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  • City of Industry, CA

    As leaders in the industry, Gordon Brush brings together an array of stock brush options, capability for custom design, high-quality materials, and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. Included in our inventory are miniature brushes, with enough options to suit your most specific need. We also offer customization and design options for endless brush options. Please contact us today for more information or to place an order!

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  • Stow, OH

    Offering both standard inventory and custom options, Spiral Brushes, Inc. strives to provide the best quality brushes at affordable prices. We work to manufacture with exceptional quality, using the latest technology, and deliver products in a timely manner. Our commitment to customers extends beyond purchase and throughout the lifetime of our reliable products. For quality brushes and accountable service, trust Spiral Brushes, Inc.

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  • Cedar Grove, NJ

    With vast options for customization, Jenkins Brush Company has the experience and manufacturing capacity to produce just the right brush for your application. Offering varying dimensions in both length and brush circumference, as well as differing brush materials to choose from, allow our customer service professionals to guide you to just the right product. Please contact us today for more information or to place an order!

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  • Richmond, IN

    Since our founding in the 1970’s, Sealeze has provided brush solutions for a multitude of industries. Our brush products can be found on applications ranging from machine tools to conveyor guides. We make sure to make our brushes as customizable as possible so they are tailored to your exact specifications. To learn more about the available materials and sizes of our brushes, contact Sealeze today and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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  • Fairfield, NJ

    Since 1946 The Industrial Brush Company, Inc. has been in the brush industry, watching manufacturing processes and technology evolve into today’s market. We know the brush business and strive to maintain the most current production techniques and equipment. Our commitment to innovation has kept us on the forefront of the market and ensures our customers with satisfactory and reliable products for years to come.

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  • Omaha, NE

    Justman Brush Company offers a full line of stock brushes, as well as manufactures custom brushes to meet your specifications. With high-quality materials and versatility in design, we provide the right brush for your application. From our vast customizable options you can choose bristle material type, wire handle weave and design, as well as brush dimensions. Allow us to fulfill your brush need today!

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  • Albertson, NY

    Braun Brush Company has the widest online selection of brush design in the business. As industry leaders, we strive to bring our customers reliable, high-quality products at affordable rates. Our specialty is custom brushes, specially manufactured to meet your exact specifications. Our experience, in combination with dedication to quality, has established Braun Brush Company as a renowned brush manufacturer. Trust us with your order today!

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  • Pomona, CA

    With superior customer service and reliable products, trust West Coast Brush Mfg., Inc. with all your industrial brush needs. With customizable options and certified, high-quality materials, we bring about the best products in the industry. We utilize 3-axis and 5-axis computerized machines to create an immense range of brush shapes and sizes. We work to fit each brush to your specifications, taking special care to communicate with you through every step of the process.

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  • Delafield, WI

    From Tanis, Inc. you can expect the highest quality products, made reliably, and personal customer service. We specialize in customized brush options, ensuring the products you order meet your exact specifications. With experienced designers, you can create just the right brush to fit your application. We offer an online brush creation tool to help guide your custom brush process. Allow Tanis, Inc. to meet your customized brush needs today!

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Miniature Brushes

In industrial or commercial settings where fine detail work is required on small or intricate parts and components, miniature brushes are used to clean, paint and polish surfaces. These brushes can be used by hand, but some have attachments so that they can be used with a drill or some other power tool. A miniature wire wheel brush, for instance, is made using wire bristles and comes with a stem that can be used with a power drill. The power from the drill enables the miniature wire brush to spin at high speeds and remove rust or dirt from metal surfaces. A similar round brush with a small diameter can be made using synthetic materials for cleaning or polishing.

Miniature brushes are used by artists to add the finishing touches to a craft or painting because their small tips make it possible to add very small details. Miniature applicator brushes can be used to apply a coat of paint or sealant to a small part and they make it very easy to cover even the tiniest spaces on the surface. In industrial settings like factories and fabrication plants, miniature brushes are used to clean equipment or restore parts to their original function and appearance. A variety of materials can be used to create the brush, from wire to plastic to synthetics. The softest material possible is usually chosen for polishing applications, while heavier more harsh materials like stainless steel wire are need from deburring and cleaning contaminants off of metal surfaces.

Sometimes large industrial companies will need to have custom miniature brush manufactured for use with their equipment or for a particular finishing application on one of their products. Engineers at most major brush companies can design a miniature brush that meets the specifications of their clients to create the perfect cleaning or polishing solution. Miniature brushes are made to be used in very small spaces, and sometimes the standard sizes might still be too large for the unique production needs of business. Artist studios, welding shops and auto detailing centers all need miniature brushes to put the finishing touch on their work and take care of the small details.

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