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  • IQS Featured Profile: Carlisle Plastics

    Dip Molders Carlisle Plastics is family owned and operated and has been serving many industries with high quality plastic dip coating and dip molding services since 1958. As an ISO 9001 certified company, Carlisle Plastics has earned its reputation as a trusted supplier of dip coating/molding services through the performance of their products. We offer many standard sizes, so there is no extra mold or tooling costs for sizes and shapes already in stock. Read More......

  • Dip Molders vs Injection Molders

    Many products can be made both by dip molders and injection molders. Both molding types have advantages and disadvantages, and it can be a difficult choice for a manufacturer to choose which kind of mold to use. However, dip molders have a variety of advantages over injection molders. In most cases, if a dip molding machine can be used instead of a injection molding machine, the dip molding machine is the better choice for the following reasons: Cost: In general, the cost of dip molding is much less than that...

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Dip Molders

Dip molders form plastic parts and objects by dipping a mandrel or a mold into a liquid plastic material and letting the material set around the shape of the mold. Dip molding is a popular manufacturing method because it is cost-effective and energy efficient, and has high turnover rates depending on the size of the dip molder used. There is minimal material wastage and most molds are simple and inexpensive to make, taking away the costs of manufacturing expensive dies.

Closely connected to dip coating, dip molding is used widely in the consumer, medical, electronic and packaging industries. Common products formed by dip molders include plastic caps and plastic plugs, latex gloves, handles and grips for tools, appliances and sports equipment etc. The process is almost entirely automated which ensures labor costs are kept low. First, a polymer coating is heated until it reaches a liquid state. In the case of the material plastisol, it is liquid at room temperature and therefore does not require additional heating before being used in the dip molding process. Molds or mandrels of primed aluminum or steel are formed in the negative of the desired part or component, and are then preheated and lowered into the molten polymer where the surface and the plastic adhere to each other. Some dip molded parts may then be further heat treated in order to fully bond the polymer to the surface of the metal, or to achieve a desired texture on the surface of the part.

In addition to providing a colorful, attractive finish to products, plastic coatings can improve corrosion resistance, scratch and wear protection and provide a smooth grip for better handling. Dip molding results in precise parts with close tolerances of wall thickness. Oven temperature, rate of dip and length of dip, as well as the speed at which an object is removed from the polymer all affect the configurations of the part. For example, double walls can be manufactured by dipping a mold into the plastisol or polymer twice and allowing the layers to form separately. Hardness and finish texture can also be adjusted according to the intended use of the product and the most suitable design. Products for use outdoors such as wire fencing, sports and recreational equipment, tools etc. can all benefit from the protective qualities of polymer coatings. Specialized coatings such as UV coating can be used for products such as eyeglasses, automotive windows and other outdoor products to prevent against sun damage.

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