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  • Cedar, MN

    Aggressive Hydraulics is a leading manufacturer and designer of custom hydraulic cylinders. Since our founding in 2002 we have assembled a team of experienced professionals and talented engineers to assist us in creating the best hydraulic cylinders on the market. The component parts we offer include cylinder heads, end caps, mounts, pistons, ports, valve blocks, and other related accessories. To learn more about our hydraulic cylinders, visit our website.

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  • Columbus, NE

    We are a leading supplier of hydraulic cylinders. If you need a heavy duty hydraulic cylinder then Columbus Hydraulic Cylinders can make exactly what you are looking for. All of our standard products come with an o-ring and two back-up rings and these items can be featured with piston u-cups, slipper seals, special compounds, chevron, steel rings and more if your application requires. Give us a call today to learn more information!

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  • Little Rock, AR

    Phelps Industries specializes in hydraulic cylinders, heavy duty hydraulic cylinders, high pressure hydraulic cylinders, telescopic hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic cylinder repair. All our products have a comprehensive warranty program plus we provide top-quality technical service and support.

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  • Quincy, IL

    We are dedicated to serving customers in a global marketplace. Since our inception, we have been providing our customers with exceptional customer service and top of the line hydraulic cylinders that are built to last a lifetime. We have made it our goal to provide our customers with the technical assistance that they can count on to find solutions to all their problems, visit our website today to learn more!

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Welded Hydraulic Cylinders Industry Information

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

Welded Hydraulic Cylinders are used for many heavy-duty applications in manufacturing industries because they are designed for strength and durability.

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Welded Hydraulic Cylinder Design

Generally, these hydraulic cylinders range in bore sizes from ½ inch to thirty inches, but some are larger. While other cylinders are constructed using tie rods, screws, and threading and crimping to join cylinder end caps to the barrels, the barrel of a welded cylinder is a fully stressed, thick-walled steel tube, and the rear head is welded to the barrel.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinder Advantages

Because of their specific design, welded hydraulic cylinders have several advantages in the industry, such as their durability at high pressures, their ability to be easily repaired if damage occurs, and their customization capacity.

Handle Pressure
The strength that the welding and barrel provides allows the cylinders to function at high levels of pressure without the metal stretching or sagging on long strokes.
No Flexing or Deformation
The cylinders have no risk of flexing or deforming from torsional or off-center loads as the strong barrel-to-head connections prevent it.
Smooth Outside Surface
The outside surface is smooth and uncluttered, which means there are fewer sharp corners that could catch on wires, hoses, and other machine parts. This smooth surface also means fewer places for dirt and moisture to settle and cause corrosion.
Easy Customization
Welded hydraulic cylinders are easily customizable due to their thick-walled barrel. For example, extra attachments can be mounted anywhere along the body without trouble.

Welded Hydraulic Cylinder Applications

The distinctive strength that defines welded hydraulic cylinders makes them ideal for various industrial applications. They can function without failure in pressures surpassing 5000 psi. The barrels of welded hydraulic cylinders are thick enough that they can withstand any possible external damage. They can be honed or burnished several times without the structural integrity of the whole unit being compromised. Because of this durability and strength, welded hydraulic cylinders are often used in mobile construction equipment, heavy industry, military hardware, and many more harsh and demanding environments.