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  • What's Cooking with Grey Iron Castings

    by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor In an age of the latest and greatest in cooking technology, many chefs are making a surprising switch to one of the oldest cooking materials in the books. Cast iron pots, pans, skillets, kettles and more are often preferred to new specially formulated instruments in professional kitchens. Often more economical in the long run, durable cast iron cookware even add an extra something to every dish they help prepare. Chefs, food critics and researchers alike have long noted the benefits of this versatile material in...

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Iron Castings

Iron castings are created by molding molten iron or iron alloys. Iron castings are widely used in the automotive, appliance, agricultural, and machinery industries. Cast iron components can be found in pump housings, electrical boxes, engine blocks, and decorative castings, among others.

One type of iron used in iron casting is gray iron, which has been cast by foundries for centuries, making it possibly the oldest of all worked metals. It is also the most abundant metal material and one of the least expensive. Gray iron was the original cast iron, although it has recently been replaced in many applications by other iron-carbon alloys with stronger tensile strength. Ductile iron, as its name suggests, is more ductile than traditional iron materials, like gray iron. These materials tend to be brittle and prone to fracture under high tensile stress. Iron is cast much like any other metal; it is poured into a mold and extracted after it cools. There are several different casting methods through which iron is molded, including green sand molding, shell molding, and centrifugal molding. The method by which the iron is cast can have an effect on the mechanical properties of the metal, especially in respect to its cooling rate.

Iron Castings
Iron Castings
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