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  • Plastic Bag Recycling

    While it can still be challenging, recycling plastic bags and film is now easier to do than ever before. Many cities are collecting more and more types of materials, but not all communities recycle all types of plastic.  We recommend checking with your local recycling programs and departments to find out what types of plastic they accept before dropping off your items. Many communities accept and recycle #2 and #4 plastics. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) bags and plastic are labeled as type #2 plastic. Most plastic grocery bags, t-shirt bags,...

  • Everyday Plastic Bags

    Believe it or not most of all people come into contact with some sort or plastic bag on an everyday basis. They add convenience to daily tasks and have different roles based on what type of plastic bag it is. At home we use little plastic baggies to pack lunches. These baggies fit over a sandwich like a glove and we can also put side dishes like chips and cookies in them to complete our lunch. We also use them in our garbage cans at home. Most of these plastic...

  • Plastic To Protect Paper

    While I was in college, I worked at a glasses retail store. My job was to find the perfect glasses to fit the customer's lifestyle and personal style. The company I worked for had 4 locations in the greater Grand Rapids area, so we often called around to see if we could find a particular style in a different color or size in order to try to meet the customer's needs. If we were lucky enough to find said glasses, we would request to have them transferred over to our...

  • Details of the Anti Theft Bag

    Commercial venues that sell various products, whether food items, clothing, toys or other specialty products, must have a plan for how to deal with thefts. This is not something that might happen, but something that will happen. Methods include cameras spread out across the store and security guards placed at the entrances, although both of these can be expensive for smaller venues. A better, more subtle option, that also won't break the bank, would be to be purchase clear plastic merchandise bags, so that when customers are leaving the store...

  • Universal Plastic: Experianced Leader of Plastic Bag Manufacturing

    Universal Plastic is an industry leading supplier of custom plastic bags. These long-lasting solutions are engineered by a highly trained staff who work hard to provide you with the most ideal products for your applications. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, Universal Plastic is well-versed in creating items for those unique projects and this company utilizes state-of-the-art equipment which results in the highest quality products possible. These affordable items are reliable and this company will deliver all orders in a short amount of time. Located in Ontario, California this...

  • Plastic Bags Go Green

    by Andrea Mustine, IQS Editor I don't know if you've heard, but we are killing the earth, one non-recyclable item at a time. Fixing the damage that has been done to our planet since the dawn of the industrial age is no simple task, nor is preventing further destruction when we continue to create products that will sit in landfills for centuries instead of decomposing back into the natural cycle of life. However, in recent years society has caught on to the environmentally friendly attitude that is turning non-recyclable items...

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Clear Plastic Bags

Clear plastic bags are sacks or pouches made with transparent polymers such as low-density polyethylene and polypropylene. The general purpose of these bags, like most all plastic bags, is to store and protect items of variable shape and size from dust, moisture and other environmental factors. The use of these bags improves the shelf life of perishable food and other sensitive items such as photographs as they are acid-free and prevent evaporation and dehydration.

The particular materials used to make clear plastic bags allow one to see through the bag which promotes product visibility. For this reason clear plastic bags are common to storage applications and inventory warehouses or stock rooms as they protect goods while allowing workers or customers to preview available items without opening each individual package. As the aforementioned materials used in the development of clear plastic bags are exceedingly versatile, they allow the use of these poly bags in a number of additional applications ranging from furniture covers and plastic garment dry cleaning bags to zip-lock food grade bags and plastic merchandise bags and even museum grade archival baggies. Although the use of plastic bags is declining due to increased environmental concerns regarding their slow decomposition, clear plastic bags are still widely used in display, promotion and other applications where visibility is essential. Some manufacturers have begun manufacturing "biodegradable" clear bags made from plant-based materials to increase the relevancy of this industry.

While other methods, such as winding, casting and sheet extrusion are commonly used to create the film needed to produce clear plastic bags, blown film extrusion is the technique preferred by most manufacturers. This process begins with melting polymer resins into a viscous fluid that is then extruded through a special die. A hole in the center of the die allows cool air to be simultaneously blown into the plastic creating a bubble or tube of plastic with uniform thickness. This also cools the materials allowing the bubble to be collapsed and further processed as needed to treat, cure or create seams and seals for the bag. Low-density polyethylene, LDPE, is one of the most popular materials processed in this way to produce clear plastic bags. While many grocery and shopping bags are made of the high density form of polyethylene, low density has more strength and tear resistance. It also exhibits less branching which is the replacing of the polymer chain with other forms of the base monomer resulting in a frosted appearance. Clear bags should have as little branching as possible to remain transparent rather than simply translucent. Alternatively, polypropylene bags are also clear and relatively low in cost. Acrylics and polyester resins can also be utilized in the production of durable clear plastic bags.

Clear Plastic Bags
Clear Plastic Bags
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Clear Plastic Bags - Diversified Plastics & Packaging, Inc.

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