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  • Denver, PA

    If you are looking for quality machined graphite, then you’ve come to the right place! We are the expert suppliers of graphite products, and we take our business very seriously. We have over 55 years as a graphite producer, and throughout our entire history, we have remained completely family owned and operated. Learn more on our website!

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  • Harvard, IL

    Industrial Graphite Sales, LLC provides knowledge and experience in machined graphite work. We are a leading supplier of quality products for a number of high temperature type applications. Our company deals directly with the manufacturers both domestically and overseas, so that we have access to the specific grade your job may require. Let us be your supplier!

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  • Bethel Park, PA

    Here at Ameri-Source we offer graphite machining services and produce small and large scale runs for clients in many different industries and for varying applications, meeting extremely tight tolerances. Our specialty graphite is available in a host of sizes and as both blocks and rounds. We not only provide quality, we also provide quantity and variety. Our specialty graphite is also thermally conductive and shock and chemical resistant. We also ship worldwide. Call us today!

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  • Maywood, IL

    Our facility is equipped to handle all projects involving machined graphite. We are equipped to design and manufacture applications for furnace parts, boat components, crucibles and more. Our innovated mechanics utilize a creative process to save energy as well as saving you money. We adhere to all government regulations and we can handle any project specifications. Visit our website to learn more information.

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  • Lorain, OH

    Since 1971, Semco Carbon has been a leading supplier of custom carbon and graphite machining. Our graphite products include graphite rods, graphite tubes and graphite fixtures. We serve a range of industries with quality machined graphite and handle small-run jobs machined from raw blocks.

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Options for Controlling Graphite Dust

Machined Graphite Depending on the amount of graphite being machined, dust can become a dilemma in some shops. Precautions should always be taken to avoid health problems caused by graphite dust. Wearing safety glasses and gloves is always recommended. It is also important to determine a method of dust removal while machining graphite, as dangers to the respiratory system are most serious. There are two main means of removing dust- either with a high air velocity system or the wet graphite machining process. Shops that machine smaller amounts of graphite... Read More

Crucibles and the Graphite Option

Machined Graphite When I think of crucibles, my mind always reverts to old movies or period pieces. A time where blacksmiths and sword smiths would be working over flame, carefully sculpting and creating all sorts of products and parts. And this is not incorrect. Crucibles have been around from roughly the fifth and sixth millennium B.C. They were first used in Eastern Europe and Iran, but their advantages and benefits made them become useful throughout the world. Their forms have varied throughout time, as have the materials they are used... Read More

Graphine and an Advancing Industry

Machined Graphite New discoveries are made everyday. Many would think that with all of the technology available, we would know everything about the planet by now, but this is just not possible. The planet is a vast and amazing place, and we are only beginning to learn its secrets. When it comes to graphite, a more recent discovery in regards to it goes back to only 1962. This was the discovery of graphene, small individual layers of graphite, named by Hanns-Peter Boehm. Then it was not until 2004 that physicists... Read More

Electrodes and Electromagnetism

Machined Graphite My favorite show, in the history of the world, was LOST. I know I am not alone, for most who watched the series from start to finish know it is something that can never be beat. So naturally, the connection of electrodes to Michael Faraday, who is the namesake to Daniel Faraday immediately, makes me excited. The real Faraday coined the term electrode from the Greek words of elektron and hodos, meaning amber, the word that electricity came from and a way respectively. An electrical conductor, electrodes are... Read More

Industrial Graphite Sales: Superior Service, Guaranteed Satisfaction

Machined Graphite In the graphite industry, Industrial Graphite Sales is synonymous with customer service and satisfaction. We have years of experience working with customers from many different industries, so we understand the complexities and the difficulties that our customers face. That is why we are dedicated to providing friendly and knowledgeable service, and our business continues to flourish because our customers keep coming back for more. Read More...... Read More

Machined Graphite: The Many Machining Methods

Why is it that when graphite or carbon is found on a meteorite or planet everyone gets so excited? The reason is graphite comes from the building block of life, carbon, an allotrope along with diamond and amorphous carbon. These materials could in fact mean that life on another planet once existed or does exist. While this is always fun to think about, the fact is carbon is very useful on planet earth as graphite. Graphite can be used in countless products from a dry lubricant to crucibles. It has... Read More

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Machined Graphite

Graphite machining is able to produce a wide range of graphite and graphite composite products for use in industries including automotive, aerospace, chemical, metallurgical, nuclear and electronics. Graphite machining most commonly uses synthetic graphite materials to fabricate parts and products through extrusion and molding. Synthetic graphite is produced by adding tar pitch and petroleum coke to natural graphite during heat treatments.

Graphite is an abrasive material, and this should be taken into consideration when deciding upon which tools to use in the machining process. Most manufacturers will have CNC milling and lathe machinery, as well as band and carbon saws. Machined graphite can easily reveal surface defects produced during the fabrication process, and therefore it is important to use quality tools and processes. Compressed air, or air circulation systems can be used to help reduce the amount of graphite dust in a manufacturing facility. Much of it is produced on the tools and work surfaces of graphite machining for electrodes, tubes and rods, and it can create an unpleasant working environment. Custom specifications can be met, and graphite products can be purchased sealed or unsealed. It is a porous material, and therefore for applications requiring contact with water such as graphite anodes and some graphite bearings uses, sealing the material with a wax, resin or oil will prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Natural graphite is the most stable form of solid carbon, and has properties of both a metal and a semi-metal including electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Although machined graphite is more expensive than pure graphite, it is much more structurally sound and reliable and is able to be used in industrial applications such as crucibles, boats and automobiles, aluminum processing equipment, glass handling and furnace parts. Other types of graphite referred to when manufacturing products such as these include carbon graphite and EDM graphite. Graphite is able to maintain its structure and thermal conductivity even at temperatures reaching 5000°F and is commonly used for electrodes in arc steel furnaces. The tool and die process is commonly used to machine graphite into a variety of forms. The synthetic graphite is heated until it has softened enough to be poured into molds and dies. Once the substance has cooled and set in the form of the mold, it can be removed and finished. Advanced tool coatings are recommended in graphite machining processes as tools are often worn out easily by the abrasiveness of graphite’s surface. It is a brittle material that can be complicated to manufacture, but it also very useful to many industries.

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