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  • Cranbury, NJ 800-260-3786

    For over 60 years, Rahway Steel Drum Company has been a reliable supplier of 55 gallon drums and drum services. We supply containers from 1 quart to 330 gallons in quantities from 1 to over 100,000. Our drums hold petroleum, chemicals, paint food products and more. There are no limits to what the Rahway Steel Drum family of companies can provide. Contact us for more information.

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  • Venice, IL 800-366-5098

    Container Distributors, Inc. is your one source for 55 gallon drums. With specializing in containers for environmental hazardous waste and material disposal for over 65 years, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable customer service staff, timely deliveries, and wide range of in-stock items. We at Container Distributors, Inc look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Chicago, IL 800-760-3786

    Jakacki Bag & Barrel is the largest nationwide dealer for 55 gallon drums. Since 1942, we have sold 55 gallon drums of all assortments. We emphasize high quality customer service & are dedicated to our drums. In addition to our drums, Jakacki Bag & Barrel offers an environmentally friendly drum disposal service. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your barrel & drum needs.

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  • Evansville, IN 800-355-3786

    O’Bryan Barrel Company is committed to providing the best drum reconditioning, recycling and manufacturing services to our customers by offering quick & accurate solutions to the most complex situations. We distribute new and reconditioned containers, including steel drums, plastic drums, fiber drums, wooden drums, drum accessories & more, for a multitude of industrial applications. Eco-Friendly!

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  • Delaware, OH 740-549-6000

    The worldwide leader in industrial shipping container products offers a complete line of drums, including stainless steel drums, storage barrels, fibre drums, plastic drums and open head drums. Since 1877, Greif® has established 185 operating locations in over 40 countries.

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businessIndustry Information

Burn Barrel

Overview of the Problem of Disposing of Trash

Disposal of garbage and waste in remote areas requires careful consideration and planning. Without the convenience of weekly trash collection, solutions for dumping and disposing trash can be complicated requiring a great deal of time and frustration. In pioneer days, settlers buried their trash in the woods or left it for animals to eat. Though there may be land available for this, it is the least likely option in modern society due to ordinances and regulations regarding chemical and hazardous waste. A second possibility would be to load barrels of trash on a truck and taking it to the local dump to be plowed into a landfill. This would be costly since there is a charge for the service depending on the amount and weight of the waste as well as a fee for the use of the facility. Also, the cost has been rising steadily in recent years. Another option would be to incinerate the waste. All that would be left in this case is a pile of ashes that can easily be buried.

How Trash Can Be Burned

Most country homeowners choose the burning solution to solve their waste disposal problems. It is convenient, fast, and easy, once it is properly installed. On the surface, the idea seems to be the most logical and cost effective. The owner avoids the hassle of loading a truck or digging a hole that could contaminate the water table. On closer examination, it is a bit more complicated than it sounds.

When deciding to burn trash, the first inclination may be to pile it in a heap at the back of the property and set it on fire. Using some form of an accelerant, the trash would immediately be set ablaze. This would be a most unwise decision. A fire in the open can be unsafe and get out of control very rapidly. Unless the person setting it is highly experienced in managing something of this nature, things will get very nasty very quickly.

Creation and Design of a Burn Barrel

The best and safest way for using incineration as a solution is a burn barrel that makes the whole process easy and efficient. Burn barrels are made from used or new 55 gallon drums modified to burn household trash. Most country homeowners construct their own barrel customizing it to fit their individual needs.

The process of designing a burn barrel begins with a drum that can be purchased at a variety of places. It should be made of steel and be cleaned of any contaminates such as chemicals or cleaners from prior use. Hardware stores, car washes, insulation companies, or landfills are good places to get one for free. If there is a concern regarding what was stored in used drums, new or recycled ones can be purchased in several places.

Once you have a barrel or drum, it is important to put holes in it to allow air to flow freely into the barrel during burning. This will supply sufficient ventilation for the igniting of the waste material and keeping it burning. Without it, the weight of the trash would continually suffocate the flames requiring multiple restarts. Twenty or more holes at varying heights all around the drum will provide proper air flow.

The Cover for a Burn Barrel

The next step is to create a cover for the drum when it is in use. It should fit loosely and have holes drilled in it as well. This will prevent burning trash from floating out of the barrel during incineration. The cover should be bent so that smoke and air can escape to avoid the buildup of heat and pressure. An additional cover, made from steel siding or roofing, will be needed to place on the barrel when it is not in use. It should be tightly secured with ties or cables to keep it in place during inclement or windy weather.

Creating a Place for the Burn Barrel

It is important that the barrel be placed on a stable platform made from cinder blocks or bricks. When placed on the platform, the barrel should be raised six to twelve inches off the ground allowing air flow underneath but be secure enough to avoid tipping or teetering. Most 55 gallon drums are heavy enough to set solidly on any surface but can tip in unstable conditions. Multiple tests from various angles would be a wise precaution to ensure a firm foundation.

Separating the Trash to Be Burned or Composted

To ensure a safe and careful burning of waste, it is important to classify and categorize what is to be burned. This process begins in the kitchen. Food scraps should be placed in a compost pile, which is another possible use of a 55 gallon drum. Hazardous materials such as cleaners, paints, and other chemicals must be taken to the local hazardous waste disposal location. All other combustible materials should be placed in a bag for the burn barrel.

When burning waste, it is important to place one bag at a time in the container. This will help avoid too much smoke and irritating odors. The proper disposal of trash in a burn barrel takes time and patience with careful attention to safety. When done properly, it is the perfect solution for people living in isolated areas.