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IQS Directory implements a thorough list of conveyor roller manufacturers and suppliers. Utilize our listing to examine and sort top conveyor roller manufacturers with previews of ads and detailed descriptions of each product. Any conveyor roller company can design, engineer, and manufacture conveyor rollers to meet your companies specific qualifications. An easy connection to reach conveyor roller companies through our fast request for quote form is provided on our website. The company information includes website links, company profile, locations, phone, product videos and product information. Customer reviews are available and product specific news articles. This source is right for you whether it's for a manufacturer of saddle type conveyor rollers, aggregate conveyor rollers, and conveyor rubber rollers.

  • Odenton, MD 800-394-7883

    When American Urethane responds to a quote, you are able to talk to one of their expert engineers who understand all your needs and concerns. This allows you to be assured that you will receive the precise product you need for you application. For unsurpassed workmanship at competitive prices, contact American Urethane for your next order of conveyor rollers.

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  • Cuyahoga Falls, OH 330-923-3256

    We were founded over 40 years ago as a small rubber manufacturing plant. Since our founding, we have grown into one of the larger rubber companies in the world. We carry a variety of products, like conveyor rollers and bumpers, to ensure our customers can find what they need fast. We will take care of you no matter what you need! Let us help you today by contacting us by phone or visiting us online!

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  • Carson City, NV 800-733-2648

    REDCO has nearly 70 years of experience providing rollers for conveyor systems. We make it our goal day in and day out to make rubber products of the best quality, and deliver them on time. For a complete list of our products and manufacturing capabilities, visit our website.

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  • Denver, PA 717-336-7507

    Our guide rollers are made from the highest quality materials in the industry. We take pride in adhering to our company values, like integrity and honesty. As a family owned and operated company, we like to treat customers like our own family. We will always look for the best prices and the prefect solution. Give us a call today to see how we can help you meet your goals!

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Conveyor Rollers

Conveyor rollers are cylindrical tools that make possible the movement of objects along conveyor belts and other conveyor systems. Conveyors are industrial and commercial utilities that are used to assist in the movement of products. In manufacturing contexts, conveyors are widely used on assembly lines. In warehouses, they are important parts of efficient packaging and shipping processes.

Conveyors can even be found in grocery stores to expedite the check-out process. In order for each of these different conveyor configurations to function properly, they must be equipped with rollers on which products can be moved or that can facilitate the movement of a conveyor belt. These rollers vary in shape, size and composition depending on the demands of the systems in which they are applied. For example, in a distribution warehouse, when orders are picked and packaged, they are often loaded onto a conveyor system comprised of metal rollers in a long series that directs the packages to the back of a shipping vehicle. In food processing, added variables like cleanliness standards and hazards like spills contribute to how a conveyor system must be designed; such systems are likely to involve belts, and belted conveyors require the use of special rollers. 

Conveyor rollers are manufactured from an assortment of different rubber, metal and other materials and are available in various sizes and durability levels. The roller shape can be straight, tapered or crowned. Conveyor rollers are often grooved in order to make the gripping of conveyor belts easier. They are also often fitted with special gears or other movement control devices that allow the movement of a conveyor system to be more precise. This can be especially important during complex manufacturing processes. Rubber conveyor rollers can be made out of many materials; just a few examples are polyurethane and silicone. Each material offers slightly different qualities of strength, durability, friction and operating lifespan. Rubber conveyor rollers are usually produced by either injection or compression molding, though extrusion is also a possibility. Molding processes involve heating an elastomeric material and forming it in a mold. Extrusion also involves heating an elastomer, but instead of molding the rubber, it is forced through an extrusion die. Choosing the right conveyor roller material is important to the safe and effective operation of a conveyor system.

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Polyurethane Rollers Replace Bakery's Rubber Rollers for Long Run Production

Polyurethane Rollers Replace Bakery's Rubber Rollers for Long Run Production American Urethane is pleased to announce it has begun a production order for 23,000 polyurethane conveyor rollers for an industrial bakery client. After creating 300 conveyor roller prototypes for testing and evaluation, the client placed the production order to replace all of its existing rubber rollers which wear out frequently and interrupt production runs. The new polyurethane conveyor rollers have three times the service life of rubber rollers and are easy to clean. In addition, these polyurethane rollers are FDA... Read More