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  • Cranbury, NJ

    As a leader in the plastic container & plastic food container industry, Rahway Steel Drum Company supplies plastic storage containers, plastic shipping containers & more, to be used for regulated & non-regulated liquid & solid packaging. Choose from our many sizes from 1 quart to 330 gallons. For 60 years we have been a plastic container distributor of lightweight, space saving, bulk containers.

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  • Chicago, IL

    We have set a standard in our industry. You can count on us to handle all of your requests and we are striving to forge a long-lasting relationship with your business. Our company are the experts at plastic containers and we can successfully recondition all of your fiber, steel and plastic drums. Our teams can specialize any order to meet your application’s demands!

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  • Venice, IL

    Container Distributors offers a solution for all of your plastic container needs, including all sizes of new and reconditioned plastic containers, as well as steel and fibre drums. We also carry a wide range of cubic yard boxes and IBC/totes. We specialize in plastic containers for environmental hazardous waste and material disposal. For more information about our plastic containers, call us today or visit our website!

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  • Oak Brook, IL

    Mauser has over a century of experience providing quality plastic and metal drums and IBC's. We offer a wide selection of open head and tight head drums from 15 to 65 gallons, and IBC's from 160 to 330 gallons. Call Mauser for your Industrial Packaging Solutions!

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  • Winfield, KS

    For the past 30 years, Western Industries has been manufacturing plastic containers for a variety of industries, and fulfilling the needs for businesses large and small. At our 350,000 square-foot manufacturing campus, we have the technology and the expertise to manufacture plastic containers of all shapes and sizes, defect-free. We are a customer-centric company, and we aim to make a positive impact on our clients’ applications by working with them from the designing stage to the final product.

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Plastic Tubs Industry Information

Plastic Tubs

Plastic tubs are among the larger varieties of plastic containers. The term “tub” is traditionally referred to the containers in the shape of the latter.

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Design of Plastic Tubs

Plastic tubs can come in a broad range of sizes and configurations. They can vary in shape from that of a plastic bottle or jar, to a large container the size of a typical plastic tote. Like plastic totes, these tubs have a thick structure, are designed to be highly protective of fragile items, and are made to store items long-term. Plastic jars and bottles are commonly used for shipping and short-term storage of items. In consumer contexts, they are often thrown away after consumption.

Names of Plastic Tubs

A medium to large-sized container can either be referred to as a plastic tub, a plastic bin, or a plastic storage container. Sometimes, the name of the container can vary depending on the industry that uses them. For instance, order pickers in a warehouse setting may refer to the containers as “bins,” food distribution businesses may refer to them as tubs, and the medical industry may refer to them as plastic containers.

Although the names differ, the containers are all fundamentally the same. They are typically manufactured via the blow molding process and can be made from either high-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Depending on their intended function, plastic tubs can be designed in varying colors, shapes, and sizes. They can also feature sealing or interlocking lids to make transportation easier.

Manufacturing Process of Plastic Tubs

For every type of plastic container, the blow molding process is similar.

  • All blow molding processes start with the collection of plastic resin or stock.
  • The stock is placed into a hopper that transfers the material into a conveyance channel, which features heating elements and a screw mechanism that applies heat and pressure to the stock, respectively.
  • The combination of heat and pressure melts the stock down to a liquid state.
  • The liquefied stock is then transferred to a mold cavity that resembles the shape of the final product.
  • The melted plastic fills a large mold cavity where it takes the mold’s shape.
  • Once the mold is completely filled, compressed air is forced into a specific area of the cavity, which causes the design to hollow out and take the final shape of the tub.
  • After the plastic is shaped, it is left to cool and solidify.
  • Once solid, the plastic is removed from the mold cavity.
  • Imperfections are then eliminated from the products if necessary, and the product is either shipped or sent off to undergo additional processing.

Plastic Tub Customization

Color Coding

When different types of items are shipped together in large truckloads, expert coordination is required. Oftentimes, a manufacturing company will have to ship inventory, including millions of unique small parts that must be kept separated and properly identified for the convenience of both the customer receiving the items and the workers who deliver them. There has been a dramatic improvement in inventory management with the introduction of color-coded tubs. Therefore, many manufacturers of plastic tubs offer color coding services as a customization option.


Labeling is another customization option. From a simple logo to full-color photographic images, many industries use these services in order to make their brands of products identifiable to consumers and to stand out from competitors. Labels on a plastic tub can be either:

  • Printed
  • In-Mold

Manufacturers who offer printing services use substrates that can withstand various extreme conditions such as moisture, refrigeration, and dampness.

In-mold labeling or IML is integrated into the mold itself, making the label an actual piece of the final product’s structure. IML machines are capable of seamlessly and permanently securing a label to a container side wall using a heat-activated bond. This method eliminates the concern of the label peeling, blistering, or curling once applied to the tub’s surface. The in-mold labeling process originated in Europe and is increasing in popularity in North America, whose market usually requires higher run volumes. The larger the runs, the less flexible the equipment can be, but technological advancements have been made to improve the speed and performance of IML machines.

If you are looking to make your plastic tubs unique, customization coloring and printing services are highly recommended.

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