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  • Pompton Plains, NJ

    Our deluxe tungsten foil comes with a full spectrum of advantages and these fabrications are competitively priced. We engineer our tungsten foil to handle the normal rigors associated with tungsten foil. We are your reliable manufacturer that will always support you no matter how big or small your order. Give one of our representatives a call if you have any questions. Our critical components are second to none.

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  • Long Island City, NY

    We aim to meet all of your needs and we will work closely with you if required. All of our pre-tested items are designed from versatile manufacturing costs. These outstanding items can be engineered for your exact purposes. You will not be let down by our premier foil. We have a comprehensive line of products. We put the focus on you! Give us a call today to learn more information!

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  • Naugatuck, CT

    The quality of our tungsten foil is amazing. Our vision is to maintain a high level of excellence and we strive to exceed all expectations. The quality of our tungsten products separates us from the competition. All of our employees have been trained as inspectors and your satisfaction is guaranteed! Give on of our representatives a call today! We are ready to handle any of your requests!

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  • Cedar Grove, NJ

    With an enormous volume of tungsten wire & rod products in every diameter, Metal Cutting Corp. meets both specialized needs & huge daily consumption with efficient pricing. Offering the highest quality & most pure tungsten & molybdenum round wire & flat ribbon in any composition, quantity & surface finish, along with superior cutting, grinding, lapping, polishing, machining & engineered products.

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  • Lake Forest, CA

    At Stanford Materials, we strive to provide a versatile selection of tungsten products to meet the needs of a wide customer base. Since 1994, we have supplied our products to customers around the globe. We supply various tungsten materials, such as pure tungsten, tungsten radiation shielding, tungsten alloys, tungsten sheets, plates, and more. We offer all of our tungsten products at a high quality and at very competitive prices.

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Tungsten Foil

Tungsten foil is an extremely thin form of tungsten sheet, which is a flattened form of tungsten metal. Tungsten foils are produced for applications such as aerospace, scientific research, microprocessors, satellites, coatings and others. Tungsten foil is so thin that it may be embedded in glass, other metals and laminates.

Mined tungsten ore is ground into a powder that is typically molded into a bar shape, which can then be cold or hot-rolled into flat sheets, and further flattened into tungsten foils.  This process incorporates a vacuum annealing furnace, which is an important tool used for the heating and cooling process that strengthens the tungsten. Further equipment used when processing tungsten for tungsten foils include various types of mills, straighteners, hydraulic plate shears, water jets and pressing machines. Sintering is a significant and necessary aspect of the processing of tungsten bars, which are what tungsten foils are developed from. The tungsten bar is rolled through a press, which compresses the tungsten with great pressure, consolidating the tungsten particles. The result is a thin foil of tungsten, which is fragile and bends under its own weight. The foil may be rolled down to a thickness of only 0.001 inches and can vary in width. Tungsten foil normally comes in sheet or coil form, depending on its thickness. Tungsten foils can have a variety of finishes, but most commonly have a similar appearance to that of steel.

Tungsten is appreciated for its high melting point, good corrosion resistance and significant strength when combined with other metals. In addition to tungsten foils, tungsten suppliers produce tungsten in bar, sheet, rod and powder form. Tungsten foils, as well as other forms of tungsten, useful for many different industries, including the construction, engineering and medical industries. Commonly, tungsten is combined with other metallic elements, as to provide greater strength and resistance to wear-and-tear; these are called tungsten foil alloys. Combining tungsten with steel is a typical example of this. Tungsten alloying is commonly used for things such as radiation sheets, light bulb components, packaging materials, cables, shipbuilding, electro-vacuum industries, metallurgical machinery and electronics. High purity tungsten foils and sheets are also available, though not commonly used due to their brittle and hard condition; because pure tungsten is highly conductive to electricity, though, highly pure tungsten foils are used mainly in electrical applications.

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