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  • Stepping Into the Future With Touch Screen Technology

    Touch screens, as pieces of complicated electronic equipment, are as integrated into our everyday lives as the computer. When once the stuff of science fiction, controlling parts of your home through a membrane switch covered by a touch screen is pretty commonplace now. Some homes even have whole control panels from which the homeowner can monitor the goings on inside and outside the home, whether it be security cameras, lighting, sound, or heating and cooling. My friends recently had an adventure in touch screen technology, as they had the control...

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    Home appliances have evolved immensely over even the last ten years, going from basic refrigerators and freezers that keep your food cold and frozen, to machines with computers possibly more complicated than your old desktop model. Computers have evolved as well, and have been married to appliances in new and fascinating ways. It's nearly impossible today to buy a kitchen appliance that doesn't have a computer of some kind in it, and often the computer present in the appliance adds to its buyability. Where the computer in the appliance used...

  • Understanding Capacitive Touch Screens

    Some companies that are in the business of manufacturing membrane switches and graphic overlays also produce or supply capacitive touch screen interfaces to supplement their product lines. Capacitive touch screens bear some similarities to membrane switches in that they are not composed of individual keys or buttons. Instead, they are self-contained, single-surface electronic interfaces. Aside from that similarity, the relationship between membrane switches and capacitive switches is characterized primarily by differences. Membrane switches, graphic overlays and switch membranes are very useful tools in many contexts. They can be overlaid above...

  • Rapid Keypads Produces Keypad to Help Man with ALS Communicate Again

    A man suffering from Amytrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) found that he needed the aid of a communicative device as the degenerative disease caused paralysis in much of his body, including his vocal chords. He had been using his finger to press a button to call for help when he needed it, but as he lost strength in his finger this task became too difficult as well. His nurses recognized this as a serious problem and one of them contacted Rapid Keypads for a solution. She explained the situation and wondered...

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Capacitive Touch Screen

Capacitive touch screens are electronic interfaces that transmit commands based on the location of their users' fingers in connection with a capacitive matrix. In this way they differ from switches, which have to be individually pressed in order to transmit signals.

Electrical engineers discovered the many advantages to capacitive coupling technology, which developed into a network of sensors that could be accessed through the use of a conductive stylus, such as a human finger. In essence, this type of touch screen works because the electrical charge from a finger or similar object may access and engage a computer program, allowing various options to be chosen and new options to pop up in response. A basic description of common capacitive touch screen involves surface capacitance, which means that only one side of the product, such as a thick glass screen, is covered with a conductive substance. Other varieties of application are also used, such as the etched conductive layer of projected capacitance. Certain types of plastic may also be used as the base screen, while the conductive substance is commonly a solution of indium tin oxide; this liquid dries clear when applied in a thin layer while still retaining a high electrical conductivity. Other varieties of coating are also used in capacitive touch screens, although not as often as the liquid already mentioned.

Capacitive touch screens are found in a variety of environments. Banks utilize them for ATM services, enabling individuals to access their accounts and practice transfers, deposits and withdrawals with their fingertips. Many grocery stores now have self check-out lines that utilize capacitive touch screens, allowing customers to purchase objects that can not be self scanned, such as fruit, through interacting with the screen. These touch screens are also the faces of smartphones such as iphones and blackberrys, and are therefore being carried through every industrial and commercial setting in the world. Other touch screen technologies are also utilized in today’s market, such as resistive touch screens that utilize membrane switches and infrared touch screens. Infrared touch screens employ an x and y axis based program accessed by the breaking of infrared lights through touching the screen. Where on the grid the light is disturbed is processed by way of the x y axis, linking to the next screen or series of options. Touch switches are the membrane switch touch screens that involve pressure to enact the proper response on a screen, since the electrical charge that tells the computer program what to do require two thin metal layers within the screen to connect. All of these programs have positive and negative qualities, therefore giving touch screen producers many options for production.

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