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  • Strongsville, OH 440-238-7343

    Our company name is not a misnomer-we have been manufacturing cylinders and valves since 1958. We manufacture air and hydraulic cylinders plus their associated valves and replacement parts. Anodized aluminum, brass and stainless steel are the materials in our products. Bore sizes of 3/8"- 4". Our standard systems are non-corrosive with a wide range of mounting design choices.

  • Franklin, NC 844-340-8755

    Here at Dometrics, Inc. we specialize in the supply of replacement parts for foreign based companies. Our import system is here to provide customers efficient and effective delivery of products to decrease machine down time and increase productivity. Our goal is to work with our customers by providing specialty parts and components range from air cylinders to automotive heat exchangers. Visit our website or call today, to find out how we can help you find the best cost and delivery option.

  • Newark, NJ 800-633-8234

    As the single best source for all your needs since 1941, Metro Hydraulic Jack specializes in sales and services for most major lines of hydraulic cylinders, pumps, power units, motors, valves, couplings, presses, jacks, lifts, tools, work holding equipment, etc., plus complete repair and remanufacturing facilities, hydraulic and lube system design and engineering services are available.

  • York, PA 717-757-1068

    For over thirty years, Advanced Fluid Systems has been manufacturing custom hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic, lubrication, filtration and motion control systems. OEM trained & certified repairs and installation services. Our sales engineers are supported by in-house engineering and highly knowledgeable customer service departments. Contact us today for more information!

  • Evansville, IN 800-624-4862

    Perfection Hydraulics manufactures, distributes, and services hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic valves, hydraulic gear pumps, and other hydraulic components for heavy equipment. Our products provide you with the best value available for today’s dynamic industry. With our reputation for quality and reliability, you can rely on us for your heavy duty hydraulics needs.

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Welded Hydraulic Cylinders


Welded Hydraulic Cylinders are used for many heavy dutyapplications in manufacturing industries because they are designed for strengthand durability. Generally, these hydraulic cylindersrange in bore sizes from ½ inch to thirty inches, but some are even larger.While other cylinders are constructed by methods using tie rods, screws, aswell as threading and crimping to join cylinder end caps to the barrels, the barrelof a welded cylinder is a fully stressed, thick walled steel tube and the rearhead is welded to the barrel. Because of their specific design, weldedhydraulic cylinders have several advantages in the industry such as theirdurability at high pressures, their ability to be easily repaired if damagedoes occur, and their capacity for customization.


The strength that this welding and the barrel itselfprovides allows these cylinders to function at high levels of pressure withoutthe metal stretching or sagging on long strokes. There are also no issues offlexing or deformation from torsional and off center loads as the strong barrelto head connections prevent this. Another advantage that the welding providesis that the outside surface is smooth and uncluttered, which means there arefewer sharp corners that could catch on wires, hoses, and other machine parts.This smooth surface also means there are less places for dirt and moisture tosettle and cause corrosion.


Weldedhydraulic cylinders are also able to be customized very easily due to theirthick walled barrel. For example, extra attachments can be mounted anywherealong the body without trouble.


The distinctive strength that defines welded hydrauliccylinders makes them ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. Theycan function without failure in pressures up to and surpassing 5000 psi. Thebarrels of welded hydraulic cylinders are thick enough that they can withstandexternal damage if it does occur. They can be hone or burnished a number oftimes without the structural integrity of the whole unit being compromised.Because of this durability and strength, welded hydraulic cylinders are oftenused in mobile construction equipment, heavy industry, military hardware, andmany more harsh and demanding environments.

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