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  • Strongsville, OH

    At Cylinders and Valves, they firmly believe that the production of a dependable, hard-working product is a family tradition never more important than today. The company is able to offer an extensive line of products, and if they don’t have exactly what you need for your application, they will custom produce one to fit your needs. For all double acting hydraulic cylinders, call today!

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  • Richfield, NC

    Since its founding in 1976, I.P. has grown to become one of the leading stocking distributors in the Southeast region. Complementing this major function, our staff of professional engineers, designers and draftsmen provide a broad range of engineering and maintenance services. This combination of warehouse distribution with expert consultation gives our customers the total service they require.

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  • Schofield, WI

    Since 1959, Jarp has produced superior hydraulic cylinders and swivels; satisfying each customer along the way. Our cylinder and swivel manufacturing process includes the highest quality components to assure dependability for higher loads and pressures, up to 5,000 psi. Call Jarp today for quick results!

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  • Newark, NJ

    Metro Hydraulic Jack is an industry leader in sales and service centers in the United States. The company offers a broad range of equipment so that any requirement can be met. They also offer engineering services including hydraulic and lube system designs. For the double acting hydraulic cylinders you have been searching for, look no farther. They have the perfect option for you, call today!

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  • Birmingham, AL

    Ligon Industries, LLC along with our affiliates Ligon Capital, LLC and Ligon Holdings, LLC (“Ligon”) is a privately owned manufacturing company that was formed in January 1999 and is based in Birmingham, Alabama. Our hydraulic fluid cylinder companies manufacture a variety of small bore to large bore, welded hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders that are sold to OEMs for installation in their products.

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  • Bay Springs, MS

    HSI specializes in heavy duty large bore hydraulic cylinders, custom hydraulic cylinders, welded hydraulic cylinders, special hydraulic cylinders, high pressure hydraulic cylinders and standard hydraulic cylinders. We offer a full line of cylinders in order to meet the needs of the most demanding application.

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  • Franklin, WI

    Galland Henning Nopak, Inc. has been supplying quality cylinders and valves since 1887. With a first-class product range including various types of pneumatic, solenoid and flow control valves, hydraulic cylinders, scrap recycling equipment such as compression balers, as well as the unique Plierench® tool, Galland Henning Nopak is able to manufacture the valves and cylinders you are looking for.

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Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders manage the pulling and pushing movements of a machine's linkages and attachments. These pieces can be found on machines such as an excavator used for construction. Hydraulic cylinders are an important part of many machine's functions in order for them to work properly and get their job done. Industries that use machinery that use hydraulic cylinders include the automotive, construction, oil and gas, material handling and power generation among many others. There are two main types of hydraulic cylinders which are single acting or double action and they... Read More

The Deal With Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Agriculture, construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, military, machining, automotive, aviation, robotics, aerospace and waste removal industries all make use of some sort of hydraulic cylinders in their day to day activities. These devices greatly increase efficiency and mechanical capabilities as the output force is much higher than the initial force applied. Technically speaking, hydraulic cylinders are actuation devices that convert the hydraulic energy of pressurized fluids into the mechanical energy needed to control the movements of machine linkages and attachments. A more simple explanation is that the energy conversion made... Read More

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Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

Double acting hydraulic cylinders are bidirectional linear actuation devices that convert the hydraulic energy of pressurized fluids into useful mechanical energy. Like all hydraulic cylinders, these mechanisms are designed to generate linear force and motion.

Double acting hydraulic cylinders work by admitting and removing pressurized oil, ether, mineral or water composites from an enclosed space. The pressure acts upon a piston with an attached rod that extends and retracts according to the amount of fluid in the chamber. Even a small motor with pressurized fluid can create tremendous work force. The popularity of hydraulic cylinders in agricultural, automotive, power generation, oil and gas, construction, demolition, material handling, aerospace and transport industries among others can be attributed to the significant energy gains they allow. Double acting hydraulic cylinders can lift, turn, tilt, press, steer, pull and push heavy machine components and attached loads along any linear plane making them useful in cranes, lifts and braking mechanisms alike. While the length and plane of these hydraulic cylinders are fixed, double action offers powered motion for both extension and retraction whereas single action cylinders provide motion in only one direction. Although this requires a larger reservoir of compressed fluids, double acting hydraulic cylinders are often preferred over their unidirectional counterparts as they offer greater mechanical versatility, higher speed operation and tighter control.

While specific models may vary, the basic construction and function of double acting hydraulic cylinders remains relatively uniform. The main body of the cylinder is a round or rectangular tube shaped device enclosed at each end with a cap. This chamber houses and connects all other cylinder components. In one or both end caps there is a sealed hole through which the piston rod is extended and retracted as needed. A cold-rolled piece of metal or ceramic, the rod is attached to a piston within the main cylinder. The hydraulic piston is a disc-like device that fits perpendicular to the cylinder walls, filling the cross-section of the barrel. This divides the cylinder into two separate compartments. Several seals are placed around the piston head and the rod opening to ensure that fluid does not leak in, out or from one side of the chamber to the other causing a loss of pressure and decreased functionality. In either end is an intake and exhaust valve where the fluid is introduced and removed. When the pressurized fluid is forced into the section of the cylinder below the piston, the rod is extended while the inverse retracts it. The degree of piston rod extension and retraction correlates with the amount of fluid entered into the enclosed cylinder shaft. This length, known as the stroke, is one of the most important considerations when selecting the proper hydraulic cylinder for a given application. Additional concerns include body type and material, operating pressure, maximum working pressure, rod diameter and bore diameter.

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