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  • Chandler, AZ 480-892-7325

    We started back in 1989 as an o ring provider, and we still offer a huge variety of rubber o rings and other products. We are now an o ring expert, and can easily help you find what you need in a sea of overwhelming products. If you would like to find out what makes us different, then you can visit our website or give us a call today!

  • Sparta, NJ 973-383-2487

    Allied Metrics Seals & Fasteners is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer and distributor of rubber o-rings, metric seals, oil seals, hydraulic piston seals, pneumatic seals, hydraulic rod seals and more. We also produce and distribute piston seals, rod seals, v-packing, Teflon® parts, buffer rings and backup rings. As your one-stop source for sealing solutions, we provide inexpensive quality seals in all sizes, fast.

  • Cleveland, OH 800-860-6210

    North American Seal & Supply distributes and fabricates a variety of seal and packing products: standard o-rings, metric o-rings, molded and extruded o-rings, gaskets, o-ring kits and more. We can help you find a unique solution to your application, so call us today or visit our website.

  • West Jordan, UT 800-669-9638

    We are the o rings experts. We have years of industry experience manufacturing sealing rings of all kinds for all materials and industries. We specialize in offering a massive inventory so you can always find what you need with us! You can also call us today so we can help you choose the best solution to your problem. Contact us today to learn more!

  • Lancaster, NY 716-684-7600

    Sealing Devices is a leading North American distributor & fabricator of o-rings, gaskets, seals, adhesives and EMI shielding for industrial, aerospace, medical and military applications. Our products can be from our stock inventory or custom made to fit your specific application. We look forward to working with you and finding solutions to your sealing needs. Visit our website today!

  • Littleton, MA 800-882-3666

    As the largest in-house pure gum inventory carrier in the U.S., Atlantic Rubber Company has cost-effective and resilient rubber tubing. Materials we carry for all your rubber tubing needs are: latex, silicone, pure gum and rubber o-rings. Our natural rubber tubing is cold temperature and abrasion resistant. We are proudly ISO 9001 certified. Contact us today for more information.

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Easing the Fit of Tight O-Rings

One of the many benefits of using o-rings is the sealingpower they add to connections in pipes, machines, and even in electronicdevices. The rubber o-rings act as a vibration absorber, sealer, and bufferbetween metal and other materials. Generally, a connection can stay tighterwith the use of an o-ring because it gives the connection something to grip andhold the connection which leads to the prevention of lose connections andjoints.

However, because of their tight nature and design, fitting arubber o-ring can be a nightmare. It is possible to spend many minutes tuggingand pulling on an o-ring to try to get it to fit over a tight connection. Manyo-ring manufacturing companies have solved this problem by creating a lubricantthat helps make tight-fitting rubber parts, including o-rings, grommets, seals,and hoses fit easily into place, eliminating the struggle. The lubricants evendry after the assembly of the parts are complete, which means they stay inplace after production.

This is highly beneficial for any manufacturing plant thatuses o-rings of any kind. The ability to quickly and simply slide o-rings intoplace without struggle can significantly cut down on assembly time, and evenboost the effectiveness of the o-rings by helping them slide into the correctspot with greater accuracy. Any company that uses o-rings on a regular basiscan benefit from the use of drying lubrication for o-rings.

Rubber O-Rings

In general, rubber O-Rings are not made of natural rubber but of a variety of synthetic rubbers also known as elastomers. Popular elastomers used to make O-Rings include Viton, Kalrez, Neoprene, silicone, flourosilicone, nitrile, hydrogenated nitrile, polyurethane, ethylene-propylene (EPDM or EPR), silicone, and flourosilicone. Each type of rubber O-Ring has its own specific uses, based on its resistances to chemicals, pressure, and temperature.

A rubber o-ring is just one of many breeds of o-rings; other sub categories include metal o-rings, flat o-rings, large o-rings and metric o-rings. All of these styles were developed because of a need in the industrial world for seals in certain types of systems and machines. When two pieces of a system or machine need to be joined but still be able to be taken apart again, they need an o-ring to be wedged in between the two pieces during assembly. It then serves as a seal in the weakest part of the machine or system, ensuring that no liquid or gas passing through the two pieces will leak. Parts that can be separated are often arranged that way for maintenance purposes. Machines and piping or tubing systems that use sealants are utilized in many industries, including jewelry manufacturers, water treatment facilities, chemical processing plants, food and beverage companies, oil refineries, and the aerospace and automotive industries. Common applications include rocket boosters, earring backings, brake systems, water pipes and heat exchangers.  

Two of the most commonly used synthetic rubbers used to make o-rings are nitrile and Viton. Nitrile o-rings are among the most popular types of o-rings, providing good resistance to oils and fuels. Hydrogenated nitrile is similar to regular nitrile, but it adds the added benefit of being ozone resistant. Viton o-rings are very popular as well, mostly due to their resistance to chemicals and high temperatures; however, they may fail at very low temperatures. Teflon is another synthetic rubber often used in the o-ring industry. It is known for its incredible strength and durability. Rubber o-rings can come in many shapes as well as sizes. For example, flat o-rings are usually square shaped to meet the needs of noncircular piping systems and machines. The ridging of an o-ring also varies, depending on the mouths of the pieces that require it as a sealant. There are basic circular o-rings as well as ones with two or four ridges, and others.
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