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  • One Speed is All You Need

    Have you ever walked into a gym or large hallway and noticed a fan drying the floor? The fan may not have looked like your typical house fan because of its different shape and inner mechanics. That is because this type of fan if called a centrifugal fan. Centrifugal fans are not limited to drying floors. They are most commonly found in industries that need to propel air out of the workplace or direct air somewhere else as a pollution control device. In centrifugal fans the air enters the fan...

  • Masking the Stench of Weight Lifters

    Football is America's favorite past time. It's the only high school sport that actually has regular attendance by fellow students, although two thirds of the crowd is only there for social reasons. My high school football team was pretty good. We had summer training to prepare for the season and utilized the small weight lifting room in the school. If you can imagine a room full of burly high schoolers lifting weights, it can get rather smelly in there. To prevent us from choking on our own odors we would...

  • Vacuum Blowers Make Central Vacs Possible

    When I was in college, I worked as a custodian between classes. I worked the day shift, which meant that I was told to be minimally disruptive during the execution of my duties, which involved cleaning restrooms, emptying garbage cans, changing light bulbs and attending to random, unscheduled messes as they presented themselves. Frequently, vacuuming would be a necessary part of my job. I was always envious of the second shift crew, because when they vacuumed they were allowed to use the central vacuum system. For those of you who...

  • How Centrifugal Blowers are Used in Industry

    Centrifugal blowers are go-to utilities in applications that require the use of an industrial-strength air blower. Centrifugal blowers are popular in such contexts because of their capacity for generating high-pressure air flow and because of their efficiency. A centrifugal blower's efficiency is a consequence of its construction. As opposed to fans with exposed, radial fan blades, centrifugal blower blades are contained within a housing. The housing contributes to the blowers' capacity for generating high-pressure air flows; as the air rushes into the blower housing, it accelerates because of centrifugal force....

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Centrifugal Blowers

Centrifugal blowers are radial air blowers that make use of centrifugal force to pressurize and move air. Centrifugal blowers can be found in all kinds of contexts. Industrial, commercial and consumer markets all make extensive use of centrifugal blowers. In the largest factories and office buildings, high velocity centrifugal blowers allow for the efficient ventilation of every destination on heating and cooling circuits.

Centrifugal blowers are applied in many contexts. In offices, schools and in home carpet cleaning applications, centrifugal floor dryers are used after spills, carpet cleaning or other cases when carpet is exposed to moisture and needs to be dried quickly. Hand-held blow driers can be found in bathroom drawers all over the country. Centrifugal blowers are easy to recognize because their blades are enclosed, and because they draw air from the side as opposed to from behind, as is the case with axial fans. Because of this feature, they can be used at angles in ductwork where axial blowers cannot fit or cannot generate enough airflow. Centrifugal blowers can be backward-facing, forward-facing or multi-staged. Centrifugal blowers are also useful for applications including vacuum conveying, waste water treatment, air and gas handling, paper dewatering, air purging, bio-gas recovery and pneumatic bulk conveying. Centrifugal blowers can also be used in reverse to provide vacuuming action in packaging applications.

Inside a centrifugal blower’s enclosure (which is called annular housing) is a collection of blades (which are also called impellers) that are attached to a shaft, which is attached to a motor system. Large centrifugal blowers feature a drive shaft, which is driven by a v-belt drive. The units are housed by a circular welded assembly that can be constructed from heavy-gauge sheet metal, though blowers that are intended for light industrial use can be housed in plastic as well. When the impeller rotates, air is sucked into the input at the center of the centrifugal blower. As the impellers force the air through the annular housing, it becomes subject to centrifugal motion, which increases the degree to which it is pressurized. This property of centrifugal blowers allows for them to create more air pressure using lower RPM (an axial fan operating at the same RPM as a centrifugal fan will move air at lower speeds). This high level of efficiency makes centrifugal blowers popular in applications where a high level of air flow is required but where a minimum of energy is available to be expended.

Centrifugal Blowers
Centrifugal Blowers
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