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  • Florence, KY

    When it comes to machine vision systems, we have the tools to get the job done right. We work hard to provide the best solutions and products to meet our customers’ demand. It is our goal to work with you from start to finish on all aspects of design and production. We will do our best to provide the solution to even your most challenging requirements. Find out more by contacting us today!

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  • Merriam, KS

    A family-owned business since 1923, Thorp Controls provides electrical control solutions for OEMs, system integrators, and industrial users. From sourcing to engineering to installation and beyond, you can rely on us for efficient, reliable solutions. Our goal is to provide you with the technology you need to be more profitable. Our machine vision products will go to work for you.

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  • Ft Lauderdale, FL

    PrimeTest Automation is a full service systems integration company with a talented in-house engineering team featuring mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. Services include: conveyor systems, machine vision components, robotic systems and rotary index dials. All systems are modeled using the latest 3-D design software, thoroughly reviewed with the customer.

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  • Boca Raton, FL

    Imperx Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of high performance machine vision products, specifically digital cameras and frame grabbers. Industries served include the aerospace, industrial, commercial, and military industries. Product applications include biometrics, aerial mapping, traffic management, surveillance, homeland security, medical imaging, printing, and more.

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Vision Software Industry Information

Vision Software

Vision software is the computer or processor programming that extrapolates and extracts information from imagery and converts it into usable data. All vision systems employ some form of software, which generally works in conjunction with hardware instruments, such as cameras and vision sensors. While these devices are responsible for capturing one or more images, the software interprets the visual representation to create data, which is recorded, used to direct further mechanized actions, or both. Such capabilities are crucial to the operation of robotic and machine vision systems.

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Applications of Vision Software

Vision software-based devices are employed in a number of industries, such as:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Electronics
  • Textile
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Automation

In these industries, vision software-based devices are programmed to count, measure, inspect, or sort objects based on specific features and qualities. Depending on the use and degree of complexity, some software can be embedded in the image capture device while others require more powerful computer processors.

How Vision Software Works

There are three main components essential to all vision software: algorithms, a developer or design-time interface, and a user interface. Algorithms are the mathematical equations that are programmed into the software before it is in use. These locate the necessary information based on the goal of the system, be it inspection, counting, or measurement. Not just for data collection, these algorithms also interpret, record, and respond to the data. The second integral component is the developer or design-time interface. This is where the predetermined criteria is entered by programmers and is often locked to protect the algorithms from unassuming users. A separate interface is available for users. This display is often much simpler and easily understood. Before the output is provided, however, the first step is image manipulation.

Depending upon the cameras resolution, most images are first manipulated to reduce noise or convert the colors of shades of gray into a simplified black and white pixilated image. The software then engages the algorithms, which perform one or more of the tasks mentioned above. Based on the preset guidelines, the part or product is passed or failed. While some systems alert the user in the case of failure, others use a list of connected procedures and the flow of operation is maintained. The high speed, precise, and accurate implementation of vision software thus improves production processes and quality assurance in a broad array of industrial and commercial settings.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Vision Software

When selecting such software, it is important to consider the number of images stored and the rate of processing possible with a given program, and processes such as slow progression or inadequate storage could result in system failure or decreased productivity. Sensitivity, adjustability, dimensions, and noise reduction are additional concerns that will vary among software applications.