols. Membrane keypads are more frequently used equipment control systems and in small consumer electronics applications, as most varieties are not practical for prolonged typing applications.

While membrane keypads are not as suitable for typing applications as plastic keyboards are, their qualities make them very suitable for other applications. Consumer electronics like mobile phones, kitchen utilities and even automobiles often involve the use of membrane keypads. In telephones, membrane keypads are useful because they can be clearly printed with labels, they are not susceptible to build up of dirt because they feature no separated buttons and they are moderately resistant to accidental spills. This is also true of keypads for use in domestic utilities like blenders and other food preparation equipment. Membrane keypads usually consist of three layers. The bottom layer of the keypad is fitted with circuitry that is connected to the rest of the electronic device. Above this layer is an electrical insulator, and above that layer is the membrane on which the symbols are printed. On the lower side of the membrane are conductive materials, which, when forced into contact with the bottom circuitry layer, completes an electrical circuit and sends a signal. Some configurations also feature a layer of plastic or metal domes beneath the membrane, which, when depressed, makes a noise or offers resistance; this indicates to a user whether or not the keystroke has registered. Because there are so many membrane keypad possibilities, it is not difficult for electronic device manufacturers to find the right model for their products.

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