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  • Pegasus Glass Specializing in Glass Fabrication

    Glass Fabricators For over 50 years Pegasus Glass has been providing world-class custom glass tubing and glass rod products. Our company has grown from its start into one of the industry's leading glass manufacturers, and has doubled in size and in production equipment for processing and cutting. We serve as a direct link to our supplier, Kavalier Glass in order to provide our customers with the best and greatest value around. At Pegasus Glass, our vision is to exceed expectations through continuous improvements and to continue being a global leader...

  • A Hint of the Future

    As we advance into the early twenty-first century, society is becoming increasingly concerned with the future than the present. It is rapidly becoming a common ideology to prepare ahead of time instead of panicking when time runs out; I know, it is a big step for mankind. If you hadn't noticed we are still a few steps behind where we should be in some situations, with such catastrophes as: the planet's decreasing oil supply and our failed attempts to find a truly efficient method of generating alternative energy, as well...

  • Glass Fabricators: New Trends in Glass Fabricating

    Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a glass fabricators industry showcase. At the showcase, different glass fabricators demonstrated the latest techniques in glass fabricating and the most recent trends for the glass industry. Walking between all of the different glass products was both interesting and informative. At the event, there were several trends that were demonstrated at several different company booths. I took note of the most innovative and interesting trends at the showcase, which other glass fabricating companies can then take into consideration for future manufacturing and production....

  • Avoiding Cuts with Glass Cutting

    by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor This morning, much like any other morning, the first thing I did was look at my clock, groan and push the snooze button. After the second alarm I got up, put on my glasses and took a look out the window to try and guess at the weather for the day. Once I got myself around, I had a glass of water, took one final look in the mirror and headed out to my car. The windshield needed washing, but soon enough I was arriving...

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Glass Fabricators

Glass fabricators are able to process glass and glass products in a range of ways that include design assistance, glass blowing and assembly, glass part fabrication with coated glass, safety glass and laminated glass, glass cutting or etching, glass repair and recycling. Glass is a brittle and often transparent material that is widely used in a number of commercial and industrial applications. Examples include windows for buildings and automobiles, dishes and containers for residential and medical fields, barriers and containments in food processing applications, and decorative features in architecture. Glass is also combined with other materials to expand its use such as glass-reinforced plastic.

Due to the delicate physical properties of glass, manufacturers have to use specific processes and methods to ensure a quality final product. Finished parts must be inspected for faults, blisters and cracks which could cause physical and property damage if not corrected. Glass cutting is a major manufacturing process of glass fabrication and is achieved by man methods such as diamond saw cutting, thermal or hot cutting, score and break cutting and laser cutting. Glass is a brittle material and specialized skills and machinery are required to be able to cleanly cut through a piece of glass without resulting in forming of shards and uneven edges. Laser cutting is one of the most popular methods of glass cutting because it is less likely to cause scratches or abrasions, and is able to achieve high tolerances.

Depending on the intended application of glass, there are different types that can be specifically manufactured. For example, safety glass and tempered glass are likely to be used in automobiles and other vehicles. Heat resistant glass such as borosilicate glass is used for domestic purposes and medical purposes especially when sanitation will require high temperatures to be used for cleaning purposes. Laminated glass is used in the windows of many public areas for its characteristic of staying together even after it has been shattered. The predicted amount of stress and tension that a piece of glass will be expected to undergo in its intended application will help the manufacturer determine the best type to use, and how to fabricate the object. Fabricators of glass and glass products also need to be aware of the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes. Due to the high thermal temperatures required to mold and manufacture glass, a high number of fossil fuels are burned, releasing CO2 into the atmosphere in great quantities. It is important for manufacturers to also practice responsible manufacturing in their industries, and encourage recycling and minimal wastage of glass products.

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