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  • Clifton, NJ 855-255-4687

    At Alkin Compressors, we are committed to delivering superior products that meet the exacting standards of the defense industry. With our comprehensive range of air compressors, fill stations, boosters, nitrogen production systems, and filter groups, we aim to provide reliable, efficient, and tailored solutions to our valued customers.

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  • Hyde Park, UT 435-563-3695

    At Hycomp, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of air compressors and related solutions. With our extensive experience and dedication to innovation, we deliver high-quality products and services that cater to a wide range of industries and applications.

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  • Houston, TX 800-972-7668

    The 12 volt air compressors that we offer cannot be topped by the competition! We offer air compressors of all kinds including industrial air compressors, screw compressors, reciprocating compressors and many others. We want to show you the difference that fifty years of experience can make! Contact our customer service representatives today or visit our website to learn how to get started!

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  • Portland, OR 503-674-2744

    Expect the best from Pacific, a leading distributor of 12 volt air compressors, dryers, filters, vacuum pumps, accessories and more from eight different manufacturers. Furthermore, Pacific carries a complete line of systems and parts, including service and maintenance kits, filtration products, lubricants and coolers. Contact Pacific today and expect the best— it's all they carry!

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Intercoolers and Aftercoolers Industry Information

Intercoolers and Aftercoolers

Intercoolers and aftercoolers are devices used for a variety of compressors to remove waste heat.

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Applications of Intercoolers and Aftercoolers

Many applications which utilize high-powered engines will utilize some form of intercooler or aftercooler. These useful devices are great for controlling the temperature and regulating safe levels. Many products can be customized for a particular project to offer the highest amount of efficiency.

How Intercoolers and Aftercoolers Work

Typically, these devices utilize a multi-stage process and can come in different configurations, such as air-to-air or air-to-liquid. Some processes will even use a forced induction process, which forces more air into the device.

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