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  • Denver, PA 717-336-7507

    At Weaver Industries we specialize in manufacturing machined graphite parts and products. Our goal is to ensure that our customers get the right tools for their applications. We are leaders in the industry for our graphite machining processes which include recycling and reclaiming machined electrodes. Custom molded urethane and high quality carbon graphite are only a few of our other capabilities.

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  • Asbury, NJ 908-537-2155

    Asbury Carbons is one of the world's largest processors and merchants of graphite in all forms. We offer graphite machining and graphite products such as graphite blocks, plates and rounds for markets, including fuel cells, sealing materials, powdered metallurgy, friction products and more. Visit our website or call our friendly customer service team, we are ready to help.

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  • Schaumburg, IL 800-783-0718

    3D Graphite & Machining is known for our premium quality machined graphite. For over 40 years we have been known worldwide for our high-quality reputation. We offer a variety of products, including custom-cut, billet, and pre-machined and finished machined parts. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Industries we serve include power generation, medical, die/mold, and aviation/aerospace.

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  • Bellmawr, NJ 800-210-5000

    At Mercer Gasket & Shim we are committed to continually improving our efficiency and effectiveness in order to better serve our customers. We pride ourselves on speed & flexibility, offering 24-hour service & 100% on-time delivery. Our systems are created to be tailored to the needs of each customer.

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Graphite Electrodes Industry Information

Graphite Electrodes

Steel is commonly recycled, as it is able to be melted down and reused a number of times. This requires the use of electric arc furnaces, which work best when run with graphite electrodes.

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Material Properties of Graphite Electrodes

The physical properties of graphite make it an ideal choice for this purpose. Steel requires extreme temperatures to melt into liquid form and be used in other metal fabrication processes. During this process, the graphite electrodes will reach up to 5000°F, half the temperature of the surface of the sun, so machined graphite must be used, as it is the only material that can withstand such high temperatures and maintain its shape and structure, as well as continue to conduct electricity.

Graphite electrodes are typically formed using an extrusion process to maintain material integrity and form the desired length and shape. They are usually coated with siloxane fluid, which is able to reduce oxidation at extreme temperatures. The different specifics of graphite electrodes are chosen based on various application considerations, such as furnace design, power level, fume control system, scrap requirements, and charging practice. These factors will help to determine the particle size, shape, and length of the graphite electrodes.

Recycling Process of Steel Using Graphite Electrodes

The electric arc furnaces themselves are large containers. The steel scraps for recycling are placed into the container and the roof is lowered. The graphite rods (or electrodes) are components of the roof structure of the furnaces and are assembled into columns and attached to the roof. Depending on the manufacturer, the electrodes can be as small as 3 inches in diameter or as large as 30 inches. This will also be dependent on the size of the furnace and the volume of material that needs to be melted.

The electrodes are attached to an electrical source and generate that energy into heat. After the steel has melted as a result of the extreme temperatures, it is drained into vats and moved quickly to metal fabrication processes to be made into new metal products. Further uses for graphite electrodes include refining steel in ladle furnaces, smelting processes, and for removing defects in castings and weldings.

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