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  • Middletown, CT

    Liquid filters are just a part of our complete line of filters and cartridges. Shelco is dedicated to providing our customers with excellent quality customer service and high quality products. This is shown through our state-of-the-art research and development team working to increase performance while reducing costs. We take pride in the fact that Shelco filters are distributed and used all over the world in a wide range of high-purity applications.

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  • Tempe, AZ

    SpectraPure® manufactures water purification products for marine research centers, universities, public aquariums and government agencies. Products include water filter systems, water purifier filters, reverse osmosis water filters, carbon filters, membranes, DI cartridges, bulk resin and more.

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    Clean Liquid Systems is a leading manufacturer of air and liquid filters. Our number one priority is to create the best filters that match the needs of our customers. We strive to have a fast turnaround while not reducing the quality of our products. Filtration is the only thing we do and ensure that we make our products right. We provide our customers with hundreds of years of experience and great prices to keep them competitive.

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  • Troy, MI

    We carry over 70,000 American made hydraulic filters by Mahle, Pall, Western, Filtersoft, Vickers, etc. Replace old filters with our better-made ones for filtering systems that produce cleaner fluids. Over 3 decades of experience equals superior products, ease of ordering & budget-friendly pricing.

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Bag Filters Industry Information

Bag Filters

Bag filters are one type of many types of filters, which are simply filter media-filled receptacles through which gases and/or liquids are passed in order to remove contaminants from their midst. Bag filters in particular typically work with liquids. The filter materials used to stop any substances larger than liquid particles from passing through them include a number of different fabrics, plastics and metals. Examples include: fiberglass, wire mesh, various synthetic materials and paper. Bag filters are strain and clean liquids to the benefit of many different applications, including wastewater treatment, industrial water filtering, pool filtration, aquarium filtration and hydraulics. In applications related to hydraulics, they strain and clean lubrication oils in hydraulic systems, in order to save them from the system failure that could arise from the presence of impurities. Hydraulic bag filters are used in industries such as agriculture, automotive, construction, industrial machining and manufacturing and military and defense.

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Design of Bag Filters

Bag filters, also known as baghouses or fabric filters, are composed fairly simply, typically just long, cylindrical bags, accompanied by various styles of supports and housings. Housings are quite diverse. They may be built to hold just one or many bag filters at once, and they may or may not be equipped with lids. Lid types are also varietal; they may clamp shut, bolt shut or they may be sealed onto the housing itself. In addition, lids that can be lifted can either be hinged or completely removable. Bag filter housings are typically made out of durable materials like stainless steel. Depending on their configuration, bag filters can also be accompanied by components like: collection hoppers, compressors, fans, cleaning devices, discharge devices and timing units. The bag component of bag filters may be made from a number of different materials, though typically, it is made either from some sort of non-woven, felted or membraned material, or some sort of woven material. Woven materials are always made into a pattern, such as a plain weave, a sateen weave or a twill weave. Bag filters are also available in different configurations, which are determined based on their cleaning methods. These configurations include reverse air, mechanical shaker and pulse jet, or reverse jet bag filters.

Selecting Bag Filter Media

Bag filter media is selected based on a number of different factors, including the filter’s desired level of porousness and the desired speed at which fluids will pass through it. Note that the permeability of filter media dictates what size particles can and cannot pass through the bag. Likewise, the permeability of the filter media sets the speed at which fluids can flow through the bag. In other words, the greater the permeability of the media, the faster the flow of the fluid. Filter media compositions can also be composed with other application requirements in mind, such as the needs of aquariums, which must only use filters that are non-toxic, corrosion resistant and non-reactive. For their purposes, aquarium bag filters are often made from 100 micron propylene felt. This synthetic fiber felt can filter out contaminants without adding new ones, thus safeguarding instead of compromising the home of marine life. In addition to propylene, other common bag filter media compositions include: polypropylene, melt-blown polypropylene, polyester, activated polyester, activated carbon and nylon monofilament.

Bag Filter Customization

Bag filter customers have many options when it comes to their configuration and composition of their bag filters. When they are making decisions, they should consider the following: desired flow rate, size of the particles to be filtered out, projected pressure drop range, projected temperatures and opacity. Factors such as these help manufacturers determine design variables such as: air-to-cloth ratio, filter drag, pressure drop collection efficiency. To discuss your specifications with a manufacturer and get started on the creation of your bag filters, reach out to one of the excellent manufacturers listed on this page.

Bag Filters and Sustainability

Liquid and gaseous filtration is an incredibly important aspect of the health of many different processes in many different industries. Liquid filtration does not just prevent systems from malfunctioning, nor does it just keep contaminants out of the air and water. Rather, it is so effective that it can transform liquids from one grade of usage to another. In other words, it promotes sustainability. For example, when waste vegetable oil is sent through a bag filter, it can be converted from an unusable waste source to a usable fuel source. As filtration methods continue to improve, sustainable fuels, not sourced from fossils, will continue to become cleaner, more efficient and more accessible to the general public. Bag filters can also be applied to applications such as beer brewing, coolant filtration, reverse osmosis (RO) and the cooling of water tower water.

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