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  • Cranbury, NJ

    For over 60 years, Rahway Steel Drum Company has been a reliable supplier of 55 gallon drums and drum services. We supply containers from 1 quart to 330 gallons in quantities from 1 to over 100,000. Our drums hold petroleum, chemicals, paint food products and more. There are no limits to what the Rahway Steel Drum family of companies can provide. Contact us for more information.

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  • Venice, IL

    Container Distributors, Inc. is your single source for all your industrial barrel needs. We have specialized in containers for environmental hazardous waste and material disposal for over 65 years. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable customer service staff, timely deliveries, and wide range of in-stock plastic and steel barrels.

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  • Chicago, IL

    Jakacki Bag & Barrel is the largest nationwide dealer for 55 gallon drums. Since 1942, we have sold 55 gallon drums of all assortments. We emphasize high quality customer service & are dedicated to our drums. In addition to our drums, Jakacki Bag & Barrel offers an environmentally friendly drum disposal service. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your barrel & drum needs.

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  • Somerset, NJ

    Since 1947, General Container has specialized in a mixture of 55 gallon drums, a full line of boxes, shipping supplies and thousands of other industrial packaging and container products. This industry leader has the market's most knowledgeable customer service reps, a vast product offering, no minimum order, online ordering and volume discounts. Contact us today for more information.

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  • Capitol Heights, MD

    Since 1918, James T. Warring Sons has been distributing new and reconditioned industrial drums, steel drums, fibre drums, plastic drums and industrial containers. We also offer plastic barrels and other products for nursery applications, as well as oak kegs and barrels for the winery industry.

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  • Oak Brook, IL

    Mauser has over a century of experience providing quality plastic and metal drums and IBC's. We offer a wide selection of open head and tight head drums from 15 to 65 gallons, and IBC's from 160 to 330 gallons. Call Mauser for your Industrial Packaging Solutions!

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Barrel Manufacturers Industry Information

Industrial Barrel Manufacturers

Industrial barrels, also known as industrial drums, are hollow, cylindrical containers used in many industries for either shipping or storage. Depending on the materials and configuration applied to them, industrial barrels can hold any liquid, from water to chemicals or petroleum, and an unquantifiable amount of solid goods. For the best results, potential customers will take the time to consult with a set of knowledgeable barrel manufacturers. Typically, barrel manufacturers offer a number of different materials and configurations, and so, are able to work with customers to find the best fit for them.

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Materials Used in Industrial Barrel Manufacturing

The most common barrel materials offered by barrel manufacturers are metals (e.g., steel), plastics, and thick paperboard. Steel barrels, colloquially known in the USA as 55-gallon drums, are specifically made from either carbon or stainless steel. Carbon steel can also simply be called “steel,” as it is the standard type of steel. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is strengthened with the addition of chromium. Quite often, a steel used for barrel fabrication is first cold-rolled. Cold-rolled steel is any type of steel that has been rolled at room temperature, a procedure that hardens it without compromising its crystalline structure. Barrel manufacturers recommend the use of carbon steel barrels for applications in the wastewater, chemical processing, petroleum and medical industries. Properly manufactured stainless steel is typically FDA-approved and corrosion resistant, and thus, barrel manufacturers extend the list of stainless steel barrel uses to settings in which easy sanitation is required, such as in laboratories and dental offices, and to applications in the architecture, industrial manufacturing and food and beverage worlds, where high corrosion resistance is important. If a steel barrel has been cold-rolled, it can additionally be used in defense or mining, where its high tensile strength will come in handy. Common plastics used by barrel manufacturers to create plastic barrels include high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polystyrene, nylon and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). These plastics all exhibit varying levels of corrosion resistance and are fairly durable. They are a good choice for the transportation of acidic and caustic materials, though they cannot handle flammable or radioactive waste. Barrel manufacturers can also outfit them for filtration, mixing and dispensing purposes, and they enjoy secondary applications as rain/water collectors, compost bins, barricades and buoys for floating docks. Finally, barrels made of paper, commonly known as fiber drums, are an inexpensive, recyclable alternative to metal and plastic barrels. Lightweight and surprisingly durable, they are offered to facilitate both the transportation and the storage of of solid, powder and liquid goods and materials related to the adhesive, chemical processing, food and beverage, paint and pharmaceutical industries.

Industrial Barrel Customization

Barrel manufacturers offer products with both major types of barrel tops, the open top and the welded top. Open top barrels have lids that are either hinged or fully removable, while welded top barrels have, as their name suggests, lids that are welded to them. Other variable features that barrel manufacturers offer include reinforcing rings called chimes, bung holes, mechanical ring clamps and internal coatings. The standard international barrel size is 55 gallons, or 44 imperial gallons. In the US, barrel manufacturers sell 30 gallon drums as well.

Industrial Barrel Standards and Compliance

Before purchasing or ordering industrial barrels, potential customers should make sure they know any and all standards or regulations associated with their application. If they are shipping material from within the United States to another country, for example, customers should be aware of the performance and construction regulations put forth by the UN, the country to which they are shipping their goods and the carrier they are using. Equipped with this knowledge, they will be better able to confer with barrel manufacturers to find the right fit for them. If they are interested and their application allows it, barrel manufacturers may also be able to offer a customer reconditioned drums at a lower price. To find out more, contact a reputable barrel manufacturer today.

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