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  • Gladwin Tank: High Quality Pressure Vessels

    ASME Pressure Vessels Gladwin Tank Manufacturing had humble beginnings, starting out as one man's dream, but has grown into an industry leader over the years. We started out constructing refuge dumpsters in an old dairy building. Now we operate out of our own fabrication plant and are now an industry leader in ASME pressure vessels. We have been in the pressure tank business since 1974 and have the experience that you can count on. Read More......

  • B.E. Peterson Inc: Pressure Vessel Specialists

    ASME Pressure Vessels B.E. Peterson, Inc. has been a full service metal fabrication company since 1935. Our company is located in Avon, Massachusetts, and known around the world for being a specialist in pressure vessel fabrication and design. Read more......

  • Pressure Vessel Manufacturers

    Manufacturing pressure vessels is a tricky business and nobody knows that better than the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), an organization of professionals that promotes the art, science and practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe , which is fancy talk for a group of experts who have been appointed by the US government to make the rules regarding how things such as pressure vessels need to be designed, manufactured and maintained. These rules, like all rules, are put in place to keep working conditions safe...

  • Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators, LLC: Pressure Vessels

    ASME Pressure Vessels Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators, LLC is one of the leading fabricators of pressure vessels, storage tanks, and reactors in the country. Our focus is on quality, service, on time deliveries, and customer loyalty and we know those are key to our success in the industry. We are leaders in ASME pressure vessel construction and want to provide individualized, high quality service to each and every customer we work with. Read more......

  • Decoding ASME Pressure Vessels

    Life is dangerous, unpredictable and many times too big and powerful for us to know how to handle on our own. Without getting into big government versus small government or political points of contention of any kind, I would imagine we can all agree that it is important for there to be systems of rules and regulations to keep us safe. One example of something in our world that is potentially dangerous and unpredictable is a pressure vessel. A pressure vessel is, as its name indicates, a container which holds...

  • Steam Drums Pressure Vessels Manufactured by BEPeterson for Coating / Converting Manufacturing Equipment

    BEPeterson supplied ten (10) ASME Stainless Steel steam drum pressure vessels to a coating / converting company as part of a new piece of manufacturing equipment. The drums will allow the material to travel over the surface and aid in cooling and proper processing temperature. The vessel dimensions were 24" OD x 72" OAL. The drums material of construction was 304 Stainess Steel. The ASME pressure vessels were designed to 14.8 psi @ 250° F. BEPeterson offers mechanical design and fabrication of steam drums and pressure vessels manufactured in...

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ASME Pressure Vessels

ASME pressure vessels are approved in all aspects and regularly inspected by the American Society of Mechanical Engines. ASME is an engineering board that sets codes and standards for mechanical devices to improve their safety and prevent deadly and costly accidents. The codes and standards for high pressure vessels set by ASME consist of three different divisions, which are based on psi level.

ASME is not the only standard-setting authority for pressure vessels, but it is by far the most widely known and accepted, ensuring an expected level of consistency throughout pressure vessel manufacturing. Pressure vessels or pressure tanks hold fluids, gases and vapors at pressure levels greater than that of atmospheric pressure. Therefore, great care must be taken in manufacturing pressure vessels, or a leak, crack or flaw could result in flying shrapnel, fires or a large explosion. The ASME's standards are required by law in almost every state and are recognized world wide. Many different industries adhere to ASME standards when designing, building and using pressure vessels, including the chemical manufacturing, medical product manufacturing, heating, agricultural, brewery, liquid filtration, vacuum pump systems and polystyrene manufacturing. Each of these pressure vessel aspects must meet the ASME regulation or standard.

The ASME standards affect every part of pressure vessel design and fabrication. They control the quality of design, drafting standards, design calculations, material control, fabrication tolerances, machining, testing, inspection, calibration and records retention. After a pressure vessel has been manufactured and is ready to use, a certain amount of responsibility falls in the hands of the company running the vessel. They must periodically check for damage and repairs, including leaks, cracks and ruptured seams. If any damage is noticed, only a qualified welder may carry out the repairs and it should be done immediately as there could be disastrous results as a result of built-up pressure. Extensive information about the pressure vessel, including its psi, must be displayed on the vessel's exterior in plain site at all times. Installation of a new pressure vessel must also be approved by the ASME. During the tank examination, inspectors check things like the O-ring seal strength, vacuum closure standards and make sure it is operating at the appropriate psi. Often, the detailed and thorough inspection of a pressure vessel requires dismantling the entire tank. The quality of an ASME tank affects everyone who comes into contact with it, whether they design, manufacture, install, inspect, maintain or work with pressure vessels on a daily basis, therefore it is important that standards are maintained.

ASME Pressure Vessels
ASME Pressure Vessels
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ASME Pressure Vessels - Midwest Imperial Steel Fabricators, LLC

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