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  • Guard Your Drains with a Catch Basin

    A catch basin is the ultimate tool for keeping unwanted materials, such as sludge, dirt, and other contaminates away from unwanted locations. One of the areas of any factory that requires a high level of purification is the drainage system. If a factory is not careful, especially if they deal in a high amount of silt-like materials, the drains can quickly fill and become overloaded with dirt, sludge, and other unwanted contaminants inside the drain system. One of the best ways to keep drains clear is to employ the use...

  • For Flood Control

    Catch basins are a homeowner's best friend when it rains a little too much. We all have experienced a flood before, and it is not a fun experience. Floods cause stress and can cause one to panic. I know what it's like to wake up one morning and look out the window to see my yard drowning in water, and you think to yourself: Where am I supposed to put all of this water? That's when catch basins provide a sense of relief. The cool thing about catch basins is...

  • Addressing Catch Basin Problems: The Faster the Better

    Catch basins are a vital support of any drain system, as they catch any materials that should not travel into a drain. Cities use catch basins to prevent trash, leaves, dirt and other clogging materials from getting inside the city's sewer system. Industrial factories that work with a lot of sludge-like materials also used catch basins to prevent their internal water system from clogging and breaking down. Over time, any catch basin will eventually start to break down. One of the first places that a catch basin starts to deteriorate...

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Catch Basin

A catch basin is a plastic container (such as those you can find here on IQS Directory) used to filter debris that enters drain systems. Catch basins are typically nestled into the entrance of a drain so that its top is flush with the surface, though basins with curved or arched upper filter surfaces are also used. Catch basins are important in preventing lake, river and water table pollution by stopping solid materials from clogging drainage systems or by passing through them into bodies of water.

All catch basins have two or more openings; the opening at the top allows for the collection of water and debris, though this opening often features a grid or lattice pattern to prevent the entrance of overly large debris. The other opening or openings are for the actual drained water to exit. These openings are usually covered with another filter; this can be an integral filter or a metal mesh filter that can be removed for cleaning or replacement. The bottom of the basin features a recession of variable volume which catches and holds debris that should not enter the drainage system. Catch basins are also widely used in home landscaping applications, typically at the entrance to runoff or standing water drainage systems. In that context they prevent small-scale drainage systems from becoming clogged, thereby reducing or eliminating their effectiveness.

Plastic catch basins are more lightweight and inexpensive than metal or concrete catch basins. This makes them easier to install, and for that reason they are popular in consumer drainage system applications. Plastic catch basins are created by plastic injection molding. Injection molding processes begin with a collection of raw plastic materials, or stock, loaded into a hopper. The hopper releases the stock into a conveyance channel where a long screw pushes the stock toward a mold. A mold is a cavity that, when filled with molten plastic material, creates plastic shapes. After being pressurized and heated in the conveyance channel, the molten plastic is forced into the mold where it is shaped. Then, under carefully controlled conditions, the molded plastic is allowed to cool and harden. At this point, the plastic is cleared of imperfections (if they are present) and then shipped or sent to additional processing. Plastic basins differ from other plastic containers in that once they are installed, they are intended to function permanently. Unless they are damaged by shifting soil, vehicles passing overhead or if they fail for another reason, they continue to serve their single purpose indefinitely.

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