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  • Myrtle Beach, SC 609-397-8330, 609-397-8341

    We manufacture ceramic insulators, ceramic rods, ceramic spacers and much more! We have been manufacturing high end ceramic products for over 30 years. We have the technical staff that you can count on to work closely with you in order to come up with a custom designed product that will fit your exact specifications. Contact our customer service staff today to learn more about our company and products!

  • Pittsburgh, PA 412-406-7171

    We are a custom ceramics supplier and our ceramic insulators can stand up in many industries. Our superior manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce complex products to accommodate the heater and appliance industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with exactly what they are looking for. Call us today or visit our website for more information about our custom ceramic components!

  • Fremont, CA 510-249-9700

    The foundation of Applied Ceramics' success has developed from the long-term relationships we have built with our customers. We have experience providing ceramics insulators for industries such as oil drilling, nuclear, solar, and many more. Our company’s promise is to make a measurable contribution to our clients’ success with our exceptional products and services. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Quakertown, PA 215-536-3500

    Insaco provides custom grinding and machining services to fabricate precision parts from sapphire, quartz, and most technical ceramics including alumina, zirconia, silicon carbide, silicon nitride, aluminum nitride, and others. Engineers are available to discuss material options/alternative recommendations, as well as design concepts to help our customers minimize fabrication costs. Since 1947 Insaco has enjoyed an extremely strong reputation for reliably meeting the toughest grinding and machining requirements in working with these difficult materials.

  • Atlanta, GA 770-448-6888

    Our Versagrid® honeycomb ceramic products are custom made to your specifics. Applied Ceramics provides product in mullite, fused silica, cordierite, activated carbon and alumina ceramics. As ceramic manufacturers, our cell density runs 4-400 cells psi. We’ve been in business since 1967. Contact us.

  • Holbrook, MA 781-961-5297

    Ceramics machining and much more is what you will find at Mica-Tron Products. We have the ability to machine intricate parts in a wide variety of materials. In our state-of-the-art facility, we are able to offer single prototypes to large runs of thousands. Excellence in quality since 1959.

  • Tucson, AZ 520-547-0850

    Since our founding in 2001, as an AS 9100 certified aerospace research and development company, Advanced Ceramics Manufacturing we have become a leader in the production of ceramic components, custom ceramic fabrication and water soluble molds and tooling. We specialize in aerospace composites. Within our state of the art facility, we have an autoclave, wet-lab, metrology lab, ceramic firing ovens, QC lab, and two composite clean room.

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New Uses for Ceramic Insulators

Ceramic is a unique material because not only does it holdheat for extended periods, it is easy to manufacture and form into a variety ofshapes. In fact, ceramic insulators are so effective, that in manyapplications, if a ceramic insulator is used, there are no other factorsnecessary to keep power where it belongs.

Typical applications for a ceramic insulator is on powerlines, coaxial cable, and circuit boards. The insulators prevent problems likeEM wave reflections, shock to human users, fire hazards, power surges, andshort circuits.

With new technology, comes new uses for ceramic products andinsulators. Electrical components like transistors and ICs, are compatible withthe use of ceramic insulation. Even high voltage products like transformers andcapacitors, air insulation combined with ceramic insulating products providethe ultimate protection and insulation for the product itself and any humanusers.

When compared with other insulation methods, such assilicone, oil, and air alone, ceramic is superior in many ways. Ceramic isdurable and provides better protection than the other methods in most cases.The only drawback to using ceramic is in applications that require a largeamount of flexibility. The stiffness of ceramic makes it unsuitable forflexible applications. However, with computers, cell phones, tablets, and othersmall electronic devices, ceramic insulating products are highly efficient andreliable.

Ceramic Insulators

Ceramic insulators are ceramic materials used to insulate electrically-conductive materials or temperature-controlled enclosures. In the context of electrical insulation, ceramic insulators are usually limited to the insulation of electrically conductive materials on an industrial or municipal scale.

The most easily recognizable ceramic insulators can be found at power substations and on electrical transformers suspended from utility poles. They are called bushings and are usually designed with several conic or circular tiers stacked on top of each other. These tiers are designed to keep water as far away from the center of the bushing as possible; this reduces the number of avenues by which electricity could be conducted in the case of a bushing puncture or fracture. In the context of thermal insulation, ceramic insulators are used to help maintain the temperatures of industrial ovens, art studio kilns and many other kinds of heat-generating equipment. This improves heating process efficiency while simultaneously preventing the unwanted transmission of heat, often in unsafe degrees, into workspaces. Ceramics are often good choices for heat and electrical insulation because of the electrical and thermal non-conductivity of some ceramic varieties.

Ceramics are versatile materials and can be shaped into solid insulation of any shape. Ceramic fibers can also be spun into high temperature insulation “wool.” Ceramic wool is an excellent insulator because it is easily placed around heating enclosures and prevents heat from escaping. Ceramics vary in their electrical and thermal conductivity. Aluminum nitride and silicon carbide, for example, conduct heat well, which does not make them suitable thermal insulators. If either material was used to insulate a heating enclosure, heat generated in the enclosure would be transferred quickly to the insulation and then transferred again to the area outside of the enclosure. Aluminum oxide ceramics are fair thermal insulators and are most effectively employed in low-heat insulation applications. Silicon nitride is better still as an insulator and zirconia is among the most effective ceramic insulators, transmitting very low levels of heat between itself and heating enclosures. Another important property of ceramics related to their capacity as insulators is their low thermal shock susceptibility. Thermal shock susceptibility is the tendency of a material to become damaged when exposed to frequently or quickly changing temperatures. Most ceramics are very thermal shock-resistant.

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