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  • Viton and the Five Families

    Trademarked by the DuPont Performance of Elastomers L.L.C., Viton is a synthetic rubber that can be found not only in o-rings, but various molded and extruded goods as well. In the o-ring industry it is popular for its high resistance to fuels, chemicals and high temperatures. O-rings can be vital to all sorts of industries for the ability to provide a complete seal, preventing liquid or gases from leaking through pipes or tubes. Viton can be further broken down into five main families that are distinguishable in their composition. The...

  • Choosing O-Rings and the Viton O-Ring

    When the perfect sealing device is required, many turn to o-rings. O-rings are round rings that can be used as a gasket to create the perfect sealing connection. One of the biggest advantages to these products is their diversity. They come in a wide range of sizes and materials to make sure that no matter what application you decide to use them for, the perfect option will be available. They can even come lubricated so that they will be able to provide a seal for a motionless joint or a...

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Viton O-Rings

Viton O-Rings are O-Rings made of the synthetic rubber Viton, trademarked by the DuPont Performance Elastomers LLC. Viton is the most common flouroelastomer used to produce O-Rings and other applications. It is highly resistant to fuels, chemicals, and high temperatures. Its main weakness is its susceptibility to very cold temperatures.

Like all other styles of o-rings, Viton o-rings are consistently employed as seals between two pieces of a machine or a system of tubes or pipes. O-rings are put in place during the assembly of a machine or system that has parts that need to be able to be taken apart for maintenance reasons. The o-ring, which has a variety of sizes, shapes and ridge styles, keeps these conjoined pieces from leaking the gas or liquid flowing through them. O-rings are made from many different materials, just one of which is Viton. Other synthetic rubbers include Teflon and silicone. Metal o-rings are also used in a number of industrial applications, specifically aluminum, copper, gold, silver and steel alloys. The sizes of Viton and other types of o-rings depend largely on what they are being used for. Industrial pipes require large o-rings, while the clear o-rings used for earring backings are quite small.

There are five main families of Viton, which can be distinguished by their composition. They are A, B, F, TBR and ETP. Family A, which consists of type A, AL, GAL and GLT-S, is used for general-purpose sealing, particularly in automobiles and aerospace applications. Family B, which consists of B, BL, GBL-S and GBLT-S, is used in chemical processing. Family F, including F, GF-S and GFLT-S, is used primarily for water and inorganic acids, while the TBR-S family is used for off-road applications with high pH requirements. The last family, ETP-S (Viton Extreme), is used in harsh environments such as oil exploration and production. A wide group of industries make use of o-rings, which has a simple design, is cost-effective and easily made but is also an incredibly precise tool. Even square tubing or machine parts have a particular type of o-ring specially designed for them called flat o-rings. Customized o-ring designs, often made from the versatile Viton material, are also available.

Viton O-Rings
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