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  • City of Industry, CA

    Our motto is to provide our customers with the tools they need as soon as possible. That is why we offer same-day shipping on most of our in-stock products. Need something customized? We can get that started on the same business day, too! There is no need to worry about waiting a long time to get your artist brushes or any other brush that you need. Contact us today to learn more!

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  • Delafield, WI

    With a 64,000 square feet facility, Tanis has a vast amount of different brushes one of which includes artist brushes. Our manufacturing team can assist you to engineer, design & recommend the proper construction for your application. With so many options, our customers always find what they are searching for. Stop by our site & see why we are the company to fulfill your brushing requirements.

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  • Albertson, NY

    Our company is committed to the quality delivery of all products, because we know how important performance is to our customers. We believe that even the humblest of tools can make a difference, and our artist brushes attest to that fact. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is what has kept us in business for over 100 years. Visit us online to learn more!

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  • Richmond, IN

    At Sealeze, we have provided a broad variety of brush solutions for a multitude of industries. In addition to a wide range of products, we work closely with our clients and commit ourselves to finding a solution to their problems. Our innovative approach to finding these solutions and our dedication to quality customer service has made us a leader in our industry. Contact Sealeze today and tell us what we can do for you!

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  • Omaha, NE

    Some people say science is an art, which is why we stock artist brushes in addition to boring cleaning brushes. Our products outshine the competition, thanks in part, to their superior construction. We want our customers to be happy with us, which is why we offer thousands of stock designs in addition to customized projects. Find us online and get a quote for your project today!

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  • Pomona, CA

    Founded in 1979, West Coast Brush has created an enterprise based on ingenuity, innovation, versatility & self-determination in bringing their experience & widespread vision to service their customer requirements. Our company offers artist brushes in various dimensions & forms. At this time, West Coast Brush doesn’t offer online ordering, feel free to contact the sales for any inquires.

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For Better Brush Ideas, Look to Gordon Brush Manufacturing Company

Artist Brushes Manufacturing industrial brushes since 1951, Gordon Brush Manufacturing Company has become the leader in industrial, custom, and specialty brushes for industries around the world. As an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company, Gordon Brush Manufacturing ensures that our brushes meet and exceed the high standards of industry brushes. We serve commercial, aerospace, military and electronics industries world-wide, producing 15,000 different brushes. Read More...... Read More

Traditional Artists to Makeup Artists

Although most men will not be able to see it, applying make up is really its own art. It takes a steady hand, skill and of course, the right tools. And while most men might hear the term artist brush manufacturers' and think only of artists that paint, women can picture a lot more. We can not only see they typical artist uses, but makeup artists as well. Think about the movies you have seen recently. All of the men and women look flawless, thanks to makeup. Then there are... Read More

Wall Painting and Other Uses for Brushes

My new project coming up in a couple of weeks painting the living room. Since we moved in, the room has been a khaki/cream color and it is time for a change! Although I haven't decided on a color yet, I have been thinking purple or possibly gray . However, what I need first, before the paint itself, is the perfect brush for the job. Brushes can come in all shapes, sizes and materials. They can also be used for all kinds of projects, from painting the walls to artistry... Read More

The Artist's Touch and Artist Brushes

Artists have a way of finding magic in the everyday world. They have a gift that allows them to take something ordinary and make it breathtaking. A talented artist can make you really open your mind, and begin to think and feel for what their art stands for. Not everyone is meant to be an artist, but those who are should embrace it and share their gift with the world. To do this, they need the best tools. For painters, this means artist brushes, usually hair bristle brushes that have... Read More

Braun Brush Company: Specialty Brushes For Every Industry

Brushes Braun Brush Company has over 139 years of successful brush manufacturing and this company is proud to say we are one of the oldest family owned manufacturers in the United States. Our company understands the importance of specialty designed brushes which is why we work hard to create these tools with our customers' applications in mind. Read More...... Read More


COMMERCE, CA - October 1, 2013. Gordon Brush is proud to announce that the company has received a Certificate of Appreciation for providing quality American made products from the Honorable Cristina Garcia, Member of the California State Assembly, 58th District, California State Legislature.              Company President and CEO, Ken Rakusin, says, "It is a great honor to receive this commendation. We have had to work extremely hard, make sacrifices, and find creative ways compete with other countries who undercut us so that we can be profitable within... Read More

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Artist Brushes

Artist brushes are high quality brushes that serve a variety of artistic and industrial applications. Offering many benefits, artistic brushes have the ability to form a sharp tip, which allows for precisely placed painting media. In addition, artistic brushes have the ability to hold and dispense paint predictably, which allows for excellent control of paint flow. Since many of the benefits of artistic brushes are derived from their bristles, high quality bristle materials are required.

For a quality artist brush, proper bristles must be available. Common bristle materials include camel hair, red sable hair, china bristle, nylon, polyester, goat hair, hog hair, black sable ox hair, Taklon, squirrel hair and gold nylon. Hair bristles offer high elasticity and ensure that the brush will return to its original shape after each stroke. Typical applications of artist paint brushes include painting, lettering, photo retouching, lacquering, graphic arts, fine scroll work, line detail and marking. Not only for art and industrial applications, additional industries that benefit from artistic brushes include electronics, ceramics, education, dental and cosmetics. In electronics fabrication and repair, artist brushes can be excellent cleaning tools because of the precision and gentleness with which they can remove dirt from sensitive electronics. Art paint brushes work particularly well with paints such as acrylic paint, oil paint and water colors. However, different bristle materials work best with different media.

There are five main types of artist brushes: flat brushes, bright brushes, round brushes, Filbert brushes and sable brushes. In flat brushes the shape of the brush is relatively wide but not very thick. In addition, flat brushes can have either long or short bristles. A flat brush can produce both broad brushstrokes and thin brushstrokes. Also, flat brushes work best with oil, acrylics and alkyd media. Bright brushes have the same brush shape as a flat brush but typically have shorter bristles. Bright brushes create short, controlled brush stroke and work best with heavy paints such as oils. Round brushes can be either fat or fine brushes. Fat round brushes produce thick brush strokes, while fine round brushes work well for outlining and detail painting. Round brushes are greatly affected by hand pressure and provide excellent control of oil and other heavy paints. Filbert brushes are highly versatile thick brushes with an oval-shaped top edge and flat ferrule, which is the metal band that holds the bristles to the handle. With bristle lengths ranging from medium to long, Filbert brushes work best with watercolors and washes. Sable brushes are made from sable hairs and come in all brush shapes. Sable brushes are much softer and leave a smoother brush stroke than bristle brushes, but they wear out more quickly and are much more expensive.

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