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  • Chicago, IL 800-932-0357

    Although we have over 100 years of experience, we are committed to continually expanding our offerings in all industries. We are not content to remain as we are, but we continually work to improve our products and processes each and every day. We will work with you to create the ultimate products for your needs. Find out more on our website, or you can give us a call today!

  • Cleveland, OH 440-250-1900

    For over 30 years, we have provided metal forged products for a wide variety of industries, including the aerospace, military, food service, medical, and automotive industries. Our customers know they can trust our forgings for quality and affordability. We will never try to make you pay more than you should for our products. Contact us by phone or email to find out more!

  • Ronkonkoma, NY 800-900-9209

    Alloys International is a worldwide supplier of alloy, aluminum, carbon steel, nickel, stainless steel, titanium and alloy steel forgings for the aerospace, petrochemical, nuclear, electrical and medical industries. We offer open, closed-die, rotary and isothermal techniques.

  • Jefferson, OH 888-536-3674

    Here at Ken Forging we are a family-owned business who offers our customers high quality forgings. We require no minimum orders and our forgings come in a variety of materials including: stainless steel, carbon steel and more. We provide outstanding technical support and our teams are here to meet your needs by providing same day shipping. You can trust the experts at Ken Forging. Contact us today for more information!

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Copper Forgings

A copper forging is fabricated through a forming process that involves the plastic deformation of copper, a nonferrous material, under pressure and high temperatures through hammering and rolling. Since copper is a ductile metal offering high thermal and electrical conductivity, copper forgings can come in many different configurations including rod, bars, wire, sheets, strips, tubing and more.

Some of the most common copper alloys used in forging applications are oxygen free electronic (OFE), naval brass, aluminum bronze, chromium copper, copper nickel and chromium zirconium copper. Forged copper provides an economical alternative to cast, welded and fabricated copper as well as offering a superior density and freedom from flaws. In addition, copper forgings have non-magnetic properties and non-sparking characteristics that are beneficial to industries such as electronics, automotive, mining, construction, aerospace, defense, material processing, architectural and industrial. Copper forgings offer high strength at low densities.

Copper forgings can be made through different forging processes, depending on the type of copper alloy. The different copper alloys are typically divided into five categories: brass, a copper and zinc alloy; phosphor bronze, an alloy of copper with 3.5 to 10% of tin; aluminum bronze, with aluminum as the main alloying metal added to copper; silicon bronze, usually containing about 96 percent copper; and copper nickel and nickel silvers, with compositions from 10% nickel to 45% nickel. Copper alloys can be forged using closed die forging. Closed die forging involves the movement of metal blanks through a set of dies shaped in the required part design. Copper alloys can also be forged using open die forging. Open die forging creates parts by the hammering or pressing of the copper alloy by the die into the required shape. Copper alloys can be cold forged, warm forged or hot forged, depending on the composition of the specific alloy. In cold forging the copper alloy is not directly heated, but formed using high pressure. In hot forging the copper alloy is heated to high temperatures then formed. In warm forging the copper alloy is heated to a range that is above room temperature but below the metal’s re-crystallization temperature. 

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