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  • Perry, NY

    JN White is an ISO 9001:2015 and ITAR-certified manufacturer of labeling machinery, graphic overlays, and custom labels. We handle projects of a variety of sizes, and we have the expertise to translate what our customers need into high-quality, high-precision outcomes. it is our goal to provide the best products through our dedication to quality and our constant pursuit of the latest technology.

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  • St. Louis, MO

    U.S. Tape & Label specializes in providing quality labeling equipment, automatic labeling, bar code labeling, labeling applicators, labeling systems and customized labelers. We offer the finest labeling machinery on the market today with a multitude of functions to fulfill all your labeling needs.

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  • Savanna, IL

    Since 1989, Label Mill has focused on label applicators and printer applicators. Label Mill has designed and built a full line of labeling solutions that have set new standards for simplicity of design, reliability, and ease of use. We have earned a reputation for developing custom solutions to meet the ever growing unique requirements for each individual customer and application.

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  • Sebring, OH

    Total solutions are our company goal. No matter whether you need flexible packaging, pressure-sensitive labels, or automatic labeling equipment, we have it all. We also offer customized service and support to all customers. We believe in offering the latest technology and service to all customers, and we even offer RFID services. You can learn more when you contact us today!

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Labeling Machines Industry Information

Labeling Machines

Labeling machines apply labels to various products. The most common types of labeling machines include label printers, label applicators, printer-applicators, and labeling systems. Some specialized labeling machines also exist. These include rotary labeling systems for bottles and special printers and applicators for RFID and security tags.

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Applications of Labeling Machines

Labeling machine is a general term that applies to all labeling equipment, be they applicators, dispensers, printers, or full fledged labeling systems. They all produce or attach labels to products in many different kinds of applications, such as specialized labels for individualized goods or generalized labels that are mass produced. The weight and price tags at the meat counter at the grocery store are an example of custom labels, while the labels on baby food jars are produced and applied in a factory, one after another and are therefore stock labels that are mass produced.

Any industry that manufactures any type of product utilizes label machines, including:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Medical
  • Agricultural
  • Electronics
  • Textile
  • Automotive Companies

Labels purchased at the post office, which are printed out and applied to packages, are a major aspect of the shipping and handling industry. Also, any and every store and supplier depends on a specific type of labeling called barcoding. Barcode labelers are encoded tags that allow cashiers to swipe them with an infrared price gun and have the price pop right up. This specific label has simplified the industry and helped make it what it is today.

Notable Types of Labeling Machines

The variances in labeling machines are important, since a buyer must understand the different products to know what will suit in what context. Label printers are generally high-quality, fast-working thermal transfer printers. Specialized label printers exist for a variety of applications, such as in laboratories and for hospital wristbands. Printer-applicators both print and apply labels for nearly any packaged good. Labels may identify the product and brand specifically, or they may have added information, such as nutritional facts, product warnings, or bar codes. Label applicators apply labels to individual products. They come in air-blow and tamp-blow varieties that blow labels onto products quickly and accurately. Another type of label applicators is the wipe-on applicator, which wipes labels onto products, including around corners and on curved and unusually shaped products. For more complicated labeling needs, labeling systems can be used. Labeling systems are integrated systems that include label printing and applying, integrated conveyor belts, and computerized controls.

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