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  • The Power of High Pressure Blowers

    Almost anyone can relate to standing in front of a fan or blower that had generated an almost breathtaking amount of pressure. They can be found in almost any setting: indoor, outdoor, business or residence. One may ask how is it possible to generate that much air flow from one concentrated device or what type of fan or blower is best at generating such high pressure. To address these questions we must know the fundamental differences between an axial fan and centrifugal fan, along with the difference between fan and...

  • High Pressure Blowers for HVAC and Beyond

    by Michael Shade, IQS Editor Enduring the crucible of Michigan's climate is a trial suited only for the heartiest of the hearty. The winters can be viciously cold, and the humidity of the summers can seep in through your ears and gunk up your brain. That's why I was quick to act this spring; before the dew point hit the ceiling and I became permanently stuck to my couch, I went out and bought an air conditioner. After a few hours of screwing all of the parts together, mounting the...

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High Pressure Blowers

High-pressure blowers are air blowers that are designed for use in applications where a high-pressure airflow is needed for something. Artificially high or low pressure air flows are used in all kinds of industrial, commercial and residential contexts. In homes and small offices, the use of blowers is generally limited to HVAC and maintenance uses, though there are some exceptions (some home-based business may make use of high-pressure blowers for automotive repairs or other light industrial tasks).

High pressure blowers are widely used in industrial settings and large-scale commercial settings. Ventilation systems in large buildings require complex systems of blowers and ductwork to ensure adequate air circulation. In industrial settings where harmful or unpleasant gasses can build up, effective ventilation systems are especially important. In order for air to be circulated, something has to circulate it. If the area through which air must be circulated is large enough, a high-pressure industrial blower may be necessary. High pressure blowers are also useful in some specialized service industries, such as the carpet and upholstery industries. High-pressure floor driers have become a popular means by which to dry newly-cleaned surfaces quickly. Floor driers are also used to dry surfaces after spills.

Axial fans and centrifugal blowers come in low, medium and high pressures, though centrifugal fans can generate much more pressure at the same rotational speed due to their creation of a "churning" perpendicular air flow, instead of the linear axial flow. Direct driven blowers compared to belt driven fans should always be able to generate a higher pressure because no power is wasted between the motor and the blower, as there are no intermediary devices. The power is transmitted directly from the motor's drive shaft to the blower without the use of a belt and pulleys, chains, or a gearbox. These high pressure blowers can operate at between 1,000 and 12,000 rpm. In general, centrifugal fans are high pressure blowers, as axial fans are best at moving large amounts of air at a comparatively lower pressure. Axial fans are less expensive to produce and can offer a high rate of airflow, but they optimally function in low-pressure environments, such as cooling systems, clean room aeration, parking garage exhaust ventilation and grain aeration. The more expensive centrifugal blowers operate at about four times the pressure of axial fans, as seen and felt with blowdryers, inflators and leaf blowers.

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