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  • Precision Bend & Machine Co: Custom Tube Bending

    Tube Fabricating Precision Bend & Machine Co. is known as the custom tube bending and wire forming specialists. With over 25 years of experience in tube fabrication, our locally owned and operated company is a second tier supplier to the Midwest's global brands. We are located in Walcott, Iowa in a 50,000 square foot facility. Read More......

  • Bend the Right Way with Woolf Aircraft Products, Inc

    Tube Fabricating Since 1942, Woolf Aircraft Products, Inc has been at the forefront of the tube fabrication industry, specializing in bending and welding. As a certified ISO 9001:2000, we can fabricate almost any tube, regardless of size. Bending, welding, flaring, flanging, and expanding are just some of the many operations performed by Woolf. Read More......

  • Maintaining Quality in Tube Fabricating Machinery

    In tube fabricating, the bend quality of the pipes is extremely important. If the bends are weak or damaged, then the entire integrity of the pipe is compromised. When pipe bend problems occur, it is extremely important to fix the issue as soon as possible. Some companies believe that expensive repairs and complicated machine adjustments are necessary to fix these issues, but before rushing to try a complicated solution, there are three simple areas to check that can help resolve the problem without expensive repairs or complicated maintenance procedures. If...

  • Tube Fabrication Services

    Tube fabricators are a type of company that create standard and customized tubes for a variety of uses in a variety of materials. Most tube fabricators offer products for specific industries, such as aerospace, automotive, medical devices, or electronics. However, some fabricators can service a variety of industries. Using a tube fabricator rather than a simply tubing supplier can offer many benefits, including extreme customization, increased quality, and a better understanding of the needs of your particular industry. Most fabricators can offer the following services to customers: Material capabilities: Most...

  • Tour de France and Tube Fabricating

    Quickly approaching is this summers Le Tour de France 2012! An event only for those in the best shape of their lives, it runs from June 30th to July 22nd and will cover a total of 3,479 kilometers (or almost 2,162 miles). A combination of flat plain stretches and medium to high mountains must be biked through by these adventurers. While it takes place in France, many countries around the world tune into watch the events as they unfold. Everyone acknowledges that along with the riders, the bicycles themselves also...

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Tube Fabricating

Tube fabricating is the process of shaping, bending, enlarging or cutting tubes to work with parts and products. Tubes can be made from all types of metals such as aluminum, brass, bronze or copper, and they can range greatly in diameter and length. They are usually cylindrical, or round, but the cross-sections, or joinings may vary in shape according to application.

Fabricating is not the forming of tubing from raw materials, but rather includes: annealing, flattening, coating, buffing, sizing, welding, notching, piercing etc existing tubing to meet specific needs. These highly specialized processes require specialized equipment, especially as tubing is often a crucial component of an operation. Tubing is a common feature in many different fields and choosing a particular type includes considering factors such as dimension, performance, opacity, strength. Consumer items such as steel handrails, bars, bicycle frames, tent frames, displays and furniture use tubing. Industrial and manufacturing industries use hydraulic pipes in applications such as automotive fuel lines, exhaust pipes, hydraulic cylinders, and shell and tube heat exchangers. Other examples of tubing formed include floor flanges and pipe elbows. Plumbing, engines, machinery, fluid transportation, HVAC processes are all further examples of areas in which tube is an important part and a further reason why precision fabrication is a valuable focus of tube manufacturers.

Types of machinery used in the process of tube fabricating use tube benders, mandrels for mandrel bending and tube swaging machines. These all require skilled engineers, operators and may require the assistance of CNC machines and CAD drawings. Tubing is often required to be very specific lengths and dimensions, and therefore using computerized equipment helps to eliminate human error and wastage. Cutting may include notching, punching or drilling. Flaring and swaging are both cold working processes which expand the diameter of a certain length of tube or pipe, usually to make it capable of connecting with another tube. Hydraulic applications use tubing for a number of processes and it is important for the adjoining tubes to seal tightly to prevent escaping of air or pressure. Tube and pipe bending can be done by hand but is more often done by semi-automated and automated equipment which is faster and more precise than manual bending. Using a mandrel prevents wrinkles on the interior of the tube around bends and corners and improves the overall quality of flow through the tubing. Tube rolling is the process of producing tubular parts through heat curing materials around a circular mold.

Tube Fabricating
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